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Bitcoinus – Bitcoin Payment In 2 Seconds

Bitcoinus – The universe of the back will change crazy. Decentralized blockchain innovation conveys huge new chances to our general public. Everybody would now be able to be an equivalent piece of a recently shaped biological community from both budgetary and social developments.

The online retail industry keeps on rising strongly. As indicated by every single significant master, web-based business income will twofold in the following 3 to 4 years. This reality reflects where Bitcoinus is working together advancement. While the piece of the overall industry of conventional installment preparing organizations will likewise increment amid this period, crypto handling is relied upon to achieve a remarkable new level.

As of now the selection of blockchain-based installments at major online retailers is LESS THAN 1% when contrasted with all customary installment strategies. This is the reason the time and an open door for Bitcoinus to begin developing won’t be any better. Most blockchain specialists concur that the execution of decentralized arrangements has just barely started is still in its early stages.

Vision Of Bitcoinus Project

  • In the computerized age, not all upsets have occurred. Achievement blockchain innovation basically changes the comprehension of cash as a conventional technique for installment.
  • Different blockchain-based cryptographic forms of money have started to upset numerous regions of conventional saving money, down to online installment preparing. This is the place Bitcoinus enters
  • The vision that has propelled us to make Bitcoinus originates from the phenomenal progress of the digital currency showcase. The regularly expanding acknowledgment influences them to equivalent to the worldwide money related biological community.
  • What it intends to us is that internet business units of any sort and scale will begin actualizing blockchain based installment innovation. This will require an imaginative however secure and broad installment preparing specialist co-op.
  • The market is developing exponentially. All gadgets stores and in addition real retailers where you shop are presently very nearly incorporating installment techniques on a mixed premise.

This is the ideal time for Bitcoinus to rise and lead the development of crypto installments. We center around genuine and genuine B2B business forms that will be re-made by worldwide market needs. This is the course that Bitcoinus has picked and that is the means by which online business goes. We will guarantee that a wide range of responsibility for is the moment and safe for people and organizations.

Advertising And Strategy

Advertising is a standout amongst the most critical contemplations for any business, especially in the online business space. With costs proceeding to climb, brands are being compelled to discover new and connecting with approaches to advertise their items and actualize new cost sparing developments.

As blockchain innovation keeps on advancing, brands are offered access to increasingly imaginative approaches to connect with clients and fabricate enduring encounters. From unwaveringly projects to associations to personalization, the potential outcomes are for all intents and purposes huge, making the eventual fate of internet business exceptionally encouraging and to a great degree impactful.

Decentralization Revolution For Online Payments

On the essential vision past the advancement of the Bitcoinus platform is the want to make cooperative energies of web-based preparing productivity and increment the shot for the cryptocurrency.

Cryptographic money normal acknowledgment applies between singular clients. From one perspective, it offers numerous open doors for a wide range of exchanges influencing it to quick, shoddy, and secure. Then again, this is a standout amongst the most attractive mixes for any business so it’s anything but difficult to adjust.


As per the Bitcoinus reasoning and the present quick changing budgetary world standards: there is by all accounts an imperative clear message – the development of decentralized systems will keep on increasing at a speedier pace.

Bitcoinus will enable anybody to purchase digital money utilizing their standard bank card. Everything Altcoins purchases will likewise be kept in a protected wallet. What’s more, we will give the most financially savvy and productive online B2B installment preparing arrangement.

An exhaustive arrangement that begins with each person and closures at one of the biggest organizations is one of a kind. Bitcoinus centers around connecting with all individuals from the money related biological community keeping in mind the end goal to actualize smooth and quick administration. This is just conceivable by evacuating however many layers as could be allowed which is the objective we need to do.

Bussines Model

The Bitcoinus group is less focused on getting the most extreme measure of commission yet rather the spread of the innovation around the world. Snappy and powerful market entrance of the unimaginably unique blockchain industry is more than concentrating on a solitary line of a P/L sheet today. Subsequently, we will be executing a concentrated promoting and worldwide deals crusade with a specific end goal to lead the market. The Bitcoinus platform will be incorporated into the majority of the web-based business platforms.

Our business technique is intended to achieve the greater part of web-based business specialty units and empower their potential in the recently shaping industry of decentralized worldwide installments. Our 0.5% bonus for an exchange is now a critical point to make when we talk about business and even the opposition. Its majority turns around the offers that are near what any installment entryways. Comparable or somewhat bring down expenses can’t go about as an adequate impetus for blasting innovation where ease and proficiency are dependably the featured elements.

Bitcoinus won’t just charge the most reduced expense, yet will likewise guarantee the nature of the exchanges as far as speed, viability, and accessibility to organizations. Our involvement in comparable undertakings will influence Bitcoinus to go straight to where it should be — the main brand of online crypto installment preparing industry.

Token BITS

ICO Bitcoinus will be founded on pulling crypto that uses the Ethereum blockchain. BITS tokens will be produced utilizing the ERC20 showcase standard. There will be 65 million Bitcoinus tokens (BITS) made. Members who will bolster the improvement of Bitcoinus Project can do as such by sending Ethereum to the assigned address. They purchase Bitcoinus tokens (BITS) at a cost of 1 BITS for every 0001 ETH which will be dispatched to ETH-bolstered wallets.

Advantages for BITS Token Holders


  1. 0% shipper exchange charges when an installment is made at BITS
  2. Actualize a legitimate dealer framework to guarantee secure exchanges.
  3. All-season deals with the greater part of Bitcoinus retail accomplices
  4. Greatest liquidity of BITS tokens secured in terms of professional career in every real trade
  5. Token Bitcoinus group bolted for a year – no market control
  6. The development of the crypto business online is developing quickly in exponential improvement

Details of Token Sales

  • Sales Schedule Token: 15 January – May 10, 2018
  • Purchases Token: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin
  • Total Token: 1000 BITS / 1 ETH
  • Bonus 5% – 47%
  • Total Supply Token: 65.000.000 BITS


Bitcoinus Roadmap

Team Members

  • XAVIER MURTZA — Co-Founder, CEO
  • POVILAS RUZGAILA — Chief Marketing Officer
  • KARYNA KAVALENKA — Social Media/Client support
  • TUDOR STOMFF — Community and Bounty Manager
  • JOHN WU — Client Support Manager
  • BORIS ABRAMOV — Developer


  • IOANA FRINCU — Blockchain Developer
  • PEDRO JORDAO — Professor
  • EVA SKORNICKOVA — Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisor
  • DOVILĖ UŽKURĖNĖ — Legal Advisor

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