Bitenny – Simplify Financial Asset Management And The Payment Industry

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Bitenny – Simplify Financial Asset Management And The Payment Industry

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Problems & Solutions

Solving Problem For Users

Bitenny help reduces the risk and investment in the crypto daunted by offering a free Wallet-enabled AI. The system allows users to exchange virtual currency that is more secure, with full compliance. Unlike the same platform, also has tight integration between virtual and physical currency, letting people keep, pay and distribute cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies with ease.

Real-time access to market crypto means Prally, interactive assistant, can inform the user about current trading opportunities and provide them with ideas on trade execution. The main feature, this limits the risk that comes from having a lack of experience in investing in crypto.

Solving Problems For Traders

To create the best experience for businesses who wish to receive payments crypto, Bitenny Bitenny equipped with a fully-featured API, easy to integrate into the online store and is available for free.

Not from one easy-to-use platform, traders are stuck with some Payment Service Provider (PSP) with a lack of integration between them. Bitenny, an advanced technical platform received more than 50 payment methods, including the integration of comprehensive crypto, solves this problem.

Solving Problem For Brick-and-mortar Merchants

Lack of specialized software has made it difficult for physical stores to accept payment crypto. Bitenny system can be installed easily on a tablet PC that will be used by the cashier at the point of sale, which allows the user to Bitenny Wallet to pay with cryptocurrency.

Bitenny Use Case Scenarios

Bitenny not designed to be used a single platform, also not designed with the needs of a single, narrow set of users in mind. On the contrary, it is intended as a comprehensive and extensive network that will offer support for developing such a crypto movement grows and thrives in the future.

One Time Digital Payments

Users will be able to facilitate, payment of one-off use Bitenny. They must first open the Interactive Bitenny Wallet, then consult Prally real-time analysis to select the most profitable currency. They will be able to do this by looking at the analysis of real-time or by accessing the full financial report. Then, armed with the proper knowledge, they propose the payment as usual.

Recurring Digital Payments

In many cases, users will need to create long-term, recurring payments. This can be achieved with just as much ease as with a one-time payment. Bitenny Platform integrates with a merchant system both on and offline, work in a similar way by direct debit.

Users need to simply ensure cost, payment terms, the length of the payment period, and due date. This information is then used to create a long-term payment. AI then steps to ensure payments are handled with the most beneficial way possible, according to the latest market movements.

Prally, assistant Bitenny AI, handling tasks in progress and financial reports automatically to keep you informed about what is going on.

Crypto Trading

While Bitenny provides great advantages when used as a payment platform, it is also designed to provide effective support for crypto trade or investment. Whether you are seasoned trader crypto or a complete newcomer to the market, you will be able to benefit from AI tools provided by the network and maximize your ROI.

Prally advanced trading tool provides information and automated trading solutions for investors and traders on the use of a one-time or subscription basis. Users only need to feed vital information in Prally – including the amount of value that they want to trade, duration, and desired outcomes – and the tool will do the rest. This system can generate reports, analyze the market conditions, or even trade on your behalf if allowed to, with more than 50 payment methods accepted for investment.

PSPs For Online Merchants

A key use case for online merchants is using PSP Bitenny as the core – or Payment Service Provider. Cryptocurrencies are gaining market share every day, and yet so many online traders still lose this potential. Bitenny ensures this does not happen.

With Bitenny, traders receive simple and effective support for crypto payments they need to thrive in the market. In most cases, this will allow the retailer to get a jump on the competition, achieve comprehensive payment support before their competitors do.

Traders will also be able to connect with daily earnings reports as well as round the clock support. Payment in crypto or fiat currencies will be handled simultaneously, and traders can receive funds in the currency of their choice is supported.

The Use Of A Digital Wallet For Brick And Mortar Merchants

Physical stores also will be able to accept fiat and crypto payments in the same way. wallets installed on the smartphone or tablet and then used to interact with the customer to complete the transaction wallet. The process is exactly the same as online transactions, but the application and device combination creates a smart point of sale for customer use.

Bitenny Platform Technology

Bitenny services are provided through a series of different modular components. However, these components function harmoniously and effectively overall. The essence of the service is delivered through; Microservices, Event source, Streaming. NoSQL data store, storage RBDMS transaction regulations, third-party cloud services, and other specific components and functions will also be used, in compliance with rules and ethos network.

Token Information

The BTNY token will have genuine value both in the real world sphere and online. This includes real fungibility across a range of transactions and usage as a vehicle for payments relating to goods and services.

Token Utility

  • Token Name ‘BTNY’ – an ERC20 token
  • Will be listed at crypto exchanges
  • Will be required to use some of the platform features
  • Token sale terms
  • Token price: 0.07 USD per BTNY
  • Hard cap:25 000 000 USD
  • Max tokens:1 000 000 000 BTNY

Token Sale Terms

  • Bonuses available
    +5% bonus for purchasing > 100 ETH
  • Pre Sale
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 1
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 2
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 3
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 4
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 5
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 6
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 7
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens


  • 2018 Q3:
    Secured seed funding of $600K
  • 2018 Q4:
    Develop a website
    Development & Audit of token sale contracts
  • 2019 Q1:
    Start MVP development
    Whitepaper release
    Community building
    International token sales
  • 2019 Q2:
    Continuing of development Bitenny platform
  • 2019 Q3:
    Listing Token on exchanges
    Release Bitenny trading
  • 2019 Q4:
    Bitenny release of payment solution
  • 2020 Q1:
    Release Prally digital assistant
    Implementation of Prally voice queries and natural-language user interface
  • 2020 Q2:
    Bitenny white label solution for partners

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