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BountyHub Logo – Full Automated Platform with Airdrop & Bounty – Today, as usual, I deliberately did not look attractive, fully automatic (as we like) and new (the beginning is, as I understand, on April 01, 2019) a platform on which there is already enough variety Bounty and Airdrop. Well, because the platform is completely new, soon, we waited a lot of new projects and promising here.

BountyHub Review

BountyHub is Digital targeted marketing platform that helps your product or service to reach specialized audiences defined and profiled for any specific needs. With Bountyhub you can easily organize and manage all marketing campaigns related to both crypto and classic project. Targeted marketing can potentially help you save time and money on marketing and lead generation costs. Instead of considering the spread of high-volume mass-effect that can often produce marketing, targeted marketing enables you to clearly define your unique value to your target audience in a more personal and effective. strategy and planning should be complete, great design, a clear message and a copy of it are important.

The Bounty Management Platform has a full-featured bot, in the Telegram. All the tasks we can do through this telegram-bot, regardless of whether we are at home in front of a computer or on a vacation with your phone. We can paddle a cryptocurrency and a new token with a shovel of all devices that support Telegram. Nevertheless, I will explain in detail the site, because not everyone is comfortable with the task of carts, for someone it is much more convenient to do from the office on the platform itself.

If you’re a Bounty Hunter only on platforms Bountyhub registration by clicking this link you will be directed to a login page, simply type in your email address, complete the captcha, and click “Get Authorization Code” button. See the picture below:

Bounty Signup

Check your email and put the confirmation code you received and click login. Once you are logged in, you will be moved to the dashboard and this pop-up is displayed.

Bounty Signup

Comfortable Personal Account

I liked the design of the project, especially the private accounts – the field convenient for our activities, a variety of functions, a separate tab to see the balance, the task is completed, the tasks that are being considered or tasks that we started, but did not finish for some reason. or they are in the execution phase, but we have yet to confirm that we have fully completed this task and ready.

The following benefits are provided by the platform:

Benefit Platform

  • There were no reports and spreadsheets
  • Automatic work inspection
  • Automatic tracking of tasks
  • The wide selection of the company (given that the new project, there will be more)
  • Fast payments
  • Automated Marketing and Advertising Company (for the owner ICO)

Benefit For advertisers owners of ICO projects

User-friendly Interface And More Opportunities To Influencers

All this is available with a new, updated our platform.

  1. The New Rate System
    Levels are available in the system right now! Get your personal experience, increasing the level to gain additional privileges and opportunities in Bountyhub.
  2. Assignment Of Additional Functions Community
    Now you can add your own task to increase the popularity of your accounts in social networks.
  3. Functionality To Boost The Position Of Your Own Task
    Now you can boost the position of your job in the public register of Duty Community. By pushing up your tasks, users improve the visibility, the speed of completing tasks and the number of influencers who will perform your tasks.
  4. Internal Currency Was Introduced From Bountyhub
    Creation of your own duties, payment to settle, encourage your job position in the general list, buying experience and more readily available to our internal currency – BHT (Bountyhub Token), who immediately went to the stock exchange cryptocurrency.

BountyHub also provides LEVELING as a feature to get more revenue on its platform

Company Bounty – Bounty List

Here we have direct projects that are available Crypto Airdrop on the platform. Everything is compact, convenient, informative. The detail of Bounty List:

  • The project name
  • Starting on
  • How much is left before the end
  • The project budget
  • What is a social tool for participation that he offered us (social networks, review, content creation, etc.)

Social Services

Attract new clients using social media channels, this is the thing I love because bountyhub provides many social media links that can make this project quickly known.

Benefit Social

My Conclusion

I think BountyHub provides so many and luxurious features, I as a new user feel that. I am greatly facilitated by the various features available, very much different from other bounty platforms. So what are you waiting for, join now at