BitWin – Achieve Much More In Terms Of Economic Efficiency

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BitWin – Achieve Much More In Terms Of Economic Efficiency

BitWin – There is a market structure that encourages tactics chipped dollars from players who agree to the conditions of this game. The general rule is that the larger and more well-known gambling platform the higher the cost margin which can be taxed on the client. We can say it is common when the platform uses only the monetization tactics famous or hidden, but there are many documented cases of rip-off basis from the client. This chapter explains why the latest technology may stop the current market situation which supports gambling platform, rather than their clients.

Tokenization online casino business means that users will be able to send and receive funds without using a financial institution. Cut out the middleman will only secure us all a lot of money and hassle. Imagine Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neller did not even touch your money, and that there is no need to make a bank transfer again. Especially the time frame for the various forms of international money transfers can take all the fun out of gaming and betting. In Bitwin 2.0 we save each and every customer, providing participants with an instant transaction close, near-zero latency in deposits or withdrawals, overthrow every fiat, bitcoin and altcoin online casino out there. Waiting time for the transaction may soon be a thing of the past. What this basically means that no one, including platforms other gambling, bank, and payment processing company, will hold your funds for their own benefit – be it investment and other players money to benefit themselves from the so-called form of escrow, or gather funds to be used as a bankroll for the games and betting. Long withdrawal times can also prevent players from the payment, making their return to the casino table repeatedly and, as a result, a large proportion of loose victory.

This is not the only advantage of creating infrastructure cryptocurrency above the casino and sportsbook platform. Bitwin Token based on ERC-20 standard, with a complete set of instructions written in the contract casinos intelligent, off-network Raiden chain technology solutions and other new functionality, can achieve much more in terms of economic efficiency. In fact, it could achieve the lowest margin costs on the global gambling market. Passing through expensive intermediaries such as server hosting, the service provider plus the previously mentioned payment processing company, as well as overcome the limits of standard blockchain Ethereum, results in gaming fees and house edge as low as 1%. Thanks to that, every step of the game, and most of the additional measures on the platform, automated and executed in the most efficient way, saving customers and Bitwin ton of money. marginal cost and the house edge on the ground and traditional online casino could reach as high as 15% so that everyone can see the difference.

What is more, eliminating the painful gas price with Raiden Network allows Bitwin to process even the smallest bets without a significant rise in the cost of the game, which opens up new possibilities for customers, small gamblers and any recreational players. Micro-betting activity will not slow Bitwin Network, as it would in a standard case or Bitcoin ability Ethereum books distributed; Therefore, another tokenized enabling gambling project based blockchain to attract people who bet in very small quantities.

To catch up with the casino tokenomics interesting, and in the quest to offer a fully fledged product that includes sportsbook, we conduct a thorough market testing to find the best for sports betting software blockchain – compliant. After consideration, we decided to partner with a team FansUnite in the deployment of their cutting-edge protocol at the upcoming Bitwin 2.0 platform. The FansUnite team did some groundbreaking work on their products, putting net incentive of prophecy in the book are distributed in addition, to develop a machine learning algorithm, which will be responsible for issuing and regulating the decentralization of sports data and risk management respectively. The new alliance will help the Bitwin 2.0 platform with the same effect can be calculated as the price is one of the most attractive in the global online vertical. The FansUnite protocol assumes margin bets as low as 1%, which compared to the rest of the industry, it seems to be a game changer.

From a customer perspective, the cost-effectiveness is one of the most important factors in building the foundation of a good relationship with the company. Players and bettors, supplied with cheap, powerful casino and sportsbook alternative, would more likely choose an economical choice in the long run. Bitwin makes every effort to provide the best solutions that will make possible the mass adoption of the plan, for a substantial period of growth to us. We believe that we can only achieve it by distinguishing themselves from the infrastructure of the current payment processing system, and by developing an attractive price efficiency. As a result, we can offer terms noncompetitive doubt that the concepts of contemporary technology cannot provide.

Decentralization – Privacy Is Guaranteed

Entertainment with Bitwin Token completely anonymous. Bitwin, like believing in cryptocurrencies, positioning himself with the rest of the decentralization movement on privacy rights, granting full anonymity action casino client.

