Bravo – Secure Payment Of All Company And Customer

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Bravo – Secure Payment Of All Company And Customer

BRAVO began in 2014 starts from the ground up again and again into the development of the software development life cycle of feedback built. When this extensive research and fast-track the development of our products, we make a mobile payment platform Fiat. After verifying Fiat millions of dollars (USD) using iOS and Android application processing concept of success, we are now launched by blockchain support next-generation platform.

Bravo is an innovative software is ideal for a platform for the transfer of funds between the user’s job. Block any transactions that involve the use of encryption currency efficient and fast execution. Safe, anonymous and fast payment – scattered Bravo Platform to customers. The developers have done everything to make secure transactions efficiently – the protection of intellectual property breach of contract funds liar and ensure implementation of the transaction.

It should be noted that the software Bravo has been operating for more than three years, but only with fixed currency in the United States. At the same time, developers will make the possibility of their projects and global connectivity applications available encryption currency. In 2019, they will launch their own tokens, began to actively cooperate with the customer. Commitment payments platform in its segment is a very interesting innovation. Bravo developers are confident they will be able to attract the attention of a large number of potential investors and full awareness of the project.

Features Of Bravo Operation

Bravo Platform is universal – it would be interested in a quick, secure payment of all company and customer, using the password used currency. If we take into account the existing centralized services – they are a real agent and ask them to pay for services seriously. Meanwhile, Bravo is a simple and inexpensive interface for software services is unique. Each customer pays the amount of 2% – as low commissions everywhere.

Interested in developing this platform based on their own can use the API application developers, project creators offer this option, do everything to implement it properly.

There is a lot of development, which will ensure stable operation of the level of development of innovative projects. The entry of a global market that is easy and safe. Bravo would make an ideal place for a stable society – where people can use their own encryption monetary assets needed to carry money safely.

Advantages of Bravo

It is worth emphasizing that the main feature of this decentralization platform:

  • The first secure platform, which guarantees full protection of the user equipment and data;
  • No scammers can use their plans, and get your money;
  • commissions are very low and the lack of actual institutions. You do not need to make a payment required to cooperate with third parties. It’s enough just to find a trading partner, and arrange everything through contracts intellectual property;
  • Developers are always connected. This is what makes it possible to calculate the success of the project, they do everything for the development plan. The project has been launched in the USA in 2015 and has been successfully operating for a long time, attracting new customers.


BRAVO to solve the current payments market, barriers to user privacy, blockchain and cryptocurrency payment method. This technology is strong, but there is still our aim is to improve and solve a significant challenge.

  • Globally, we are entering the community, there is no money, but billions of people do not have bank accounts, must rely on cash to earn a living and pay for goods and services.
  • Cryptocurrency remains largely inaccessible due to the complexity of most individuals and businesses.
  • Blockchain large-scale use of the existing payment platform has been a negative impact on the design and the lack of an easy to use interface. They have a complex teaching process and the key management system, as well as the anonymity and safety provisions, fail. transaction costs can be the expensive and slow platform, because of high latency. The complex, the user experience is sometimes awkward to forget blockchain technical simplicity and strength.
  • Privacy and security of payment and personal data consumers are still worried. Blockchain seem like a solution, but its use is difficult to track the potential transaction.

In an ideal platform, users can sign up and create a KYC / AML in a few seconds (Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering) Account perfect. This system should be able to make transactions without entering a public / private key is long, should be able to reduce the risk of mobile applications directly from network hacker attacks and phishing maintain personal payments, secure and anonymous, and finally, to be able to keep accounts are encrypted and secure, but never lose ownership and access token.

Bravo Competitive Advantage

BRAVO is a technology pioneer markets by finding what you want without paying near or through the exchange of personal information, enough to pay for the search user names or aliases of the successful implementation of the anonymous, private, secure payment honeycomb.

BRAVO foundation and strength is based on our ability to integrate the basic understanding of blockchain converted into a simple user experience and privacy and our security. We rely on an active user community, our team, innovative technology.

Send Payment With The Power Of Blockchain

BRAVO costs continued to show a new generation of financial capabilities, take note of simplicity, transparency and confidentiality of payment solutions, tailored for the large-scale use of encryption.

Why Bravo?

Bravo Has Developed A Solution:

  • Traction is evidenced by the Fiat version is available in the US market since 2015
  • 2019 BRAVO will release an update to our cryptocurrency (BVO logo) to pay, so that the world of instant, secure and anonymous payment
  • BRAVO is up and running blockchain platform itself.

BRAVO is a handful in the real world co-director of infection control

  • Existing business
  • Development of one solution

Instead of less than 9% of the company’s founder, ICOS nearly half did not have the ICO campaign before the start of product development.

Bravo Growing Rapidly

There are several vertical BRAVO community of tens of thousands of active users:

  • Industrial tipping
  • Inter-peer payments
  • Debt settlement
  • Micro-merchant payments

Whitelisting & Tokenomics BRAVO (BVO)

  • Token name: BVO
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Total Token: 1,000,000,000
  • % Tokens For Sale: 50%
  • Token Sales Period: TBA
  • Token Price: $ 0.10
  • Hard Cap: $ 34,700,000
  • Currencies Received: ETH, BTC & USD
  • Citizenship Received: Anything except the People’s Republic of China, Singapore, United States & Canada.

To know the latest information about Bravo project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

ETH: 0xC7B643eA72a38091337E7CaB8E4cE1A144D3AA4B

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Bravo team, I just give you the latest ICO info”