BitClave – Decentralized Search For Better Future

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BitClave – Decentralized Search For Better Future

BitClave – The advertising business is worth 550 billion dollars. Dominant players or go-betweens around here charge a considerable measure and furthermore doesn’t ensure whether the advancements will prompt a correct group of onlookers. Middleman such as google Facebook etc.

Due to which the business has to spend and a lot of money on advertising and ultimately the burden is on the customer as he has to pay more.

Promotions both offline and online are not targeted to the desired section for which the product or services is meant for and as a result, they reach to the segment which is not interested in those advertisements or promotions

Also, the companies such as Google and Facebook keep track of each and every activity of the customer i.e. keeping an eye on the privacy of the customers and the customers are not even paid for the same and also their personal data is in other hands

A loss-loss situation is created and only a winning situation is created for the middleman, and the solution to the above problem is BITCLAVE.

The Problem

With regards to web-based publicizing, organizations are compelled to pay for the top measures of cash to “go-betweens” to contact a hostage crowd for their advancements. The advancements, be that as it may, frequently get set among numerous different advertisements stopping up space on swarmed flags, or basically wind up in somebody’s spam box. Organizations likewise have next to zero ensure that the movement they produce on their advancements is bona fide. Indeed, about half of all publicizing movement is produced by bots, basically nullifying the whole point of promoting. The issue winds up noticeably clear when one considers the measure of spam email every single one of us gets on a day by day way, what a waste!


Disconnected promoting is a comparative story. Regularly, disconnected sponsors advance substance with a “hit or miss” mass mailer mindset. Crowds of messages are pummeled into clients’ countenances with almost no focusing on, bringing about a questionable connection between’s disconnected promotion dollars and rate of profitability. This, alongside different variables, adds to a great degree low transformation rates. Advancements are to a great extent conveyed to the individuals who basically couldn’t care less for the item or whose consideration is likely centered around something unique.

These incapable measures, both disconnected and on the web, contrarily affect the entire administration esteem chain. The more organizations are compelled to pay to “brokers, for example, Google and Facebook, the more cash purchasers must pay for the items. Organizations wind up losing assets, and purchasers wind up paying more for less esteem, making an impasse.

The Solution

To balance the issues depicted above, BitClave proposes a framework in which the mediators are killed. Organizations naturally make customized offers straightforwardly to purchasers who have picked in for the administration.


In this biological system, shoppers have control over their own information and can select into promoting and investigation benefits by retailers utilizing savvy contracts. This not just guarantees that organizations are making their offers to a group of people that is more disposed to see and collaborate with the item, yet additionally enables buyers to acquire cash for review these advancements.

This framework likewise guarantees expanded client protection. “Free” administrations, for example, Google and Facebook, regularly pitch client information to intermediaries. With the BitClave Ecosystem set up, be that as it may, this is never again a worry as organizations pitch their advancements to customers straightforwardly.

BitClave Platform

  • BitClave platform provides is the elimination of the middleman or intermediaries between the business and the customers.
  • BitClave has a more focus approach to the promotions.
  • BitClave creates an ecosystem where the customer can choose what he wants to see and can opt for advertising or analytics by retailers through the smart contracts and also can earn money.
  • Creating a win-win situation for both as the customers who are genuinely interested are viewing the promotions and a right kind of segment is being targeted for the businesses.
  • The blockchain is the revolutionary technology which is decentralized and with the help of smart contracts the middleman can be eliminated.

BitClave platform will create a meaningful and transparent medium between the business and customers which will result in value creation for both the parties

Advantages for sellers

  • Paying directly for outcomes
  • Marketing expenses are reduced
  • Segments are properly targeted

Consumer gains

  • Monetary Gains
  • He has control over his personal information (transactions are anonymous until the customer chooses otherwise)
  • The overall cost is also reduced for the customer for the product /services

BitClave Activity Search Ecosystem (BASE)

  • BitClave has this blockchain based system known as BASE (BitClave Activity search ecosystem).
  • BASE gathers a large amount of data by the activities of the customers gathers a number of attestation points-
  • Attestation points are customer’s activities the pattern of his purchase or the activities through which he has gone.
  • Now, this information block is sent to the blockchain.
  • The specific and authorized group attribute multiple data to the same customer.
  • The customer has control over this data all through the use of blockchain and smart contract.

CAT Token Info

  • BitClave now uses a Token Known as CAT which is used as a rewarding token for all the activities on the base.
  • This gives more power to the customer and producers reward will be given to the customer for viewing the promotions in the form of CAT which he can in turn use in making a purchase.
  • Also for sharing his personalized data on with the producer’s customers will get the rewards.
  • The protection of customer data is in the hands of the customer himself giving more power to the customer.
  • CAT is based on Ethereum technology.


By using blockchain technology, BitClave will ensure that the data of the users is not altered or tampered in any way, it also makes it nearly impossible by using cryptography and smart contracts for the data to be placed in the wrong hands or used only a specific number of times by select organizations. The user, for example, can allow his data to be used only ONCE by a specific company, this information that is verifiable and time-stamped ensuring bilateral security.

The Team

The team behind a new startup is the most important ingredient for success. We are confident that Bitclave has scored a top grade in this part hiring talented professionals. Currently has a partnership with a gateway to payment systems with hundreds of millions of users, which will ensure integration with businesses entering the market.

The main team

Alex Bessonov: CEO. (LinkedIn);
Patrick Tague: CTO. (LinkedIn);
Emmanuel Owusu: Chief Architect. (LinkedIn);
Vasily Trofimchuk: Project Management. (LinkedIn);

The team consists of 20 engineers and the advisory board of world-class talents in the fields of security, payments, and blockchain.

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