A completely decentralized platform is fast becoming a means to ensure the confidentiality of the best. Blockchain, by design, is created to connect the interested parties without building the necessary trust between them. Therefore, customers Bitwin can fully interact with the platform and feel secure with their sensitive information because it does not exist, including the site owner, the employees or the authorities, they could access their data, which is one of the characteristics of the most significant general ledger undistributed has to offer. This is to prevent any attempt to hack from taking over control of the credit card data or other personal information vulnerable than many case studies centered known gambling platform.

Privacy is secured by grant blockchain Bitwin 2.0 mean users Sportsbook bet freely in each sports category, without the constraints of the number of bets, not like the boundaries that exist in other betting platforms.

Bitwin Partnership With FansUnite

We are pleased to announce that it has formed a partnership with Bitwin FansUnite, a software provider of the most promising bet in online gambling vertical, to run the sportsbook this Bitwin blockchain based on FansUnite Protocol. The result will be the delivery of decentralized sportsbook to mainstream audiences.

This agreement will create 2.0 Bitwin first company to offer sportsbook worldwide in FansUnite Protocol.

Bitwin currently completing the release of version 1.0 of the platform, where players will be able to enjoy one-of-a-kind aesthetics and more than 1000 games powered by leading iGaming supplier. Within a few months, he will upgrade to Bitwin 2.0, and revised by blockchain. The transformation will bring a more immersive entertainment with new solutions, that FansUnite Protocol will be a part of. Because of this plan, Bitwin aims to become a leader in the iGaming space of decentralization and became the creator of the world’s leading premium games on-chain solutions for the same platform.

The FansUnite Protocol is Ethereum based technology that eliminates the pain points that plague the market betting that exists, allowing for near-zero margins, and provide wobbler and the ecosystem fair.

The tokenized ecosystem created by FansUnite utilizes proven machine learning algorithms, network incentives actor and a deep understanding of the industry. Their expertise is Bitwin have chosen to put their faith in and partnering with FansUnite, allowing the provision of leading industry opportunities to our customers.

“Providing quality breakthrough and set the highest standards is priority number one for Bitwin. This is a continuing effort to locate and deliver any improvements to provide our clients with the most effective digital innovations in the market. Bitwin 2.0, with blockchain existing technology, become more competitive by sealing this partnership with tremendous FansUnite team and they were perfect-fit decentralized protocol bet, “said Barłomiej Bulda, Founder Bitwin.

Bartosz Biliński of Bitwin added: “Thanks to FansUnite Protocol, we will be able to offer a low-margin industry in our sportsbook Bitwin. In conjunction with the implementation of our novel Bitwin Network, which reaches ultra-low transaction fee on all casino games Bitwin, it is likely that we will be the cheapest blockchain online gambling platform. This partnership brings great value to our product. ”

“We are very excited to partner with Bitwin team,” said Duncan McIntyre, COO of FansUnite. “They have a clear vision of how technology fits blockchain in the gaming industry and is building a great product for the consumer. Bitwin their network is an important example of the type of the second layer network that can be built on FansUnite. We look forward to the development and continued growth in the Protocol. ”

The newly formed Alliance aims to mobilize the betting market and will help in promoting the framework of cost-effective and fair to the millions of bettors, while increasing transparency, speed, and security.

About FansUnite

The FansUnite Protocol is the industry standard for sports and sports betting application data that is built on blockchain Ethereum. This protocol provides the infrastructure needed to distribute responsibility for the implementation of the resolution and betting operator’s centralized network Oracle operated independently and incentives guarantee bettors who wager they are executed as entered, free from bias or interference, while the bet details immutably and transparently stored on blockchain Ethereum.

This protocol provides the basis for a number of applications that span the traditional betting, betting, fantasy sports daily, based poker and card games, and a variety of other services rely on sports data. This application is decentralized (DApps) will be free of charge, utilizing their own tokens to wager, and the market price is determined based on the full market transparent information available at the blockchain.

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