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BIZpaye – Full Transparency And Reliability

BIZpaye – Many years ago, people began to exchange all kinds of goods, services, communications, known as barter transactions, today, is also relevant in this area, has been more interesting developments allow a wide range of participants in the exchange.

At the same time, intermediaries, such as banks and electronic payment systems, brokers, agents, multiple links, now a part of the transaction, of course, increase liquidity, exchange speeds up the whole process as a whole, but also introduce negative aspects such as service on theft of funds the customer’s account, the account is blocked for a few days propagation delay, the transfer of data to third parties.

Of course, to solve the problem of natural events blockchain innovative technology that allows you do not have a place in world trade intermediaries appear in a few seconds, regardless of the volume and store all the data is completely confidential. All of this leads to the fact that the different levels of the company is ready digital goods and services and sell them cryptocurrencies.

There are some who accumulated hundreds of lovers cryptocurrencies different passwords, or to continue to exchange their money to buy daily necessities traditional.


In BIZpaye platform’s mission is to help users worldwide to perform financial transactions and the partnership no geographical boundaries, while providing the lowest cost, full transparency and reliability. The company has been working for five years in the field of marketing and selling goods and services in 12 countries and the implementation of many projects the ability to create a more comfortable and good environment.

BIZpaye have their own franchise system, allowing many people can easily start their activities use, and save a lot of money, attract more potential buyers on the platform, and improve the liquidity of its products, and therefore profit!

Sellers may be legal entities and individuals to provide goods and services needed, from real estate to food. In addition, the credit system of barter, which is another product of the same value of the swap, it becomes not only applies to large companies, but also for ordinary users.

Between The Reservoir And The Value Of The Degree Of Difficulty In Terms Of

Wealth can be stored in the form of differences, all forms provide event types of establishments difference. Most people will continue their good fortune in money, because it provides the most abundant forms of liquidity, and can easily be turned into goods and services. Other forms of investment in the precious metals used by another person or as a stored value with less fluidity. However, the value of the goods under the barter system stores provides virtually no liquidity, if the stock or derived from idle capacity. Other commodities, such as rice is not durable, zero until their value will depreciate over time. Moreover, it is clear that the EFF needs ORT storage products, and will be at a certain price.

In the face of the challenges faced by the value stored barter is a little difficult due to many problems, often traded based on the variable nature of the goods, which may include information such as shelf life, the market wants, the market and technology change, political interference and so on.

Taking into account the World Bank estimates, the global barter industry worth almost $ 23 billion and growing account. This visualization of revolutionary change and grow, while at the same time provides great mobility BIZpaye “tunnel” will bring value as a token stored.

The BIZpaye “tunnel” token is now closed uh, enabling the conversion of goods, can not be converted to store wealth ago, a solution to the old problem of segmentation in the global vehicle wealth barter industry. The BIZpaye “tunnel” token may be more timely and cost-effectively FPD common in all border exchange media of conventional networks. At the time of the transaction, BIZpaye “tunnel” token can be stored, such as Fiat used or used in future transactions.

Wealth token in BIZpaye “tunnel” would be contained in the current market value of real transactions of goods and services. The use of a common currency a single, as BIZpaye “tunnel” with all the tokens and wealth holders token ecosystem BIZpaye together in a sign of appreciation / depreciation not like Fiat traditional, Fiat is one type of cross-border transactions, international exchange, and will, BIZpaye “tunnels” token is a strange kind of wealth transfer all its own market power and are equally applicable in all the boundaries at the local, national and international levels. This means that, as the use of a single common currency, wealth, all participants will be collectively referred to as value without currency valuation branch will move effect.

Trading Systems

Over the years BIZpaye has been working with our technology partners, such as the system of global foreign exchange, Bartervana, Runasis adjust system platform more viable there that will allow traders to trade and commerce BIZpaye, in a unique way have collaborated in BIZpaye design of bottom to top. The transaction processing system front-end, including entrepreneurs and aims to promote and strengthen trade potential and merchant transaction back-end customer relationship management platform.


With our technology partners, such as the system of global foreign exchange, Bartervana, working with more than Runasis, our goal has always been to use the INE off traditional and online platforms and systems to help develop and grow, to maintain the best technology BIZpaye praised the forefront of the transaction industry and trade, With the advent BIZpaye against Blockchain movement, we see opportunities to improve almost infinite, the result is a safer, more transparent Blockchain technology to adapt to our two entrepreneurs experience and trading system.

Franchise System

BIZpaye prides itself on the fact that our franchise partners are developing a global network BIZpaye, leading to the official launch Office BIZpaye five years ago, before more than 1 year in, has initiated a variety of resources to develop a support system. franchise manuals, processes and file system, training packages more, we have developed and continue to develop and improve, to help the franchise to enter new markets and develop existing markets.


With the growth of technology through Blockchain, will guidance, procedures, and training of new and enhanced set of business and the evolution of a closed circle E- BIZpaye personnel to access and understand this new technology will be based on the daily Blockchain BIZpaye how it interacts with the environment.

