BIZpaye – A Real World Marketplace For The Blockchain

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BIZpaye – A Real World Marketplace For The Blockchain

BIZpaye – Currently, organizations worldwide are still sitting in the same type of goods or spare capacity unsold shares. Small cross-border trade friction with respect to the lack of a global currency settlement mechanism is not very significant flexibility. Not credible and transparent for cleaning supplies, especially in the B2C environment is more expensive and has a problem, in fact, such a controversial stock often sit idle long distance. When this can be seen as a minor issue, it is due to the steps a speech on the global significance of the lack of boundaries is really significant. Difficulty export the barter between Fiat difficult transition difficult and too little barter trade port intensified.

We will provide the proposed two “BIZpaye” project participants and a potential platform for those interested in promoting their development. The information listed below may not be complete, does not imply any contractual relationship. Its main purpose is to provide information to people so that they can decide whether they are willing to analyze the company’s intention to get a token or investment.

Barter Trends

In the modern barter trading industry in this big package of Fiat off-line non-established industry trade, continues to work for about 50 years. function and location, both centralized and decentralized organizations, the so-called aid trade exchange. The transaction is to facilitate the use of online applications noted B2B and B2C market environment the Bank Class A digital transaction (barter). For the purposes of trade in products and services, all of which take advantage of the currency exchange trading in a non-local network called “barter credits” as an accounting device used to record the value of barter payments.

The money was introduced, in order to adapt to the professional workforce. Specialization of labor problem is that not everyone has to do what they need to do, we use the wind to make it work just to allow them to participate in the market so that they can be in the money. But if I really could do what I want, who want what I already have a private limited? Blockchain makes it feasible to egg you change any of the poultry farms of my belongings. It is not practical to barter absolutely everything, because we can not because we do not. However, in a limited range of forest for the trees not only possible, but it also happened at this time. This setting is set to retail sudden because four of these changes combine to create the right atmosphere successful barter.

Mission and Vision Statement

BIZpaye mission is to provide a flexible, easier way to trade across boundaries, and ecosystems themselves provide complete transparency and low cost to a global audience. The purpose of this group is closed eh BIZpaye way to revitalize small and medium enterprises and idle spare capacity and help them generate more revenue and provide a more efficient business model.

Establish Effective Systems Of Barter

This technology is now available to help determine to provide fast, accurate project value to barter.

eBay has proved that the trading system can be built pioneers who rely on trust and reputation management, we are now ready to accept foreigners can be safely exchanged.

Transport infrastructure is widely available for almost all types of products all over the planet (As e-commerce), as well as infrastructure and technology, which is a virtual environment can provide solutions to previously imposed geographical restrictions.

Technology management (tracking, control, and record) the large-scale, multi-party long-term data in complex mixtures transaction (blockchain). That is, if I want to get my copy machine repair, I may need to provide eggs two employees, which provide fuel and electric servo device 3 times. Our company can provide these eggs get into some third party (credit) I have to get support from different political parties, but when it’s my job, my performance was 100% it can be traced back easily achieved.

BIZpaye Member

The encryption development environment is still in its early stages. The goal is to develop selected ecosystem BIZpaye to ensure short and long term truly global scalable, stable, decentralized and sustainable solutions appropriate open source solutions.

BIZpaye Member

The BIZpaye ecosystems and participants included a wide range of processes.

  • Members (as purchaser)
  • Members (as seller)
  • Fulfillment Resources
  • BIZpaye trading platform
  • BIZpaye encryption wallet / decentralized database
  • Support Center

Members (as purchaser)

The members hope to buy purchased through many existing transaction processing of a product and provides services from other members of the higher efficiency, economy, fast, transparent, credible personal fashion or business. That mobile application, website, and another face to face

Members (buyers) actions may include:
  • Good looking, and registered members (as seller) Services
  • Orders production
  • Pay for goods and services
  • Pay fees
  • Appreciated password
  • Member Feedback
  • Receive promotions, loyalty, referrals and rewards feedback

Members (as seller)

Seller members are individuals or businesses that want to sell goods and services. Goods and services will cover every global consumer and business markets rice supply trades associated with the property can imagine, from cleaning windows, the acquisition of property

Members Of The Action (as A Seller) Can Include:
  • Posted sales of goods and services
  • Provide products and services (can be provided by an external power source fulfillment)
  • Give us feedback
  • Pay Fees

BIZpaye Platform

  • Goods and services
  • Ordering
  • Looking for goods and services in the ecological system BIZpaye
  • Advertisement
  • The feedback loop
  • Order Status
  • Arbitration and dispute
  • Personal and sensitive data

BIZpaye Solutions

BIZpaye barter company has been working for some time, the encryption solution now, it will mark his own money added to barter. I believe BIZpaye barter market will be the first company to add the token encrypted in the world for their business.

BIZpaye is a combination of enterprise technology partners, such as Global Forex Trading System, Bartervana, Runasis, etc., our goal has always been to use as a traditional offline and online platforms and systems to help keep work in BIZpaye the forefront of the development of the technology industry and the expansion of trade and transactions praise. With the arrival of BIZpaye move towards Blockchain, I saw an opportunity to improve the experience of two businessmen and trading systems is almost unlimited, safer, more transparent ofBlockchain technical adaptation results.

The Key Issues Addressed BIZpaye

BIZpaye intended through BIZpaye applications have been developed and continue to solve this problem significantly ecosystem Blockchain through the office network growth globally unique franchise system. For decades, BIZpaye fix-face recruitment process where local investment through credit through the barter system.

This system proved to be likely to be held BIZpaye password (shares traded CRYPTO) One of the biggest problems in almost all design conventions token encrypted to solve in a business environment that is designed for trading goods and services. With this adaptation process, BIZpaye cryptographic token for ecosystem BIZpaye retailers, move the understanding of the legal affairs of flexible fabric, which can be used easily Fiat transaction, barter or credit card use encryption (encryption BIZpaye token) based money processing.

Token Detail

  • Token Name: BIZpaye Crypto
  • Token Trading Symbol: CRYPTO
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Tokens Minted: 1,000,000,000
  • Token Decimals: 18
  • Tokens In Circulation: 44,810,560 (Last Report April 15, 2019)
  • Token Address:0x7875bAfc5d63Fa035DeA0809c2a57A382d772903


BIZpaye goal is to ensure that the transaction process is encrypted mark and approval of a consensus agreement in an open ecosystem, not really, fast, cost-effective and there is no more friction. The BIZpaye Cryptographic Token will help to give this to ensure the best encryption token in BIZpaye transaction flow will grow open source technologies used.

The BIZpaye biological system will become a fragmented global market, agencies and buyers (collective investment) can work together to buy and sell goods. This particular market made more transactions and B2B transaction unit mixed use of textures exchange (MFTU) online B2C and C2C. An MFTU can be combined with funds and/or BIZpaye and/or barter credits BIZpaye.

personal experience of project costs, transaction costs and exchange rate gains significant security and frankly the next.

BIZpaye CRYPTO (BIZpayeime CRYPTOTHER) will give a boost to the fundamental changes Blockchain and continue to sell and customers to collaborate in the future and biological systems around the world one-day BIZpaye exchanges. BIZpaye CRYPTO (BIZpaye CRYPTO ‘token) will be the first step in changing the market, how to improve the framework of trade credit from nearby Universal AC produced.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the BIZpaye team, I just give you the latest ICO info”