BlooCYS – Convenience Of Rendering Services

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BlooCYS – Convenience Of Rendering Services

BlooCYS – Advances in technology, it is now simply open the app on your smartphone, make a few taps, and voila, our order has arrived! Fast, efficient and completely private. With Uber Cup (Uber Technologies Inc. (Uber) -American-Scandinavian castration-resistant San Francisco, searching, and call playspace or private car drivers. With the Uber app to create applications gnome mobile inspired, customer retention truck drivers and track their movements to the specified point.

In most cases, the driver of the car, and taxi companies or partners of the car. In most countries, 80% of drivers for payment of 20% for the Uber Cup. BlooCYS finally, as a platform to help consumers to hire the right professional counseling services.

There are many applications and features that will help everyday activities, such as applications, which will allow you to keep track of how many miles to go, or what the level of your heart, or how many daily calories you have burned, etc. Also, you can from home you like Flipkart, Amazon and other Apps that use smartphone technology, the convenience store has a lot of freelancers, which is now the world provide a professional level of service. Now you can take advantage of special services doctor or technician who can help you solve all your computer via video chat or internet.

Based on smart-phone technology and inspired by the uber-model, BlooCYS will serve as a platform where consumers can hire the services of a professional consultant.

It can learn a new language, get a haircut or makeup tutorial, fix bugs, or related issues. The possibilities are endless, and all through the video in real-time. This makes BlooCYS truly unique because it provides a convenient, timely delivery and high levels of service, all modern smart consumer expectations. In fact, bloocys consulting services can be delivered to them, they are at home, in the office, cafe or in the park.

Introduction BlooCYS

BlooCYS is a platform similar to the platform where the super can help you who already specialize in job hiring for consumers, consumers need consulting services. It can help you learn and understand a new language, you did not know before. Can do makeup or hair tutorial. Or it could be related to a bug fix or IT problems associated with it. The possibilities are limitless. All through the video. And in real time. That is, when you have this BlooCYS platform, you will get the benefits. For the vision is to establish and promote your BlooCYS destruction.

The next wave BlooCYS will enable millions of people to participate in economic change, only those who have assets that can benefit from their use in the past. BlooCYS dispersion model, now everyone can be a direct economic benefit. Beneficiaries of the economy, people are more likely to use the service, which will create growth and opportunity for all active cycle, without intermediaries. Customers will be able to find the right, professional, and experts and professionals will be able to enjoy greater autonomy and earn extra income. Using technology and BlooCYS blockchain will together consumers and experts in the decentralized, open, fair network, anyone can use the platform.

How does it work?

BlooCYS provide the decentralized platform where consumers can directly without a professional interactive agency, will provide a unique opportunity for experts to showcase their talents and earn a living for their satisfaction. Here, the user can play the dual role of a supplier or customer. All user ID is officially recognized as preventing fraud, and secure storage in the blockchain. BlooCYS also verify the credentials and qualifications of the expert. For those who do not have professional certification, BlooCYS will use a caste or a point system to evaluate their own services, customers will hire them based on recommendations and rank them. The CYS Token is the official symbol of the platform and is used in all transactions. The BlooCYS wallet assists with CYS sign of buying, selling, storing, receiving salary and rewards. All services provided by iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Why BlooCYS?

There are many freelancers who provide expert professional services in today’s market through social networks. Freelance no longer want to work a normal nine to five job program and expect the flexibility to work from anywhere. But it is often difficult for customers to find the right professional consulting services they need. Typically, these services are too expensive or may be delayed because of the location as well.

Uber ride based on market share numbers, freelancer millions are now getting their own pace and time, and the concept of being their own boss, BlooCYS will also provide the same market, professionals can give their customers can take advantage of the expertise and the best service through the application.

BlooCYS Solution

BlooCYS leased consulting services with real-time revolutionary professional video Uber-like platform.

Customers can be found at their fingertips experts, and experts can use their skills to earn extra income with the freedom of a coincidence.

Built-in decentralization and hyphenation, BlooCYS real-time video capabilities, user authentication and accreditation, a completely new model of search directories experts, technology blockchain, transparency, and intelligence contracts with the underlying token, given such a platform, completely changed the access road and optimize potential of the community and provide expert service.

Blockchain use of technology will BlooCYS together consumers and experts with a decentralized, open, fair network, anyone cannot be with the agency to use. Customers will be able to find a real, reliable expert at their fingertips, and experts and professionals can enjoy greater job autonomy, earn extra income. We will also use innovative blockchain to verify the skills or experience required a user ID and validation of experts and professionals.

This is to prevent fraud and ensure a good user experience, which in turn will create a platform of trust and credibility. Contracts smart technology is the platform that will be used for investment and profit sharing provides automatic and transparent system token BlooCYS Platform (CYS token).

BlooCYS Features

Real-Time Communication
  • Real-time video
  • Real-time chatting
  • Video recording
  • Video analytics
  • ID verification and skill validation
  • Ratings and reviews
  • BlooCYS wallet
  • Smart contracts
  • Crypto payment
Front-end Service
  • Service directory
  • Crowd recommendation
  • Talent promotion
  • Partner integration and API
  • Dispute Resolution

Benefits Using BlooCYS

  • Experts can be their own bosses and have the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime and anywhere
  • Experts can maximize the economic potential of their skills
  • Comfort
  • There are no geographical barriers
  • Peace of mind for customers who seek service from true experts
  • Customers can immediately find the service they need, anytime, anywhere
  • Cost-effective because it eliminates intermediaries and high transaction costs
  • Smart contracts allow unlimited transactions and remove potential disputes
  • Transparency, security, and privacy through the underlying blockchain technology

Token Details

The smart contracts technology and BlooCYS token platform (CYS token), which underpins the platform, will provide an automated and transparent system for investment and profit sharing. Token information:

  • Token symbol: CYS
  • Platform: CYS is built as an ERC 20 token on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Total tokens issued: 1 000 000 CYS
  • Token sale first price: 1 CYS = US $ 0.10 (or the corresponding amount in ETH determined by the Board based on the prevailing exchange rate)
  • Softcap: US $ 5 000 000
  • Hard cap: US $ 40 000 000
  • Accepted Currency: ETH

The distribution of Tokens CYS

  • Sale and bonus 40 %
  • 10% reward and reward
  • 5% of advisors and early backers
  • 15% founders & team
  • Company reserve 30 %


BlooCYS Roadmap


BlooCYS Team

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