CRYPTO BIZpaye and BIZpaye “tunnel” token will join BIZpaye of transactional business units have been established, including BIZpaye companies, trade BIZpaye, BIZpaye reward, license BIZpaye property BIZpaye BIZpaye and radio.

BIZpaye ecosystem called big BIZpaye merchant trade transactions has been running for many years now, similar to a credit card, but with a Barter credit system. barter credit is non-payment in the local accounting units of science fiction used to record the value of barter.

Most governments around the world recognize barter as a form of cash tax payments. Barter against the local currency or credit associated with its origin in the transaction, can not move across the border or barter exchange credit elsewhere.

BIZpaye Member

The encryption development environment is still in its early stages. The goal is to develop selected ecosystem BIZpaye to ensure short and long term truly global scalable, stable, decentralized and sustainable solutions appropriate open source solutions.

BIZpaye Member

The BIZpaye ecosystems and participants included a wide range of processes.

  • Members (as purchaser)
  • Members (as seller)
  • Fulfillment Resources
  • BIZpaye trading platform
  • BIZpaye encryption wallet / decentralized database
  • Support Center

Members (as purchaser)

The members hope to buy purchased through many existing transaction processing of a product and provide services from other members of the higher efficiency, economy, fast, transparent, credible personal fashion or business. That mobile application, website, and another face to face

Members (buyers) actions may include:
  • Good looking, and registered members (as seller) Services
  • Orders production
  • Pay for goods and services
  • Pay Fees
  • Appreciated password
  • Member Feedback
  • Receive promotions, loyalty, referrals and rewards feedback

Members (as seller)

Seller members are individuals or businesses that want to sell goods and services. Goods and services will cover every global consumer and business markets rice supply trades associated with the property can imagine, from cleaning windows, the acquisition of property

Members Of The Action (as A Seller) Can Include:
  • Posted sales of goods and services
  • Provide products and services (can be provided by an external power source fulfillment)
  • Give us feedback
  • Pay Fees

BIZpaye Platform

  • Goods and services
  • Ordering
  • Looking for goods and services in the ecological system BIZpaye
  • Advertisement
  • The feedback loop
  • Order Status
  • Arbitration and dispute
  • Personal and sensitive data

BIZpaye Solutions

BIZpaye barter company has been working for some time, the encryption solution now, it will mark his own money added to barter. I believe BIZpaye barter market will be the first company to add the token encrypted in the world for their business.

BIZpaye is a combination of enterprise technology partners, such as Global Forex Trading System, Bartervana, Runasis, etc., our goal has always been to use as a traditional offline and online platforms and systems to help keep work in BIZpaye the forefront of the development of the technology industry and the expansion of trade and transactions praise. With the arrival of BIZpaye move towards Blockchain, I saw an opportunity to improve the experience of two businessmen and trading systems is almost unlimited, safer, more transparent ofBlockchain technical adaptation results.

The Key Issues Addressed BIZpaye

BIZpaye intended through BIZpaye applications have been developed and continue to solve this problem significantly ecosystem Blockchain through the office network growth globally unique franchise system. For decades, BIZpaye fix-face recruitment process where local investment through credit through the barter system.

This system proved to be likely to be held BIZpaye password (shares traded CRYPTO) One of the biggest problems in almost all design conventions token encrypted to solve in a business environment that is designed for trading goods and services. With this adaptation process, BIZpaye cryptographic token for ecosystem BIZpaye retailers, move the understanding of the legal affairs of flexible fabric, which can be used easily Fiat transaction, barter or credit card use encryption (encryption BIZpaye token) based money processing.

Token Detail

  • Token Name: BIZpaye Crypto
  • Token Trading Symbol: CRYPTO
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Tokens Minted: 1,000,000,000
  • Token Decimals: 18
  • Tokens In Circulation: 44,810,560 (Last Report April 15, 2019)
  • Token Address:0x7875bAfc5d63Fa035DeA0809c2a57A382d772903


BIZpaye goal is to ensure that the transaction process is encrypted mark and approval of a consensus agreement in an open ecosystem, not really, fast, cost-effective and there is no more friction. The BIZpaye Cryptographic Token will help to give this to ensure the best encryption token in BIZpaye transaction flow will grow open source technologies used.

The BIZpaye biological system will become a fragmented global market, agencies and buyers (collective investment) can work together to buy and sell goods. This particular market made more transactions and B2B transaction unit mixed use of textures exchange (MFTU) online B2C and C2C. An MFTU can be combined with funds and/or BIZpaye and/or barter credits BIZpaye.

personal experience of project costs, transaction costs and exchange rate gains significant security and frankly the next.

BIZpaye CRYPTO (BIZpayeime CRYPTOTHER) will give a boost to the fundamental changes Blockchain and continue to sell and customers to collaborate in the future and biological systems around the world one-day BIZpaye exchanges. BIZpaye CRYPTO (BIZpaye CRYPTO ‘token) will be the first step in changing the market, how to improve the framework of trade credit from nearby Universal AC produced.

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