Bitex – Global Crypto Banking Platform

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Bitex – Global Crypto Banking Platform

Bitex – Due to modern reality, traditional payment systems and international transfers via banks are far from ideal. Typically, in order to transfer the necessary amount of money to family and friends, we will go to our usual turning point and Bank, and then within a few hours, sometimes even days to complete blockage of transfers, while the amount of paid translation very neat service. Imagine how it’s spending your time, nerves and money.

As you might expect, I’m talking about all the familiar Blockchain technologies. Yes, this technology was originally developed to solve all the above problems. Now, this is due to the positive growth of this market, many investors and traders mainly see a good chance to raise funds in cryptocurrency, only convenience, and economical usage. However, the problem of replacing the traditional and centralized banking system still exists before any project in the market is ready to offer a new vision for the industry.

Today we will discuss projects like Bitex. The ultimate goal is to implement geographically dispersed banks where users will receive high-quality financial services.

It should be noted that the project has now been licensed for its activities, and the EZBitex platform has been launched in eight countries. But in reality, this is just the beginning, and the project developers are looking to promote the first encrypted banking business on a global scale. In this way, everyone can enjoy the benefits and facilities on every corner of our planet.

If we analyze the current trends in the cryptocurrency market, we can say that cryptocurrency is increasingly integrated into our lives every year. This is the truth! Many experts suggest that in the near future, the total capital of the cryptocurrency market will reach $ 10 trillion. This, in turn, will consolidate the status of cryptocurrency as an advanced technology for payment services. But to achieve this we need platforms and projects that, with these platforms and projects, cryptocurrency will help us interact with each other through the infrastructure being developed. It was developed for this purpose by Bitex.

The Benefits Of The Project

The main advantages of Bitex include the presence of bank and debit cards, which you can use to redeem Fiat, with over 20,000 ATM brands worldwide. This system will enable everyone to maximize the use of their cards, not only for withdrawals but also for various financial transactions. Thanks to the use of AML and KYC, Bitex will be able to provide a fast, efficient and secure loan system.

Let’s look at what components will be encrypted by this encrypted bank:

  • To allow users to use platforms in any payment field for goods and services as well as international transfers, it is recommended to introduce parts like BitexPay. With a loyalty system and cash back program, you can make cryptocurrency payments at more than 30,000 stores;
  • Bitex will provide unlimited solutions and services to all retail related businesses;
  • To achieve all transactions, Bitex intends to provide a dedicated API server within the platform for all transactions with cryptocurrency;
  • Bitex will offer its users a unique opportunity to receive instant loans based on smart contracts while regulating exchange risk and liquidity.

After the sale of Bitex tokens, here is a summary of how to use the funds generated by ICO:

Bitex ICO

  • 47% of the proceeds will be used to continue the further development of the Bitex platform and other BITEX sub-platforms.
  • 17% of the proceeds will be used to compensate for the platform, registration, and cost accounting laws;
  • 13% of the funds will be used to promote the marketing program as a way to promote the Bitex platform.
  • 10% of the proceeds will be used to hire a team of bank experts operating on the Bitex platform.
  • 8% of the proceeds will be used for Bitex (OPEX) operating expenses.
  • 5% of the proceeds will be used to develop Bitex applications and other future models.
  • Conclusion

The platform will have one XBX coin, built under the standard ERC-20 protocol. Its main task is to maintain liquidity and high levels of security. With the help of coins, users can perform any operations and transactions that exist within the framework of the platform.

I feel very comfortable! In total, the developer will issue 300 million tokens, with an initial cost of $ 0.50 per 1 XBX. You can buy these coins for cryptocurrency and the most popular Fiat. If you purchase more than 5,000 tokens, you will get a pleasant discount waiting for the user. For more details on ICO behavior, please visit the project website.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Bitex team, I just give you the latest ICO info”