Boltt – A Decentralised Health & Sports Economy Based on Blockchain

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Boltt – A Decentralised Health & Sports Economy Based on Blockchain

Boltt – As people get older, more and more people are caused by unhealthy lifestyles, the main type of food consumed is fast food with lots of bad food. Or through technological advances, more and more people spend less time at home, because it is so easy to order everything over the phone, which puts people under threat, which is a healthy organization. The fewer time people spend out means they spend less time moving their bodies, which is fatal because it is a very simple exercise that can be done by humans. If humans fail, then we are in a very serious threat.

Bolttcoin is a unique platform that will reward your sport. This is actually a source of motivation for sport. What we understand is that humans need a good source of motivation to exercise, such as the threat of health problems, friend encouragement, and even economic benefits. Bolttcoin will motivate people to make a healthy effort by providing cryptocurrency, token bolts. Like other tokens in cryptocurrency, this token can obviously be traded with real money. In other words, doing some challenges and simple exercises or exercises rewarded by money in a bolt ecosystem.

Engagement is Bolswcoin’s main support system. Bolttcoin has an expert in sports fitness and fitness. Our support system is always ready to provide support or suggestions about behavior to keep you healthy, or which exercise is best for you, how long, etc. You can ask any related questions for any health concerns for free. It’s like having a private gym instructor unless you get paid.

Bolttcoin stressed that their company has three pillars: loyalty, gamification, and engagement. Loyalty means that customers will never seek alternatives to other goods or services other than products or services offered by a single manufacturer or company. Gamification is now only popular culture, such as assigning tasks, performing some tasks, they will be rewarded by projects or money in the game, and participation is a way for companies to actively participate in various activities or opinions within the customer’s scope. Bitcoin is actually very good at achieving these three aspects.

Loyalty is given through rewards. This is the most obvious because with the company’s treatment, it will make more satisfied customers. Gifts are important because they respect your customers because they use your product service for a long time and therefore need rewards. The same applies to Bolttcoin, which rewards more when someone uses their platform for a long time.

As for gamification, in fact, this is the core of Bolttcoin. We can see that Bolttcoin is primarily aimed at spreading health-related challenges, duties, and tasks. Challenges are often trivial, such as walking on a certain meter, serious sport, and duties like a fitness center. But as a task, it will certainly bring rewards. No one else but money can earn other rewards. And that’s what a bolt coin will give you. Even if the money appears in the form of a bolt, it can be exchanged for real money.

The BolltCoin token will interfere with the cryptocurrency scenario with the goal of becoming the largest commercial digital tag in the internal ecosystem, just after Bitcoin and Ethereum, since it is designed to use mainstream cryptocurrency.

The Boltt coin health ecosystem includes challenges, tournaments, markets, mobile wallets, personal payment solutions and personal health IDs for each user. The company has built a complete partner network that counts more than 25,000 merchants and more than 1 million products associated with the platform.

Why choose Bolttcoin?

You must trust your Bolttcoin campaign for several reasons, and we will list some of them in this article.

  • Get Rewarded
    As we said before, it’s hard to do some exercises for most people without proper motivation, so Bolttcoin fills the gap of momentum for everyone here. Unlike any cryptocurrency mined by computing power, you can press Bolttcoin through simple steps (like walking, exercising, exercising etc.) To gain health and earn rewards, which is the most effective motivation ever.
  • Professional and expert team
    Bolttcoin is supported by technical experts and health and lifestyle experts. You can ask or ask any questions related to your expertise. It’s free and fun because you do not have to make an appointment to go to their office. This is done online through our platform as they are available most of the time. Having the expert means our platform will be sustainable and accessible to everyone.
  • Market prospects
    The token is given as a gift also has good prospects. It has good value and price, but its supply is limited but the demand is huge. This means that the value of this token will be high and future prospects. You can earn money on foot and simple exercise, This money is very good and very valuable.
  • The ecosystem is stable
    Bolttcoin includes many features, such as two blockchains, a decentralized market and protected by advanced encryption. Unlike other tokens that typically use only blockchain, Bolttcoin uses double blockchain, which doubles the token’s value protection and transactions. It’s also decentralized, which means that every device can complete transactions on the go. It’s also very secure and ensures the value of your data protection and the token itself.
  • Many used
    To this day, more companies, companies, and people are ready to use Boltcoin. This means that any prize offered by the company can be used for all types of transactions to receive tokens for each company or retail payments. If you can not find it, you just trade it for a dollar, which is also a very good option. Investing in Bolttcoin is also a good thing because you can be a healthy person and give you a lot of tokens.

We are Boltt

We are a wearable technology development and smart health and wellness.

Our mission

Here we give people the ability to improve their health, health, and lifestyle.

Our products and solutions

Our products around Connected Fitness help today’s teenagers build better habits while solving problems for the next generation.

  • Advancing the field of interconnected technology
    Because we realize that data alone is not enough, the AI we develop includes actionable insights, suggestions, and expert guides to help unlock real potential.
  • People
    We are passionate about health, data, sports, and technology. Our team consists of innovative young leaders from sports, fitness, and data sciences. Everyone gathers to build something for the future.
  • Health and fitness app Boltt
    The Boltt mobile app brings together the most important foundations that affect your health and fitness. It analyzes your data and provides real-time guidance based on AI.

Advantages of Boltt coins

  1. Get rewards in the form of BolttCoin to achieve personal goals in the field of health and categorize them through social health data.
  2. The potential for great demand is the inherent desire to unite health in various environments, and BolttCoin offers a possible precedent for BolttCoin requirements.
  3. The blockchain double block conjugation protocol allows BolttCoin users to use star and wave-based markers.

Details of ICO

Bolttcoin will sell $ 1 billion, whose sales will reach 50% of tokens. The sales and sales crowd will begin on May 20, 2018, until June 20, 2018.

Token Details

  • BOLTT symbol
  • Accept BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, XMR, ZEC, Doge, XRP WAVES and Fiat (US Dollar, Euro)
  • Sales of 500 million BOLTT
  • Level 1 ETH 4000 BOLTT, 1 BTC 70,000 BOLTT
  • The minimum investment amount is 1 BTC ETH LTC

Distribution of ICO tokens

Boltt Distribution

  • 45% Pre ICO
    The 76 Mn BOLTT token is available for Pre-ICO sales and personal sales.
  • 14% ICO
    24 Mn BOLTT Token can be used for ICO (main sale)
  • 9% Funding Team
    16 Mn BOLTT tokens are provided for the sponsor/founding team for a 12 month period.
  • 7% Strategic Partners
    12 Mn BOLTT tokens are provided for strategic brand partners.
  • 6% Advisory Board
    10 Mn BOLTT tokens are provided for the Advisory Committee and are valid for 12 months.
  • 6% Bonus
    10 Mn BOLTT tokens are allocated during the ICO period with a 12 month reward period.
  • 5% Step Mining
    10 Mn BOLTT tokens are provided for health-based awards and staged mining (rewards and user satisfaction)
  • 5% Companies Issued
    The 10 Mn BOLTT tokens are provided for corporate loyalty programs and challenges.
  • 3% Bounty Program
    6 Mn BOLTT tokens are provided for Bounty, Airdrops and other marketing campaigns in the future.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Boltt team, I just give you the latest ICO info”