Blockombat​ Is A Multichain 3D (Play to Earn) P2E Gamefi’s Ecosystem

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Blockombat​ is a multichain 3D (play to earn) P2E Gamefi’s ecosystem, with NFT prizes, the aim is to fully change the gamefi industry, and further promote the use of cryptocurrency and games to make money in the game industry.

Blockombat is a popular online game that allows players to compete in fierce battles. This game has a variety of different weapons and skills, and players can use these weapons and skills to benefit from their opponents. Blockombat also has a booming dedicated community that regularly participates in competitions and events.

Blockombat will be a sustainable development game to get an ecosystem, which will not only attract game fans but also attract game developers. This will promote the use of games to quickly produce industry.


The project team includes transaction costs, which allow transaction fees to allow trading costs during the transfer period from users to users and transactions. This is to allow the project to run smoothly, and external funds are not needed after TGE and the next list.

In the game, players will be asked to pay a number of local BKB tokens to get the game and benefits in a collection of awards. The BKB token is paid to the project wallet and then locks it to the ecosystem award wallet. The money will be used as a gift that makes community promotions and marketing activities at their peak.

Token Utility

  • BKB token is required to unlock the advanced arena
  • BKB tokens are required to purchase advanced characters with more skills and energy allowing the user to win more battles
  • You can use BKB tokens to buy more skills for your purchased characters which allow users to win more battles
  • Players can buy more weapons and armor and other effects provided in the Shop

Rare NFTs are used as rewards for Tournaments. Holding NFT will also give players more access to merchandise in the ecosystem

How does it work?

TAX DESCRIPTION: The project team has implemented a 5% transaction fee to regulate token supply and prevent inflation. This is to enable the project to run smoothly without the need for external funding after the TGE and subsequent listing.

P2E: During the tournament, players will be required to pay $50–100 worth of BKB tokens to have access to the tournament and participate in the prize pool if they win. The BKB tokens paid to this project’s tournament wallet will be added to the ecosystem’s reward wallet which will be used as a reward to keep the game earning, promotional and marketing activities in the form of community competitions and prizes at their peak. Meanwhile, the 10% fee applied to the withdrawal of Duel mode wins will also be sent to the ecosystem/reward wallet.

NFTS/ LP — SINGLE STAKING: The NFT will be minted then using our token and the unstacking penalty will be sent to the ecosystem/reward wallet. Both the LP, Single and NFT staking rewards will be funded by the bounty ecosystem/wallet.


This section describes the prominent use cases of the game and blockchain tokens, and how users can use BKB in the blockchain ecosystem to interact with the game and with each other globally.

Play-to-acquire (P2E) crypto games give buyers the possibility to acquire in-game resources that may be listed for digital currencies.

P2E is another part of GameFi’s biological system. Typically, clients play online games while using apps or sites like Minecraft and Roblox. However, the P2E pattern takes things further. By leveraging blockchain innovation, it is possible to play games with the benefits of crypto.

Standard games allow members to relax, get in the style and spend time with friends. From now on, you will enjoy playing games with another important part of life: cash transfers. It is very important to play on the blockchain to earn crypto tokens or nonfungible tokens (NFT). Also, you don’t believe you have to put resources into expensive NFTs to acquire crypto and be critical to the in-game economy and action plan.

1) Arena Shop

2) Character Shop

3) Skill Shop

4) Weapon Shop

5) NFT shop

6) Own mode

7) Duel mode

8) tournament mode


Blockombat Spreads on OKXChain!

We are delighted to announce the cooperative relationship with the Okxchain network. We have implemented and integrated Okxchain into the ecosystem. Our users can upload Android and iOS to the store after TGE.

About OKC

OKC is a safe and programmed smart contract platform for the next generation of decentralized applications. This is supported by OKX. OKX is one of the biggest encrypted exchanges. The built-in technology in this chain is clearly designed for low -performance DAPPS and high-performance, making it an excellent partner of many Defi, NFT, and other Yuanyuan applications.

Advantages of OKC

High Performance:
Based on Tendermint consensus and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) enhanced which can support up to 4000 Transactions per Second (TPS), DeFi (decentralized finance) applications will reach their full potential at a very low cost.

Multiple Compatibility:
OKC will support the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol which — together with the Tendermint consensus algorithm, featuring instant finality — can be used to realize value transmission between the Cosmos ecosystem in seconds. OKC is also 100% EVM compatible, meaning decentralized application (DApp) developers can easily deploy their DApps from the Ethereum network (or any other EVM-compatible blockchain) to OKC. Smart contracts written in Solidity can work on OKC just like on Ethereum.

Developer Friendly:
OKC is completely open-source. Anyone can read it, check progress, comment on it, and help build the ecosystem. OKC also provides native oracle protocols and the industry leader Chainlink for maximum flexibility to access price feeds.

The OKC team offers reliable smart contract auditing services, making it a completely decentralized protocol that avoids the risk of centralizing most of today’s blockchain networks.

Blockchain Token Economy

Fees: The venture cluster has died a 5% exchange fee for managing token inventory and preventing expansion. this can be used to empower tasks to run systematically while not a requirement outside finance when TGE and the next post

P2E: throughout the competition, players are expected to pay $50–100 the price of BKB tokens to get enter the competition and take part in the award pool with pride that they won. This BKB token is paid into the business competition note box is an addition to the setup prize wallet that can be used as a reward for keeping playing to earn, special training and advertising in the original space contest structure and high prizes while a 10% fee is given on the withdrawal of the Duel mode prize


  • Q2–2021
  • Making ideas
  • Project team compilation
  • Q3–2021 infrastructure projects
  • MVP Development Q1–2022
  • Android Development
  • IOS builds Q2–2022
  • Partners & Venture Capital on the way Q3–2022
  • Initialize private loop and seed.
  • Expansion of the development team.
  • Mainstream media marketing and engagement.
  • Social media Influencer Partnership.
  • IDO multi-chain launch pad.
  • Smart Contract deployment and auditing.
  • Dex listing and token distribution.
  • Lp and Single Bet.
  • NFT Printing for Tournaments. Q4–2022
  • Android and iOS store uploads.
  • CEX list.
  • First global tournament
  • Mainstream media partnerships. Q1–2023
  • WebGL development.
  • New Roadmap release.


The project team aims to partner with some very well-known blockchain and cryptocurrency promoters and social media influencers. Bringing the game across locations where blockchain and cryptocurrencies are accepted is the team’s goal, hence the plan to partner with advertisers, media houses, and personalities from different countries.

Our New Partner

CoinEx Smart Chain, OKex Chain, LunaPad, GAGARIN, Fantomlive, Cheersland, Daostarter, Polkabridge, Coinsale, ERAX Launchpad, Cososwap, Polkawar, Safeproof, BrightPad Nopia.

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