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CurioInvest: An Online Speculation Stage That Empowers Financial Specialists

CURIOINVEST Project Overview

We should examine CurioInvest. CurioInvest expects to give everybody the likelihood to put resources into uncommon vehicles that can be invoiced, and has discovered that square chain innovation can give the actuation vitality expected to break the obstructions of inconceivability and permit everybody (each class of individuals) to end up associated with the accumulation vehicle showcase. the uncommon one.

CurioInvest is an online speculation stage that empowers financial specialists of all salary levels to put resources into high-esteem resources. Collectable autos have been reliably among the most elevated performing elective resource classes, yet as of not long ago, the market was reasonable for tip top speculators. CurioInvest is utilizing blockchain to disturb the business, empowering littler financial specialists to profit by the collectable vehicle advertise. It is likewise a perfect open door for crypto financial specialists to broaden their presentation by putting resources into tokens supported by an unmistakable resource.

Task Goals

With this undertaking, which will be presented as CurioInvest, authorities from around the globe will almost certainly purchase uncommon vehicles and make these exchanges through this completely solid stage. The undertaking group is very solid as experience. They have long periods of involvement in gathering vehicles. They have a functioning job that is certain in participation. There is no uncertainty that you will get the administrations you need successfully on the grounds that the group are so huge and exceptionally apt.

CurioInvest is very much situated for the accompanying reasons:

CurioInvest isn’t beginning without any preparation. CurioInvest’s sister organization Mercuria Helvetica AG has created enduring associations with many top-level car organizations including Pagani, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz. In this way, CurioInvest approaches a pipeline of more than 500 uncommon, collectable vehicles, guaranteeing elite venture openings from the very first moment.

CurioInvest has set up legitimate substances in Switzerland and Lichtenstein. Switzerland offers a stable administrative condition and financial specialist cordial laws, while the base in Lichtenstein permits CurioInvest to lawfully sell security tokens all through the European Economic Area, which contains every one of the 28 part conditions of the EU and the three EEA EFTA states Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. Switzerland has turned into a worldwide center point of blockchain development, guaranteeing that CurioInvest will have direct access to the correct specialized ability to scale the business.

The CurioInvest group and its accomplices comprise of specialists with a demonstrated reputation in the car, IT, budgetary and venture businesses.

Advantages related with the venture:

An individual can enter with a low venture: with a lower least capital speculation, a financial specialist can purchase partakes in different vehicles.

The venture procedure is streamlined: with square chains, and online stages, the speculation procedure is incredibly rearranged. Financial specialists would now be able to do numerous exercises effectively on the web.

Simple administration: Curio Invest will almost certainly effectively oversee, control, and encourage exercises and exchanges in the market.

Simple to Use Platform: CurioInvest’s online stage will be founded on and held by a chain of squares which makes it simple to utilize.

A hindrance eliminator: Platform is an actuation vitality that evacuates obstructions that square/limit ‘everybody’ from entering the market.

Simple purchasing and selling

Protection and care made simple

New straightforwardness and security: The CurioInvest stage gives phenomenal receptiveness and straightforwardness, and security to this market was once just available/drawn closer by rich characters

Token Specifications

Symbol / Ticker: CUR

Type: Security Token

Blockchain: ERC20 based on Ethereum

Total Supply: 2,000,000

Book Value: 1USD

Benefit of the token:

Liquidity / Shareability:

Tokenisasi allows clients to invest in expensive assets such as supercars, without the need to buy them. By using tokensiisasi, costs such as “illiquid discounts” can be avoided.


Tokenization enables investors to diversify risk by buying tokens in several cars. This means that if one car does not perform well, losses can be offset by profits on other cars.

Low Cost:

Costs are much lower, because there are not many intermediaries involved.

Less bureaucracy:

Everything can be controlled and monitored online.

Faster Settlement:

The higher liquidity and automatic nature of the system means that transactions are much faster.


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