BILLCRYPT – Creating A Global Platform For The General Decentralization

BILLCRYPT – Creating A Global Platform For The General Decentralization

BILLCRYPT – Currently, the reliability of the information about the object or objects is difficult to determine whether a product or a company or field experts. This has led to a difficult decision.

Over the years working in the field of investment, they often have to deal with this commitment, even breakthrough the company’s financial problems.

Often, the reason is the decision-making process is complex and lengthy, management of potential institutional investors have been exaggerated. Even if there appears to attract the investment capacity of the electronic money market, the issue of trust is still very relevant.

They are like an expert with many years of experience, understand because we have to do comprehensive work, efforts to assess potential projects and reliable information is not always confident. Reliable, even if the company has been in operation.

In order to find out the many practical projects, not only attention but also a real investment, you should be able to find projects that promise, to spend a lot of time, effort and money. Time. Blockchain can be used to maintain reliable data, there is no principle of the human factors involved.

Therefore, they decided to build a platform – blockchain tool system, which should solve this problem methods, techniques, and functions on the concept.

About BillCrypt

BILLCRYPT PL is representative Blockchain (BR) integrated global system of decentralized.

Single multi-functional infrastructure, the headquarters of a unified collective form blockchain Blockchain (DAPP) non-application. Combining real-world and virtual space all the unique advantages of the platform, the Internet is very familiar with, and blockchain.

This is the next step forward – a real possibility that virtual space. platform environment comfortable, convenient interface that will allow people to develop their businesses effectively integrated into the system by their own representative’s Blockchain.

On behalf Blockchain is a separate software package for distributed applications based on the platform (DAPP) BILLCRYPT, which is the principle that is used for web site content on the basis of BR in the usual form, if the owner took care of everything and assign owners.

BR outer portion placed on a platform appropriate topic, and apply to all users. There, users can get the owner in BR and reliable execution of all the information they need (BR owners to buy and sell goods or services, tokens, and their guests, participate in promotional activities, and to place an order, paid) of action.

On the software side, BR is a complex DAPP provides access to resources and the platform owners and Resources blockchain integration platform (if necessary), the global blockchain.


Blockchain use in real-life chaotic, non-system.
Although the decentralized system for a long time have been there, and the first blockchain has ushered in a decade of fact, the use of technology in Blockchain Richangshenghuo issue remains relevant.

Ordinary users do not use blockchain own but sometimes uses it to apply for some services, for example, when the right to check the authenticity of documents or registration. For the industry, as a whole Blockchain, Another problem is that the current lack of integration, project technical and economic fragmentation. Currently, the project itself and survive the practice shows, not everyone is successful. This is especially true for startups.

For existing companies, no, a simple way clear and cost-effective to use Blockchain technology in their daily business. Those who want to actively develop the company, faced with the need to adopt breakthrough technologies. In recognition of this activity blockchain technology, their business will change radically, will provide benefits to those who deserve it. However, it is not easy to penetrate the encryption and time blockchain industry. It is necessary to attract more science, technology, and financial resources.

For investors, there is another side of the same problem – they do not have a chance to really evaluate the business. They are often forced to make investment decisions based on information that is inaccurate or insufficient.

In addition, ordinary investors, unlike institutional investors, often deprived of the opportunity to fully analyze the project due to lack of preparation and verification of the information difficult. Therefore, it is usually not serious investments in companies and projects in the pre-sales stage, or in the final stages and the market price was forced crowdsales met for digital assets at a higher price on the stock exchange after the transfer.

This is a common problem in the real world of business, organization, business, professional, reliable products. All of us are constantly confronted with information that is inaccurate, exaggerated rank, bogus, fake news. It is often misleading, and prevent proper operation.

Existing solutions are not suitable for the new and positive development of distributed segments can really step into the real world.


All these problems, the best solution is built on an integrated platform, in the form of a single common space consolidation environment globally – Ecosystem technical and economic in nature, combining blockchain (BR).

The perfect solution would be a platform BILLCRYPT PL. Every company, professional bodies, experts will be able to create their own Blockchain represented on the platform in any field. BR and public goods can also create a need for all the reliability of historical information.

Thus, the platform over time it will make a huge catalog united BR, visualization of the status and reputation of the owner BR correct information and reliable to display. It will be a very important indicator that everyone needs to make the right decisions.

