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Bitenny – Allows You To Complete All The Possible Services

Bitenny – Bitenny concept was designed as a means to bridge the gap between traditional fiat currencies and their number, encrypts colleagues. By doing this, it will make the currency more useful digital assets on the Internet and the real world will unite tradition and future as a central concept in the payment process. This gives Bitenny a unique position in the financial technology market, giving us a focus on business and leisure.

AI and Bitenny – To trade agreements that are safer and more effective for all users backgrounds, Bitenny exploit the potential of artificial intelligence and sit at the forefront of this growing field of AI will be used to gain a better insight about the market, Give analyst analyzes and understand the appropriate needs. artificial intelligence is supported by industry professionals from Bitenny team and expertise includes a wide range of global and finance field. A warm welcome to Bitenny – an exciting new digital currency platform designed to simplify your future and

Provides tremendous scope and ability to invest in the success of Bitenny strength was found in the structure, concepts, in advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Welcome Bitenny, thank you for your attention

On a platform investment in this exciting new payment. We ready to launch a platform that gives you the opportunity to invest in the early stages of developing Bitenny benefits and thus experience the network to offer faster, not more.

Global Trend

Non-cash trading volume increased by 10.1% to $ 482.6 in the financial year 2015-16. The primary growth area is Asia, Central Europe, Middle East, and Africa region -key for this Bitenny development. Global e-wallet market is growing faster than the non-cash transactions, according to the World Payments Report 3, $ 29.7 billion of payments made through payment for electronic applications and wallet in 2018-71% of the total value of non-cash transactions.

Business Investment

Investment is an important force in the business, provide growth and development of the organization with the main funding they need investment also provides an opportunity for other companies to mitigate risk, diversify their revenue opportunities, and develop their interests. Simply put, investment business-to-business should continue to be supported. However, without a high level of market insight and knowledge about cryptocurrency, how the modern investor anticipates connecting to the right opportunity and the need to take action on the occasion of this belief?

Bitenny Community

The European Union, the global expansion, we will organize and sponsor this activity as a hackathon, blockchain program and direct cooperation with technology companies located in China, Russia, and India, is truly global in our way. The scope and coverage. All users Bitenny – all types – is part of the Community Bitenny, then Bitenny family. As such, Bitenny team is committed to building a positive community benefit from the background of this community development will be through partnerships with an online and offline marketing agency, YouTube video blogger, social media influencers, and a number of other parties.

Bitenny Token Funds

Customers in brick and mortar retail store Bitenny source of this support and ensure that the two essential criteria are met. To do this, the network integrates credit cards and debit cards into the architecture, which allows payments to be processed through this means. This support for the standard and credit card means when Bitenny integrated into the payment system merchant store, which is a convenient point of sale – or POS – formed, allowing quickly to pay in any currency, in which online sales of processing the store should be changed radically. modern business, but this is not entirely cut traditional brick and mortar store. Consumers still rely heavily on these shops are more traditional for them to buy. If this field is empty encryption revolution left the shop as it was if it was modern user will fully be supported, no matter where they shop, encrypted transactions should be possible in the real world.

Cyber Security

918 Cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the first half report 20 176, which means more exposure to more than 1.9 billion record numbers underscore the important thing Bitenny actually on the market.

ongoing supplier contracts focus here is a simplification. As many Bitenny is most useful, B2B cashing and features the use of measures designed to streamline the process and agreement. In the future, giving business owners more time to do what they do best – manage their corporate investments are not always the maximum payment. Also, do not purchase or subscribe limited to a single transaction. Instead, companies need the flexibility to meet the payment and the long long term contracts, according to them and do not worry about payment or ongoing changes

Introducing B2B Customers In this article, let’s look at the many benefits Bitenny offer B2B customers. To draw this B2B customer, we will take the lead and using it supports more than 50 payment methods, followed by those who want physical retailers click effective POS system for digital encryption and payment. Let us examine this in more detail in the “Use Cases” section.

Bitenny Backend

The backend is the core computing Bitenny Bitenny; it is separated from the platform to improve the security and scalability. It contains a parallel framework for the calculation are distributed through a network, built on a proprietary multi-threaded and multithreaded web server SSL web server socket.

Bitenny Token Funds

The Bitenny backend combines four separate levels – exchange layer, layer blockchain, AI algorithms, and user data.

The purpose of the exchange layer is to safely connect to (crypto) exchange, taking real-time data and make transactions. Data is stored in an encrypted database.

Blockchain layer can import and connected to several blockchains directly. Thus, activities such as analysis blockchain, wallet balance calculations, taking the cost and the number of purses.

Both the exchange and blockchain layer is connected to the AI ​​algorithm. This layer is an essential part of what makes Bitenny stand out to users, making the network a real asset in the evolving digital landscape.

User data is stored in a database with multi-layer encryption (AES256) to ensure the privacy and security of user data. The Bitenny backend can be connected to various databases via the exclusive domain language, to automatic code generation for each type of database. To enable scalability, some database can be used at the same time.

