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Bitcoin Air – Payments as Light as Air

Bitcoin Air – Cryptocurrencies receive the latest news every day, and their investment can be fun and profitable returns. Respectively, in the last few years, investors flock to digital currency markets, and research has confirmed more than 100,000 new users signing up every day. And this is just the beginning.

In a world cryptocurrency transaction to be successful, you must know the market very well, but first, you have to know yourself. Maybe this is even more important than understanding your market in the future of the world depends on honest self-encryption at this level.

What is Bitcoin air?

Bitcoin is a new air lightweight cryptocurrency committed to the use of mainstream small businesses around the world. Blockchain air Bitcoin first bilateral operations will use two chains as a unique operation!

Bitcoin air is intended to provide a global solution to many of the major problems faced by traditional emission, banking, and financial system. By combining a feature-rich Bitcoin and filled on the basis of consensus and environmental Peercoin and humane method, we produce perfect double strand Blockchain ability to maintain a stable value and volatile. Bitcoin exchange of air in order to achieve further removal of atoms required for exchange trading and centralized power.

Air Bitcoin is based on the idea of promoting economic growth should be used to try to reduce the negative impact caused the greatest degree of space. Strength to support carbon credit assets, and reduced by a conventional operation as simple as shopping emission strategic objectives at the local supermarket, the first environmentally-friendly forms of Bitcoin Airlines plans to make money, back to health, wealth and the government back to the consumers and entrepreneurs in the world.

Throughout our analysis cryptocurrency volatility has become the biggest problem. This is mainly due to low adoption and market manipulation, not with the help of surveillance, and a failed attempt to support the system. Bitcoin Airlines will address the decentralized system eventually give up and spread the payment system, to shift power from the operations center 100% of the freedom and the power to believe all these problems.

Throughout the development of the extensive brand, growth has led to the final vision and apply to Bitcoin Airlines. Initially, started as an initiative to establish a stable duplex coin, can give back to the Earth by a first mortgage using this supported consumer-based trading. This vision has developed into a large-scale partnership, which will help create the most flexible and scalable based on merchant payment systems derived from cryptocurrency development.

aviation technology behind these agreements is based on the close link scattered Reserve System, the final value can maintain a profitable business while producing a positive way the idea of indirect environmental impacts. Throughout our analysis cryptocurrency volatility has become the biggest problem. It is mostly in the hands of market manipulation, by adopting a low, no aid rules that are caused by failed attempts Reserve System. Bitcoin Airlines will eventually provide decentralized payment systems and decentralized storage systems by both parties, can run 100% of the trust and freedom disperse from a central authority to beat them all.

What would be your coins fork?

Bitcoin air combined fork bilateral credit between bits ($ BTC) and Peercoin ($ PPC). We’re talking about if we want to put a bit of money to drop coins!

Bitcoin Air Mission

Air Bitcoin mission is to cryptocurrency hand, the key issues and environmental risks associated with business, small design, and production of the first practical attempt to tackle today. By producing asset-backed carbon credits Blockchain first double strand, air Bitcoin will result in opening the adaptability, scalability, and usability overall interests Blockchain way. Binding technology and green initiatives and asset-backed decent means Bitcoin air generated by efforts to reduce the human imprint, a lower cost of living and improve the ecosystem overall quality of life of survival first.


Which inhibits the mainstream adoption cryptocurrency big question is price fluctuations against the US dollar. Friends, family members, especially small businesses are reluctant to accept cryptocurrency fear of falling values, we can spend or withdraw deposits. Bitcoin and cash generated can be used for the benefit of the use of cryptocurrency of Richangshenghuo, a bad choice is a right approach. Consensus, in its current form, is the negative impact on the environment, and do not generate real value.


Air protocol. Bitcoin protocol uses Air Conditioning unique technology, users can choose to release their flight Bitcoin value chain, immediately lock the value of the dollar and the price of carbon credits. We will provide support to maintain the value of the dollar USDAP (air protocol USD) for each currency burning through bilateral relations via Bitcoin air link your USDAP action. Maintenance knows the value of your peace of mind protection Bitcoin secure protocol Airlines air.

Minimum Viable Product

The demonstration will feature the smallest product demo application stores are easy to use, which will make Bitcoin how it feels when your flight will release operation. This is not the end product of our templates, and our presentation will not be used as a key element of our collection. When we get feedback on how people respond to our show usage and feel, we will significantly expand the MVP.

Bitcoin Air Viable

You can be a tablet, phone or desktop interface to use this demonstration. This would indicate that the Air will come to pay the Bitcoin system that allows some key features of the basic characteristics of smooth business transactions and consumer use.

The idea behind the arrival of MVP is to use a template for the human hand to collect what is bitcoin flight decision support, and strive to become the largest small-business-oriented and stable customer previous coin.

Bitcoin air will be focused on ensuring that even the newest member of cryptocurrency must use basic business functions simple and effective method. Air bits credits would be using a lot of the existing art, including; isolation witnesses, lightning protection network, and exchange atoms. This will extend our close relationship, and eventually will be implemented into the air agreement to ensure the functional user’s on chaining coin value. Originally formed knot full desktop applications and communications support base for the start, beginning the use of knowledge to get the initial operation the entire knot lurk wallet, giving them little incentive to offer their resources to reach a consensus. The main development will focus on the application of mobile phones and tablet PCs to our customers and business agreements. Our approach will include full-featured applications with a complete portable use, will allow any user or company that operates through a clean and modern point of sale.

The selling point will not use this application to send/receive functions, and transactions with business users but will use the “Flower / Burn” function. This operation will be selected by the user wallet, will take place payout function. Then this will allow them to scan the QR code displayed by the point of merchant sales, the final amount to be deducted from the purse and operation “flower / Burn”¬†function, it will then off chain value to merchants in USDAP wallet, so that no fluctuations in the security market.

In this operation, the total market value of the supply and circulation will drop coordination and maintain the value of Bitcoin flying every other user. Then, businesses can have USDAP combustion air into Bitcoin, they will think this does not affect the price of Bitcoin other burning air / Mint process.


Credit bits and the air is introduced into the combustion cycle will begin limited over the air protocol and coins by currency. Two bilateral chains of operations will be carried out with each other on whether to burn / mint deliberation process nodes interact at the same time ensuring that some of the factors that go along with it before pushing on the network authentication. This action, the link, the “Swap” supply agreement burns caused by the use of “flowers” or protocol, and detailed USDAP Mint consumer side chain is imminent. The side chain can be held static value USDAP by the linking of process variables. credit beet supply air circulation declines with existing market, maintaining the value of each chain volatile stocks. This will allow the “side chains” of small business and enterprise value if they do not want to fall victim of the market’s health.

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