Blockburn – The Next Crypto Mobile Gaming Platform

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Blockburn – The Next Crypto Mobile Gaming Platform

BlockBurn – Are you a Gamer? If Yes, I want to explain what blockchain is all about people who have never heard of it. Clearly, many people have realized this amazing technology. In simple terms, blockchain can be defined as a form of integrity or non-variable digital distributed general ledger system. It is possible in other areas of finance, games or applications.

Blockchain designed to simplify that know the value of this technology has been adopted livelihoods around the world every mankind. Those it did. technology giant, e-commerce, government, education, and financial institutions have been exploring this technology, which has been largely integrated into their system to improve the efficiency and transparency of internal operation. Due to blockchain brought by the tremendous benefits technology, multi-gaming industry -billion dollars has integrated technology to improve their professional level, work efficiency, and ensure the transparency of their gaming services. In the game, the Blockchain integration platform allows users to enjoy the trust, transparency, and gain the true value of real cryptocurrency games. Blockchain play technology makes it easier for game systems to encourage them to visit more players to provide speed and instant payment. Today, I will focus my discussion topic called breakthrough gaming platform BlockBurn.I hope my readers will find a very interesting game platform.

About BlockBurn

Blockburn is a game-changing platform game revolutionized the gaming industry and is willing to cryptocurrency the first network in the world of mobile gaming. Blockburn platform game is an innovative game field designed for gamblers and gamers. BlockBurn contemplates the provision of a number of distinctive features that will benefit users. BURN ecosystem is BlockBurn original platform Cryptocurrency very interesting, sophisticated, and memorable gaming experience. It is used to place bets BlockBurn platform. Another wonderful feature of the BURN sign is that it is not the ICO project. This is an innovative project, a highly transparent and based society. Blockburn project is self-financing, which does not provide space whale investors dumping the token to retail investors at the expense of funds. 50% BURN tokens will be distributed in the form of awards and community airdrop.

Players can bet, game Burn marks from one another in a variety of platforms. Free platform gameplay, and do not need to burn token.BURN is a revenge bet token-based network, through the combustion system, thereby reducing the level Blockcburn token coin value of each transaction to increase the supply in cryptocurrency. Burns himself deflation system enables tokens to increase the value of the token and sign crypto currency time. Blockburn damages yourself, sign the present invention is to improve the cryptocurrency market oversupply situation recurring. BURN total market supply pins for each transaction 2,000,000.On 2% burnt.

The Project Objectives

With the hope of a BlockBurn gaming network that will burn with the truth, as this will allow all users betting platform innovations carried out under real help them burn marks diverse and interesting game, available to all players of economic benefit, so the arena. lovers of war and action sniper game, so users can purchase and participate lottery blockburn, who must win a chance for the award, as the network game blockburn has a mission is to users are very sophisticated gaming experience that is memorable in this game will not be a platform sole important factor, because all the games will be able to focus on a very entertaining game with impressive graphics, smooth animations, sound effects, and intuitive navigation satisfaction that everything will be the latest generation of a. incredible experience, as players on all platforms will be able to customize their characters, and used for burn marks as an option, update the look to buy roles.

Game network will implement a variety of functions, which will encourage all players to keep and use more burn token, so that everyone will have all users provide the gaming experience more complete which will help burn token, the development of mobile phone games Hence the value of partners will be available for matches blockburn online communities, gaming themes ranging brainstorming and team play burned games in early tokenomics scope of the development process, as the game will allow two separate spaces, such as selling mobile games and storage space are encrypted, usually in two spaces, and provide blockburn unique advantages, so further information growth in two strategic areas of the team, please visit the website and read the white paper, more detailed technology opportunities.

BlockBurn Features

Minimum BlockBurn product (MPV) and the application of the following features:

  1. Get BURN tokens while playing the game: BlockBurn DAPP included in the built-in applications, users can enjoy and be appreciated.
  2. In-Built Wallet: BlockBurn DAPP also has a built-in app, users can have a good time playing, and winning awards
  3. Staking: Interested users can share their own signature burns BlockBurn DAPP, obtained by either staking their claims in return.
  4. Daily News: BlockBurn Dapps is very valuable information. It provides the world’s encrypted information to the user, and reward them at the same time.


With a network game blockburn that everyone would have access to that designed by intuition-oriented, thus improving the flow of the gaming experience, about the reward system range users, such as gaming network gaming blockburn, this process obviously chart will target all users of the basic concept of the process games to make purses, bags and more management of all market participants will be able to create a new wallet, and navigate through these portfolio management page to manage your wallet way blockburn their game that there is a network, and the management page of your portfolio will be by navigating to the room personal character will allow players to their role private according to your wishes, including personality, body acting as an extension of the market, but also with character personalization, color, hair style and clothing with users full access and availability, which will be free for everyone, and the screen election main gameplay modes will feature a game mode selection screen in the main menu will be the starting point for players to begin their search for victory, but also a mode of free games to offer in this game mode, a player can play for a robot, so in this mode, the game will be just for fun or training, no bets can be made for the mode of free game is a competition mode mobile, wherein the first step of preparation are well placed bets and betting games are actually played Model is very competitive this model was initially blocked until the player can be stored in the wallet truth burns, so players should have more than one token combustion mode to compete, so that when the players choose the game mode will be asked if they agree to transfer 10 games or collective 1,2,5 burns choice, but in the manner specified entry , to ensure that responsibility A nda for such models, so the network game blockburn hope that all AU nique user experience.

The flow of the game

The design and flow of the game intuitive user-oriented. The game system reward experience revolves about clear objectives. The flowchart provides a basic idea of ​​the flow of the game:

BlockBurn Game Flow

Detailed token

BlockBurn Token Information

  • Token Name: BlockBurn
  • Symbol: BURN
  • Token Type: ERC 20
  • Token Supply: 2,000,000,000
  • Hard cap: $ 1.2 million
  • Burning Price 1: $ 0.005


  • Round 1 – $ 0.005 + 15%
  • Round 2 – $ 0.005 + 10%

Token Distribution

  • Community: 45% (community tokens are presented as “exchange tokens” freely distributed, airfields, awards and tokens for future community events)
  • Reserve: 15% (future rates, future eruptions / generosity)
  • IEO: 15%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Team: 10%
  • Advisory: 5%

Distribution of IEO Funds

  • Product Development: 50%
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Exchange: 10%
  • Token repurchase (and/or token burning): 20%

BlockBurn IEO Ready

BlockBurn IEO


BlockBurn RoadmapBlockBurn Roadmap

The BlockBurn Team

  • Kagan Bardakchi – CEO – Founder
  • Faouzi Dahoua – Co-Founder of Gaming
  • Danielle Jensen – Marketing Manager
  • Prince Ajax Singh – Strategic Advisor
  • Jivong Kim – Counselor

Development Team

  • Fawzi Dahua – Project Manager
  • Joan Van Den Bosch – Game Designer
  • Paul Den Hartog – Game Developer
  • Thomas de Jong – Game Developer
  • Nathan Stiendam – UI / UX designer


This is interesting because more and more blockchain platforms support gamers to channel their favorite hobbies, of course, while earning money by playing games. Try to take part in this good project.

To know the latest information about the BlockBurn project you can visit the link below:

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the BlockBurn team, I just give you the latest ICO info”