The Design Features

To ensure the required level of security and optimizes all possible payment, Bitenny developers have made the decision without reservation in the application of artificial intelligence in the development of their platform. AI analytical features will be used for in-depth and high-speed computing analysis of all processes that occur both cryptocurrency market and in certain stores, comparing all possible options to exchange one asset to another, selecting the best trade option.

To make it a little clearer for you, I propose to analyze a small sample. Let’s say you come to an accessories shop and decided to buy several watches there. At the store, the price for this or models that are denominated in Fiat determined. But for digital asset purchases Bitenny you should go to your internal wallet and look their best, the proposed choice of asset cryptocurrency AI system that can be exchanged with Fiat is in real time. At first glance, it may seem that everything is very difficult and confusing, but believe this operation requires only a fraction of a second. Thus, you will not only save a lot of money, but it will get the desired product at the best price.


I also want to draw your attention to the fact that Bitenny would be an ideal solution not only for personal use but also for other large corporate clients, as well as various crypto exchanges and banks. To do this, Bitenny has all the necessary modular structure that allows you to complete all the possible services, and communicate with all kinds of clients, providing maximum security and transparency of all processes.

Another striking advantage of Bitenny platform is the core of computing, which contributes to maximum security levels and scalability of the entire system. In addition, all of the exchange process to interact directly with an artificial intelligence algorithm, which allows you to receive all types of data in real time to quickly and securely.

Thus, within the framework of Bitenny, you can easily check not only to balance your wallet but also to undertake all types of trading systems both outside and inside. All these and many more are waiting for those who want to join the system Bitenny.

Token Information

The BTNY token will have genuine value both in the real world sphere and online. This includes real fungibility across a range of transactions and usage as a vehicle for payments relating to goods and services.

Token Utility

  • Token Name ‘BTNY’ – an ERC20 token
  • Will be listed at crypto exchanges
  • Will be required to use some of the platform features
  • Token sale terms
  • Token price: 0.07 USD per BTNY
  • Hard cap:25 000 000 USD
  • Max tokens:1 000 000 000 BTNY

Token Sale Terms

  • Bonuses available
    +5% bonus for purchasing > 100 ETH
  • Pre Sale
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 1
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 2
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 3
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 4
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 5
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 6
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens
  • Token sale period 7
  • Tokens sold per stage
  • Bonus tokens

Bitenny Token Distribution

Bitenny Token Funds


Bitenny Roadmap

Core Team

  • Shahdad Kiyani – CEO
    With a true passion for technology and innovation, Shahdad has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience that spans the breadth and depth of many a field in the world of information technology. Effective leader and innovator with years of expertise and interest in Internet-Based Ventures, Digital Marketing, and Business Development.
  • Youssef Dikri – COO
    Youssef is a Financial professional with ten years’ experience in the Pricing domain. Working for one of the world’s leading payment service provider has ensured extensive knowledge about the payment landscape. His experience is concentrated on the total commercial scope within the e-commerce environment, from participating in global deals to customer relationship building and management.
  • Mahdad Kiyani – CCO
    Mahdad has a diversified background including a proven international track record in digital transformation and innovation. Mahdad is a leader with a passion for leading high-growth technology businesses in B2B software, online services, IT, FinTech, networking, telecom, and internet security.
  • Nardie Scharenborg – CTO
    Nardie is a seasoned operations manager and entrepreneur with a background Finance and IT, with a specialization in AI. Nardie will run the Bitenny. With her leadership experience and passion for the development of new products and services, she will ensure the successful development and management of Bitenny.
  • Eray Deniz Turgut MSc – CFO
    Eray is a motivated, goal-driven international finance professional with more than 13 years of experience in various sectors. A strategic thinker with a comprehensive understanding of investment, operational and financial reporting. With this broad experience, he will lead the finance department and ensure the cost-effective operation and transparent financial reporting.
  • Silvano Soares – CXO
    After studying computer science, Silvano has been working in software development for the past fifteen years with extra focus on end-user experience and innovation. As a result of additional training in Customer Experience and multichannel management, Silvano looks at solutions from multiple customer perspectives to achieve excellent results.


  • Vassilis Stathopoulos
    Principle Technology Advisor
  • Gevik Babakhani
    Blockchain R&D & Senior software engineer
  • Andrew Shishkin
    Blockchain development, smart-contracts, and trading solutions
  • Reno Gijsbers
    Business developer
  • Anouar Driouech
    UI/UX Visual Design
  • Annette Swart
    Ex-Rabobank and interim banking


Given the initial purpose of payment cryptocurrency – safe, fast and transparent, we can say that Bitenny committed to achieving their global application. The world offers us and working models capable of managing the limited infrastructure for all users of digital assets when opened up tremendous opportunities for a large number of people and corporate organizations.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Bitenny team, I just give you the latest ICO info”