Bitex – Provide All Necessary Banking Services For Cryptocurrency

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Bitex – Provide All Necessary Banking Services For Cryptocurrency

Bitex – The order of first-class monetary values of the modern era depends on the extreme points and the balance point of the harmonic process. The development of blockchain technology is useful and sophisticated, with the latest banking business prospects. This is the best solution for Bitex cryptocurrency. Bitex provides an effective description method of the provider and the acquisition of bankable values that are dissolved financially. This is the real point of the subculture that bankers are interconnected, making the community part of the machine. Bitex is a derivative of the concept of clear identification in the facts of banking blockchain. This is the essence of their creation.

The best form of the modern monetary value chain relies on the extreme points of the process and the balance of harmony. The emergence of blockchain is functional and feasible for the future of modern banking. This is the opiate of the Bitex cryptocurrency solution. Bitex is the right of operations to achieve a sophisticated, accessible and reliable financial services business in a decentralized banking business. This sets the cultural point at which bankers connect and make society part of the system. Bitex is a derivative of the concept of a clear identity of the reality of a blockchain bank. This is the essence of its emergence.

About Cryptocurrency Solution Bitex Blockchain

Shock elements always appear in every operation. It creates points and points connected to the center. Bitex is a bank that affects communities that meet the needs of the global financial community around the world. This “promoting operation and hyper-localization” for cryptocurrency banks is clearly defined. Its generality is to build a reliable system and balance to build a clear ideology that encourages and encourages the growth of blockchain banking. This firmly maintains the efficiency, efficacy and production properties of Bitex operations involving blockchains. Indeed, different cultures and preferences are the same. It also means that people have different forms of financial choices. Therefore, bites hope to bridge this gap and dynamically create harmonious relationships for banks but rely on blockchain adoption mechanisms and systems. As a result, Bitex will utilize all banking operations and create its strategic presence based on employee preference in a more transparent, measurable, holistic and maintenance. In addition, in many cases, Bitex will provide all necessary banking services for payment, trading, withdrawal, deposits and loan operations through the effective benefits of the cryptocurrency framework. Bitex is unique in all its bank design and nodes.

Bitex will be launched in mid-2018 to provide banking services to customers in eight countries (Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and United Arab Emirates).

This service will be operated by a local partner who will accept the Bitex licensing platform as a franchise and will be registered with a financial institution in their respective country. By working with local partners, they must be local customers and regulators to better understand and deliver on-site customer support and applications, Bitex Bank Encryption Banking encryption Platform is expected to become the most marketable solution available.

Payment of ATM-based and cellular infrastructure is being developed for the Bitex platform, which is installed in over 20,000 locations worldwide as a user-friendly service. Bitex will also provide APIs for its platform, allowing third-party developers to create useful country-specific features and apps.

With good infrastructure, Bitex can help those new to money encryption, so they can understand the money of encryption itself when they want to access it anywhere and on their hardware Bitex, they have no problems.

The following are encrypted banking services offered by Bitex:

  • Digital wallet compatible with the ERC-20 system that securely stores customer cryptocurrency balances on personal mobile devices;
  • Ability to use a mobile wallet with a virtual debit card for payment, exchange, and transfer;
  • Solution point of sale (based on hardware and software) for merchants to receive consumer payments in local currency;
  • Currency exchange between each country’s legal currency and various popular cryptocurrencies;
  • Large companies pay for business;
  • Personal loans

In particular, consumers will enjoy the following services :

  1. Payment
    BitexPay is a Bitex service that provides consumers and sellers with electronic money to pay for goods and services. Seller may collect money anytime with electronic money or Fiat. Consumers associated with the BitexPay solution will receive a compatible ERC-20 portfolio that includes their e-money assets. Initially, Bitex will only support the following electronic funds: BTC, ETH and LTC, and Bitex Coin, XBX. When a new currency is added to the EZBitex exchanges, the consumer’s availability will be notified via email or social media.
  2. Trading
    Consumers wishing to exchange electronic money using the Exchange EZ Bitex Exchange encryption service will include a portfolio associated with their account. An encrypted account in this portfolio can be used for margin trading, trading limits, leverage, etc. Consumers participating in the transaction will pay the transaction fee in the electronic money they are selling. The fiat currency will be converted to XBX at the current market price on the EZBitex trading platform.
  3. Foreign Exchange
    The EZBitex All-in-One Exchange will provide password-to-password conversion from the decree to a password, and vice versa, or from a decision letter to a decision. Over time, the registered cryptocurrency will be registered and notifications will be sent to consumers via email and social media.
  4. Mark
    To encourage the use of the Bitex platform, consumers will receive an XBX token award. The number of XBX tokens that consumers store on the EZBitex platform will be stored in the wallet. The prize will be a discount transaction fee for electronic money exchange. As long as the customer pays the appropriate amount, the customer automatically receives a discount on transaction fees, regardless of profitability, or extends the EZBitex platform.
  5. Loan
    Consumers want to get a Bitex loan by providing electronic money as collateral. The portfolio maintains the loan status and returns it.
  6. Serve The Seller
    All sellers must go through the Bitex Know-Your-Customer (KYC), Money Laundering (AML) and Bitex (CBB) processes before registering a merchant account. Once registered, the seller’s location will be added to our GPS location server so customers can find verified CBB merchants for our services.
  7. BitexPay
    Sellers may offer buyer payment options for their products or services to users who display physical cards using the BitexPay mobile app or through a card reader or BitexPay device. Point of sale terminal.
  8. Buy it online
    Online merchants will receive an integrated payment gateway from Bitex that allows merchants to accept the purchase of a BitexPay card. This transaction will be posted on this EZBitex platform for approval and payment.
  9. Business must be paid
    The EZBitex platform will provide payment gateways through which merchants or businesses in Bitex accounts can pay for their goods and services respectively. This payment service will operate globally. Sellers/merchants who wish to pay for goods or service providers may bill or request payment in the form of a QR code or a shared link with the recipient. This invoice also contains information similar to traditional cross-border payment banking, including payment and registration purposes and tax details of both parties. The link on the invoice directs the payer to the payment page on the EZBitex portal and confirms the details.

The Simplicity of BITEX TOKEN (XBX)

The Bitex platform uses XBX token coin for all activity in the blockchain market. Therefore, Bitex XBX tokens need to complete all transactions on the Bitex platform by using Bitex ATM, Bitex debit card system, BitexPay, etc. This transaction will require an XBX token for full payment processing and confirmation. Bitex has increased the supply of local traders. This helps to maintain and simplify the corresponding XBX token adaptation. It also helps the user’s unlimited operational characteristics. In addition, banking will be done on the other hand, because Bitex XBX is a classic for all transactions and its independence as a coin.

BITEX TOKEN Distribution and Economy

Bitex Distribution

The Bitex distribution mechanism focuses on 70% (70%) of Pre-ICO sales, 15% of reserved capital operations, 9% of founders and Bitex teams, 3% of Bitex consultants, 1.5% and 1.5% of bonuses for campaigns. Pre-sale price token 70% Bitex is 3000,000,000 XBX.

Bitex Platform Token Details

XBX is the official Bitex token symbol on the blockchain encryption framework. Its name is Bitex Coin and total token supply is 300,000,000 XBX. Softcap Bitex is 1,000,000XBX and ICO token bonus is $ 0.50 equal to (=) 1XBX. In addition, during the token sale, the 1XBX price is between $ 0.7 and $ 0.10. Therefore, tokens purchased by all teams in detail can be completed via ETH, BTC and this established currency (Swiss franc, Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Danish Krone and Singapore Dollar).

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