BLUENOTE – The Leading Blockchain Solution to Build a Zero Emission World

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BLUENOTE – The Leading Blockchain Solution to Build a Zero Emission World

Bluenote – Hello everyone, if you are interested in technology Blockchain, and want to invest in technology projects that use blockchain, you should read my article, because I will introduce the project Blockchain called in Bluenote, and learn more about the benefits and advantages in Bluenote project.

As usual, on this occasion, I offer interesting information, especially in the world Cryptocurrency. The project involves the ICO energy in this site is for you who are interested in them to make sales ICO highly promising investment funds in the world. If you are interested in joining this project, it’s a good idea to read the reviews I have done, so you can get the information they see a vision and mission. I hope this information once the energy of the world, of course, give a little insight and interest and involvement in the project Bluenote ICO.

In Bluenote is the world’s leading solution blockchain build zero-emission. Bluenote in launching the world’s first energy efficiency based on agreement blockchain. This creates a fragmented eco-system that enables building operators around the world to learn how intelligent distributed energy wasting fewer data.


Getting the right data to make the best decision for building energy efficiency difficult. building energy usage, operational data and asset values are rarely used. software products, if so, usually isolated hardware vendors are separated from one another Wall expensive proprietary solutions. Data are not available, owners and investors find it difficult to prove the impact of technology in the construction of energy use and underscores how specific investments. The problem is:

  1. Isolated data. Construction data trapped in different suppliers warehouse or sitting use.
  2. Data privacy. Own Data worried about the disclosure of confidential data.
  3. intelligence. Building operators and no decision-making tools they need.
  4. Getting value. The economic benefits of the building could not be calculated for repair them, because they are not able to track the performance of their
  5. Lack of financial incentives. Building energy efficiency and operational data is not recognized as a value that provides.


These buildings will attract the flow of data in Bluenote, and the solution is distributed through an agreement called the Bluenote blockchain specifications. The Bluenote agreement is open access, secure network, so simple data sharing, data services, and the analysis of the building to open a new energy efficiency strategy in buildings. Based on the software in the Bluenote agreement, either with a new application and has been installed in the use of energy-saving technologies to build worldwide.

The Bluenote blockchain the agreement will use this technology not only provides data safer and more reliable energy users but will also let everyone use the data to develop better energy solutions. Opening the Bluenote value that agreement over a potential $ 650 billion in the world. And the solution is:

  1. Scattered node. Building data can be easily connected to the node itself, rather than relying on suppliers of the cloud.
  2. Secure access. Data owners can allow for the analysis of data without exposing secure access to the raw data with the deal.
  3. For the analysis of the global market. In this community will Bluenote software and data analysis services, you can easily connect to a node from market data.
  4. Verification of performance. Create a bright line between carbon emissions and the financial performance of assets.

Even if the government is aware of the fact that the quality and security of energy data can be significantly improved by blockchain. #blockchain #Bluenote #blockchainrevolution #tokensale #BNOWTokenSale

Token BNOW

The token is in line with the inner Bluenote-cryptocurrency ERC20, using smart contracts. It will be circulated under BNOW stock. In this joint agreement and data integration Bluenote buildings and equipment valued at Bluenote in the token. Then the building can be purchased and used to buy tokens in the analysis of energy efficiency Bluenote, from the application developer who uses the Bluenote agreement.

BlueNote Token Distribution

BlueNote Fund

BNOW’s Initial Exchange Offering

In Bluenote has raised more than $ ten million private investors, is now available to the general public the opportunity to support the project by buying its BNOW mark. In the past year, many projects blockchain not held, the possibility of an increase in fraud and security issues that are listed in the so-called public switched simultaneously public sales mark.

Blockchain new ways to finance, in Bluenote selected through a public exchange auction, to ensure proper KYC procedures, scalability, and maximum security. In exchange for this public offering, which is called the exchange of initial offers (IEO) and will be launched in December leading international exchanges in cryptocurrency.

Bluenote in this project is to use the largest BNOW sign ten million $ in IEO general public. The total number of tokens, 50% will be available to the public and an additional 20% of special incentives for real estate projects and software developers as they build a global network to participate in the Bluenote. Teams in the Bluenote, early investors and advisors have their own program marks the 24-month exercise.

Make buildings more energy efficient has many advantages:

  • This resulted in direct cost savings and great sustainable by reducing energy costs.
  • These savings make the building more profitable, and therefore substantially more valuable.
  • Non-financial profits, but constantly is to improve energy efficiency to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Who uses the Bluenote?

  • Building owners and managers so that they can believe in the transformation of the decision.
  • Energy technology companies can establish instant access to customers.
  • Gongyongshiye new ways to get real-time demand management and energy costs.
  • Financial institutions can keep track of changes in the value of assets in order to verify the energy reduction.

The Protocol

Feedback structure: reward swimming pools will be established to provide quality seed Bluenote agreement building data, and through third parties, resulting in easily upload data and application deployment, as a kickstart to Bluenote token economy.
Community Sharing Data: the data owner may choose to share some of them with Bluenote in society as a whole by the Bluenote data in an anonymous format or protected agreement.
completely decentralized data collection: Bluenote The agreement enables owners to build their own data protection node, rather than the platform or share their data cloud.
token: This Bluenote agreement to promote the software market, and access to data based on ERC20 mark. The use of tokens distributed switching infrastructure and solutions to meet the agreement or sign traders wherever they are.


  • December 2015 – Launch
    Blue City Solutions (“Blue”), the global coalition that helps improve people’s lives by testing, sharing and implementing the best smart city solutions, officially launches at COP21 in Paris.
  • May 2016 – Discuss
    Blue hosts an open innovation debate for stakeholders from the international energy world at the Blue Horizon event in Amsterdam, where commercial real estate is discussed as the largest singular source of carbon emissions in cities.
  • September 2016 – Focus
    Blue initiates a project to develop a protocol that enables the global real estate market to track energy efficiency live: the Bluenote project.
  • February 2017 – Open
    The Bluenote project team is formed with the goal to develop a protocol that powers an independent, decentralized economy that helps to optimize energy efficiency for commercial real estate around the world.
  • Fall 2018 – Share a token generation event
    Everyone who passes the KYC process can participate in the Bluenote token investment pool and in the economics of Bluenote token performance. Bluenote tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain ERC20 Token Standard.
  • 2018 – Build real-time energy reporting
    Bluenote will launch the world’s first open-data, real-time building performance protocol to benchmark and verify each building’s energy, emissions and financial data


  1. Jeremy Adelman – Energy and business models
  2. Andrew Barbeau – Energy and innovation policy
  3. Hester Kranendonk – Community management
  4. Philippe Tarbouriech – Technology development
  5. Hans Tobé – FinanceQuintus Abeln – Legal & Board Member
  6. Michiel Frackers – Chairman
  7. Ralf Glabischnig – Blockchain Strategy & Board Member

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