The Main Feature Of Blockchain

Initially, the platform is built on top of Ethereum in BILLCRYPT blockchain. Ethereum of the military currently has the largest number of nodes among all blockchain, making it the most widespread. Has the following salient features Blockchain-based platforms:

All information about encryption block;
Immortal ensure the hash block is added to the chain block;
And digital signature keys (private and public), to prevent unauthorized access to information, to ensure the security of the system, can not be accessed outside the world.
Therefore, the data stored in blockchain strong encryption and signature protection through the use of numbers. The process of writing data blocks a one-time process. Can not be altered in any way.

Formed in data structures and various types of file formats all information

  • Identity management
  • File
  • Event Management
  • Transaction Processing Business
  • And others


BILLCRYPT, with many years of professional experience, have the responsibility to conduct a comprehensive operation, even if the business has been in operation, it does not always depend on reliable information, the evaluation of potential projects and work carefully. To seek not only worthy of attention, but it is also true of many investment projects were actually, you need to spend a lot of energy, money and extra time to look for promising projects. Blockchain allows you to achieve an absolute guarantee of the reliability of the data, not the role of every principle of human factors. Therefore, BILLCRYPT decided to create a platform to address the concept of methods, techniques, and functions of these issues. BILLCRYPT, which provides fast, reliable appraisal companies represented, and profitable investment decisions. For the average user, this will be the choice of profession, services, products, most reliable, easiest way.

The Project Aims

  • Let blockchain technology easy to understand, affordable and beneficial for everyone;
  • The building has an intuitive interface blockchain office;
  • Create an integrated global multi-functional service;
  • Internet BR-2-BR internal integration;
  • Outside the integration project, systems and services blockchain;
  • Offline business integration, B2B, B2G segment;
  • Combined with other techniques;
  • Connecting the adjacent niches and effectively interact with them;
  • Construction of buildings over existing solutions;
  • Innovation and build a new economic model.

Initial VIP Offering (IVO)

This concept was brought by the IVO Billcrypt – VIP initial sale date. It is the reliability of the decision of the target or object-related information that is easy, whether the company or in any area or product experts. Running into trouble making decisions. Over the years working in the field of investment, we are often faced with the problem of funding commitments, the company broke even. Usually, the reason they are in the decision-making process is complex and long-term, excessive administrative potential institutional investors. Even with the possibility of attracting investment in the encryption market occurs, Conviction is still very important.

Virtual Image Page (VIP)

The second concept is the VIR Billcrypt page (page virtual image) is obtained, the data kept in the storage roots Blockchain on a page to produce a visual image generated Blockchain- pure representation presented the owner status and reputation Bureau of the state of affairs. The data generated by business owners BR added value.

BR owner can put his / her virtual image the entire package into a number of parts, the cost of decision 1 VIP, and sold to the user’s platform. Therefore, the owner will get more money for their business development. As a result, increase the value of the VIP market. In addition, they can also be produced and associated with the token, and Crowdsale on the platform so that they can affect the value of their currency. Therefore, Billcrypt economic system is innovative and evolutionary development BILC sign needs.

We say that a virtual image is analyzed companies served by the owner BR provided by all elements of the information system, blockchain graphical representation of the goods or services.

For example, the system, based on stored about the company, assets, inventory, sales, and other activities blockchain dynamic information that is credible, independent control of the rankings, profitability during the last period, the level of investment security.

If BR goes to a product, systematically studying all the information (time of production, delivery method, the amount of consumer demand, sales, customer satisfaction, etc.).

If BR opens a service, system studies (early, as long as the volume of business, the dynamics of prices, customer satisfaction, actions, etc.) all parameters.


At the beginning of the pre-sale period from the date of writing of this White Paper version, early investors converted to BILLCRYPT 7.775.981 USD

  • SELL TOKEN July 3 – September 30, 2019 or upon reaching Hard cap
  • ITO price – 1 BILC = 1 USD = 0.005 ETH
  • Soft cup = 10 000 000 USD = 50 000 ETH
  • Hard cup = 80 000 000 USD = 400 000 ETH
  • 44% problem = 66,880,000 BILC will be available for sale on ITO

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