BQT – Building a Crypto Trader Community and Culture

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BQT – Building a Crypto Trader Community and Culture

BQT – The most popular, but still only 2 out of 51 have not been exchanged for P2P communication cryptocurrencies fragmented market. All Bitcoin trading platform support, and to compare the revenge listed in only 40% of the exchange and litecoin. Only a small number of exchange market of the three other cryptocurrencies exchanges.

Although only 39% support the exchange of Bitcoin, 25% had two cryptocurrencies registered, and 36% of all entities that trade three or more cryptocurrencies. Another interesting observation showed that 72% of large exchange, transaction support provided by two or more cryptocurrencies, while only one or two listed 73 cryptocurrencies. 6% of survey participants also cryptocurrency based derivatives, and 16% of the trading margin products.

After ERC-20 ICO token to gain more momentum Securities Exchange recently. Blockchain innovations that offer, the popularity among investors and consumers tend to use to get a great stock exchange, while others tend to exhibit a variety of small platforms. Cambridge University research also shows that little exchange seemed to gain or maintain a relationship with the bank, while the major exchanges seem to have trouble enough controlling these risk factors. exchange of minor fraud basically more concerned with the exchange ratio, which shows that they are well targeted tend to have a more severe financial impact of the major exchanges or fraud simply because of the limitations of their operations and budget size.

P2P Broker Exchanges – The New Trend

Only in the last week of March 2018, Localbitcoins other P2P exchanges witnessed a mix trading capacity peak of the market, due to the global rebound to the US $ 75 million per week. Canadian and European markets, P2P has produced a number of records.

BTC / IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) Transaction produced in March local currency $ 5.8 million weekly volume record, and P2P transactions with Vietnam to $ 3.725 billion VND second highest increase in the trading volume generated more. Localbitcoins surged to a record $ 106,000 MXN March 3rd week of recording capacity. Venezuela P2P Bitcoin market continues to surge more than 1 trillion a week VEF new volume record in 2018. Similar trends were shown worldwide. P2P exchange brings a unique advantage – people dealing with people. It provides a decentralized trading environment with unparalleled flexibility.

Can negotiate directly with the trade, interest rates and share their trading experiences with the supremacy of confidence and a competitive trade advantage. This is the precise reason for traders to shift more towards the type of P2P exchange broker. Currently, the local mining and resettlement have dominated the BTC P2P exchanges worldwide market, but many other currencies as the market that promise, more than the number of transactions demand money BTC deal, especially in the era of a new 2.0 ICO. Today, the big merchant market demand for flexibility and creativity P2P industry, and the possibility of social interaction between traders and hedge each other all kinds of encryption assets.

Requires the development of technology and the digital world have been developed for encryption currencies of developing countries and is nothing more than theft with a weak system, there is no strong encryption to protect the safety of the assets at the same time. The main reason many hackers are a safe method and depth, weak rule of lack of defense

BQT effect blockchain technology platform utilizing a disruptive force caused significant trade exchanges revolution. Blockchain allows the introduction of technology in, particular, tamper-proof safe way to conduct electronic transactions.

BQT launched a revolutionary hedging system. Unlike futures and margin trading system is Because hedge existing ownership encrypted form flexible mid flexible hosting merchant receives encrypted assets. by flexibility, we mean anyone can come in, to carry out his / her trading activity in a few clicks.

How Does It Work?

Traders BTC disposal, the problem recommended amount of P2P exchange and give a deposition BTC BQT BQT 20% premium. Furthermore, it is to encourage other investors, including ETH, BTC gets the security deposit within 30 days, so the ETH can be used at this stage. Trader B (hedge provider) can respond to requests and suggestions of the most important prizes and/or discuss this request in the shortest time possible. Trader C (producers of another hedge) can respond to other prescription and agreed to pay the best conditions for hedge receiver. They believe that accepting the demand for encryption of exploration assets meet the basic requirements of various assets crypto active, and agreed directly with the merchant employee.

Blockchain Technology: Stable And Expanding

Blockchain peer network covers all of the powers delegated ledger transactions. By using this technique, participants can confirm the transaction, without the need for central authentication and authorization. Potential applications include transfer, sales transactions, voting, and many other uses.

Blockchain technology to conquer the world, it really changed the way many operational markets. It is estimated, blockchain company experienced in 2020 is HK $ 48 and $ 20 billion pool 1000000000-2030 year revenue.

