Soraix: Equity Token And Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Soraix Project Review

Soraix is a worldwide digital currency trade stage that vows to reform the entire world with the assistance of blockchain innovation. Before propelling the Soraix venture, we saw different exchanging stages, yet none of these stages has a Soraix work that makes this task one of a kind.

Soraix stage was planned so that merchants will be offered one of a kind exchanging instruments and a decent pay conveyance model. Financial specialists on the Soraix stage will have the option to trade capital for another kind of advanced resource on the stage.


Soraix’s central goal is to profoundly change and change customary stock trades. For this, the blockchain innovation will be utilized to indicate the trading of benefits. The organization trusts that after across the board use, the security and usefulness of the business will improve.As you know, advancement beneficially affects the advancement of any industry. Soraix, a Swiss organization, is adaptable, secure and offers special, one of a kind and viable arrangements on its foundation.

We will offer privately owned businesses the chance to expand their advantages, enabling them to issue stock tokens at our propelled degree of exchanging Switzerland. Our clients will more likely than not purchase this value token, which enables issuing associations to raise capital without the restricted expenses related with an IPO. This value token is then traded in our dealings with other value tokens, cryptographic types of cash, and different PC includes that are indistinguishable from Fiat’s money gauges

Corporate Advantage

Soraix stage likewise offers corporate advantages, where it offers a gathering pledges include that enables partnerships to issue share tokens to their organizations. Utilizing the tokenized resource strategy enables partnerships to develop their business and offer them to different clients of this stage. Value tokens issued by organizations can likewise be traded with different resources on their foundation in the event that they meet various arrangements and criteria in Switzerland before their tokens can be sold. This is clearly an awesome thing for all clients of this stage. Notwithstanding ensured security, partnerships can likewise legitimately build up their exercises as per relevant guidelines.

Abnormal state of trust and straightforwardness, a great UI is different highlights of the Soraix stage. A decent UI is a brilliant Soraix include in which both new and existing clients can explore the Soraix framework.

Token worth

Token worth offer is a noteworthy modification of the monetary allowance are settled in industry that enables associations with constrained access to cash-flow to offer retail theorists a chance to incline toward business sectors that have as of late accommodated few experts and budgetary foundations.


SRX = 0,00025 ETH

Soft hat: $ 4,500,000

Hard Cap: $ 24,000,000

ICO: 26.08 – 24.11


1st quarter 2019 – market analysis. Original concept.

2nd quarter 2019 – Company formation. Core team compilation.

Third quarter of 2019 – ICO positioning.

Q4 2019 – Introduction of the MVP version of the Soraix platform.

Q1 2020 – Public API deployment.

Q2 2020 – Introduction to social commerce and mobile apps.

Third Quarter 2020 – Implementation of a special ETO Blockchain

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