Bravo – Create An Innovative Hybrid Technology Blockchain By The Public And Private Sectors

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Bravo – Create An Innovative Hybrid Technology Blockchain By The Public And Private Sectors

BRAVO – There are many reasonable market concerns about the lack of online and cellular privacy and security in the financial world. In fact, a recent study revealed that 71% of Americans are most concerned about online privacy when they access their financial data.

The shortage of this traditional banking system is broken by the presence of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, which allows people to personally and safely transact with currencies that maintain value without central authority controlling supply and circulation.

However, this technology still has deficiencies, namely the quality needed to attract mass consumers and easy to use via mobile devices. Bravo BVO comes with a solution to make payments more anonymously, cheaper, worldwide and, most importantly, speed up transaction time, giving users complete control over transactions.

Therefore, Bravo is present in the ranks of new technologies in the world of crypto breaking the slow blockchain adoption paradigm with a human-centric user interface that is proven on a strong blockchain infrastructure.

History Of Bravo

BRAVO was created in 2014 by Maria Luna (MBA) and Dr. Hector Rodriguez when they are in a situation where they have to pay someone, but they don’t have the money to do it.

We traveled through southern Utah and did not have the cash to tip our guides, then we realized that there must be a way to pay someone digitally for their services, without the need to share personal information or pay for information only. So Bravo was born,” said Dr. Rodriguez.

The research was carried out which is for user-focused development. The application was successfully launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco in 2015. On this occasion, he received an audience award.

Bravo applications quickly spread Phoenix, the company is located outside, has now reached more than 1,000 cities in the United States, thousands of small businesses, including the use of applications can easily accept mobile payment parking, cafe, and micro-seller.

The company also with charities such as the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Alice Cooper Solid Foundation, the vision of the same world, and many people work, making it easier for them to get donations.

After proof of a successful concept where millions of dollars in fiat (USD) are processed using iOS and Android applications, now Bravo appears as the next generation platform supported by blockchain.

The target of creating BRAVO is to create a trusted, easy to use, and anonymous cellular payment platform for a new generation of users who value privacy, security, and anonymity with easier and smoother use.

Brief History Of BRAVO

At the end of a hiking trip in Southern Utah, the founders of BRAVO found themselves out of cash to tip and thank their hiking guide. At that moment, they came up with a simple idea to pay or get paid anonymously, respecting the privacy of both parties. The company was founded in 2014 by TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield Alumni, Maria Luna, MBA, and Dr. Hector Rodriguez. Hector is a physician with a background in research20 and technology (ANN) while Maria holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Texas at Austin. Together, they have launched several startup businesses in technology, marketing, and the medical field.

BRAVO’s minimum viable product (MVP) was built and launched at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco in September 2015 where it won the Audience Choice Award. Since then, BRAVO has continued to grow well beyond the test market of Arizona and has organically reached over 1,000 cities in the United States.

The BRAVO beta version was recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in November 2017 where BRAVO landed a deal on the show. BRAVO’s successful beta test and deployment are due to our community integration into the feedback process and encouragement of members and users to assist in creating the optimal payment solution for everyone. The next milestone for BRAVO was to integrate these payments onto the blockchain to create a truly secure payment solution, the BVO token, and ecosystem. The BRAVO blockchain and BVO token project started in early 2017 driven by our team of engineers and will be ready for consumer use in Q2-2019.

BRAVO Blockchain Consortium

BRAVO is because of the presence of users: ordinary people, including friends, neighbors, and people passing on the street, and dairy suppliers, including taxi drivers, your favorite band and a local grocery store. With the combination of the blockchain, natural BRAVO invites users to participate in the operation of their networks to ensure smooth and safe, while avoiding the concentration of power in a few hands. In short, users who participate in the substantive operation will be called BRAVO Blockchain Blockchain Union (BBC). Members of this alliance are to choose a merchant that offers computing infrastructure resources through a new or existing computing to keep BRAVO Blockchain run. For example, one can join as a member to use a point of sale system (POS) running on the computer BRAVO Blockchain lend some of their computing power.

BRAVO Blockchain Consortium

Blockchain Bravo network is a decentralized system, alliance members will need to validate and process transactions. This is different from the Proof-of-Work (POW) credit blockchains bit image and wherein each transaction by Revenge led to high transaction costs and network delay (ie, slow transactions) for each node in the authentication. BRAVO Blockchain BFT increase consensus algorithm, in which the coalition members to review the transaction, allowing BRAVO avoid the problems associated with prisoners of war. Additionally, BRAVO cannot be used, because of every BRAVO validator and approved the so-called 51% of attack damage. Each member of the alliance, in essence, damage Bravo benefit from the service of the interests of maintaining a network of partners, transaction costs are taken from those provided.

There were still able to buy and sell coins brominated vegetable oil, rather than being part of an alliance. The difference is that each buys and sell transaction with BRAVO reliable partner, but not everyone on the network authentication.

Why Should Switch To Bravo?

BRAVO creates a mobile payment platform that is supported by blockchain that addresses technological challenges with today’s micropayments market while increasing its usability and adoption for both consumers and businesses.

Having proven successful with cellular fiat transactions, the Bravo team developed a blockchain platform to run cellular payment applications and support increased anonymity and security, improved registration and orientation of cryptocurrency wallets, and a simple PIN access code that improves usability.

With the BRAVO application, there is no need for long public or private keys or third parties or third-party funds. Users have a simple but safe password recovery protocol to ensure full control and access to their tokens and funds. BRAVO runs on the blockchain platform created by its engineering team to optimize security, integrity, and functionality.

Users have complete control over privacy, funds, and payments that are run in seconds without an intermediary bank or third party blockchain platform and without hidden fees. BRAVO is also designed to integrate with and drive other applications.

The blockchain system in BRAVO is the culmination of years of research, user feedback, design, and engineering. Blockchain technology will enable BRAVO to scale at a faster rate and accommodate a much larger user base. This not only increases user anonymity and transaction transparency but also broadens implementation and reach by expanding the BRAVO ecosystem globally with a single, smooth and consistent platform.

BRAVO (and BVO tokens) embody a combination of balanced blockchain technology, user experience, and successful business models that are ready for large-scale adoption. With the ability to process payments globally, BRAVO is well positioned to build a cryptocurrency platform with real use cases.

Bravo Hybrid Blockchain

BRAVO is to create an innovative hybrid technology blockchain by the public and private sectors. Private BRAVO, television plays blockchain based on a proven heap algorithm blockchain anonymous public consensus algorithm based federal Byzantine Agreement (FBA). Bravo blockchain these two technologies together, enabling them to operate smoothly and provide the end-user transaction speed, privacy, and control costs.

Bravo Hybrid Blockchain

Whitelisting & Tokenomics BRAVO (BVO)

  • Token name: BVO
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Total Token: 1,000,000,000
  • % Tokens For Sale: 50%
  • Token Sales Period: TBA
  • Token Price: $ 0.10
  • Hard Cap: $ 34,700,000
  • Currencies Received: ETH, BTC & USD
  • Citizenship Received: Anything except the People’s Republic of China, Singapore, United States & Canada.

Bravo Allocation Token

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