These figures are based on the impact of digital technology ledger balance of payments:

  • Business Cross Border,
  • Remittance, as well as the impact on
  • Capital Markets and
  • Title Insurance.


In one aspect, P2P exchange BES platform provides an operating environment that is safe, interactive and flexible, and convenient interface to different types of community management in your investment portfolio includes a number of code carriers asset transactions. In addition, the BES platform that enables operators worldwide to securely publish their trading conditions and interact with the community to share their experience in operating cryptographic communication and negotiation directly with one another.

On the other hand, BQT introduces a revolutionary approach, enabling operators to use their stock to obtain passwords of other assets to other network operators. With margins and futures trading, hedge trading BQT system is an entrepreneur, to gain ownership of assets encryption of their colleagues and to maintain its ownership of custody for some period of operation in a short time through a flexible method that no encryption.

Token Distribution

Due to the expected high utilization and the need to expand the capital, the Company will release (600 million) is the most token and, if necessary, for the expansion program, marketing and loyalty to the company, in order to maintain the liquidity of the release marks only up to 10% per year.

Corporate Governance and founder of the lock-up provisions will remain a period of 3 years token-based by 20%. The company will retain 28% of the market, only if the first year of operation must have additional capital to expand. These unused tokens will be frozen, on the contrary. 2% mark will be allocated for consultants and gift program.

  • Public — 57.5%
  • Founders and Management — 20%
  • ICO Advisors and Bounty Marketers — 2%
  • Company — 20.5%

Funds Allocation

Most proceeds from the sale will be allocated for marketing purposes and 20% of proceeds will be tested and released from Beta and future versions of BQT technology. All ICO Crowdsale investors will receive first invitations to the Closed Beta release prior to the Beta market release.

  • Technology — 45%
  • Marketing / Expansion — 35%
  • Operations — 12%
  • Other — 8%

BQTX Token Structure


Total 800,000,000 Tokens Authorized, 200,000,000 Tokens Issued during ICO, 600,000,000 tokens will be frozen and would only be released as needed for company expansion, marketing and loyalty programs to maintain token liquidity (up to 10% per year).

For Members

BQT society’s potential use, users will get instant access to the device and cryptocurrency, to assist in the day-to-day needs. They would have to borrow, lend, preserve and capacity of goods and services with payment Blockchain security.

Moreover, it will allow members to buy into the market posted its subsidiaries and other members of your products and services.

During pre-boarding / Pre-ICO, each investor group will share this opportunity with friends on social media, they are given BQTX mark.

For Partners / BQTX Coin Holders

BQT ICO will take revenge on the trading platform Blockchain, and bring partners dedicated to sharing digital assets distributed through cryptocurrency, rather than the costly burden of a traditional IPO. BQT API can be used for entrepreneurs, startups and other companies to sell their products and services, using technology, to further stimulate economic growth and social encrypted.

In Revenge Blockchain API makes it easy to quickly adapt their services, and community and beyond the reach untapped audiences BQT outstanding.


BQTX marks will be allocated according to priority mode whitelist. ICO process whitelist after the sale of the private sector will start.

PRE-ICO: BQTX marks will be allocated according to priority mode whitelist. Pre-ICO whitelisting process will take two weeks after the tokens will be sold during the pre-ICO sold one day to the program whitelist approved the registration of persons/entities.

ICO: BQTX marks will be allocated according to priority mode whitelist. After ICO whitelisting process will take 6-8 weeks, tokens will be sold during the sale ICO 1-3 days, are enrolled in an approved whitelist of individuals/entities.

Prizes will be awarded according to the date of registration whitelist, tokens sold and the volume of investment. Here is an ICO prize structure:

BQT Bonus


BQT Roadmap

Team and Advisors

BQT TeamBQT Team


The reason BQT, ICO since 2018 in July this year and the ceremony began, about 20 billion BQT mark the products sold. This system, with its operations, the transaction would be a more feasible way for future S immediate and enormous prospects. The bridge is expected to have the money that is stable and reliable Fiat connected to electronic money transaction will be successfully designed and the currency will be a perfect distribution of the BQT to achieve.

To know the latest information about the BQT project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

BTT Username: ubay

ETH: 0x7872e2099F8Ec07D4c538E03708e50f4325D4509

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the BQT team, I just give you the latest ICO info”