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Big Metaverse – Explore and design a virtual world that can be visualized based on the binance blockchain protocol. Build a city with a variety of interesting properties to play games, in so you can swim in the beauty and natural media of the large meta-video ecosystem.

Big Metaverse associates the virtual world visited by users around the world. Players will get an extraordinary in-depth experience and benefit from each match.

Big Metaverse is a game-based social platform with blockchain, 3D virtual reality, and an augmented reality ecosystem. All participants, including developers, users, and investors, can make money from their hobbies and interests to develop their own creative applications in the field of VR / AR and blockchain technology. BigMetavers is a platform that provides users with and makes its own virtual assets. This can be used for games and even in real life.

About Bridge in Gain

Considering Metaverse Innovation, Gain in Bridge in Gain is the world of computer games. By introducing different game courses, you can be happy with all individuals, including Sci-Fi, MMORPG, FPS, and Hunting. Or oppressing the world. Adventure can enter the bridge interior in the Gail.

Through a reasonable view, the game can cause buyers’ understanding of flooding blockchain innovations. A great flood of customer interest is also another opportunity for some people to track their wealth.

Big Metaverse uses Ethereum blockchain technology, so that platform users can create their own world that is spread through their own rules and regulations and their own currency. Users can then use this currency to buy, sell, or exchange products in this world and even in real life. Big Metaverse, a digital marketing agency provides various services, which aim to meet your business needs. Big Metaverse is a digital marketing institution that provides various services to provide digital marketing services for companies that want to master the latest digital marketing trends. With more than 10 years of digital marketing experience, our expert team will help you achieve your goals.

Big Metaverse is a platform that summarizes all digital marketing work together. This allows companies to create their own digital marketing strategies and get online. Big Metaverse is a free service that helps companies build and manage their digital marketing plans. Big Metaverse is a cloud-based platform that provides various tools for digital marketing. These tools include SEO, SMM, Social CRM, Web Content Management, and Email Marketing. Big Metaverse is the final solution -TH -D that helps companies manage digital marketing work for self-service methods. Big Metaverse provides a variety of tools with various tools that can be used for digital marketing. These tools allow companies to manage the existence of social media, content, and customer relationships. The large meta platform allows companies to easily manage their digital marketing work by allowing them to do everything from one place.

Big Metaverse is a one-stop one that you need for all digital marketing services you might need. This includes (but is not limited to) research, planning, campaign construction, audience group, analysis, etc. We will make your business develop here! Big Metaverse is a digital marketing platform that helps you achieve business goals. This platform allows you to manage broad digital marketing activities. You can also employ experts who can help you do marketing. Big Metaverse is a digital marketing software that can simplify the complex digital marketing world. This can work with all main e-commerce platforms.

Game Economy

This game can be played for free and/or paid, but any form of purchase becomes an asset that is fully owned by the player with a deflationary mechanism that allows the player to profit. Interestingly, games in the BIG Metaverse can be played for free but players can still get BIG tokens without spending a penny which is often called play to earn (P2E).

Vision & Mission


The bridge in Gain Metaverse is the frontline in developing blockchain-based game technology and is a pioneer of this technology in the global economy.


  • We are committed to combining some innovative technologies and effectively applying them in the world of games and daily life.
  • We only use Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Technology (BEP-20) in the first and second stages, and then turn it into a cheaper, cheaper and cheaper platform, and have a higher trade speed.
  • We are trying to provide extraordinary experiences to users using tactile gloves and VR devices.
  • We operate a business without limits and become the best platform for MSME players around the world, especially in Indonesia.


The team is not responsible for any losses related to problems with the Bridge In Gain software, and the team reserves the right to cancel the distribution of tokens at any time. Bridge In Gain’s development process can be stopped for various reasons, including lack of interest from the general public, lack of financial resources, company bankruptcy, death of a key developer, and others. In addition, under no circumstances shall Bridge In Gain or its affiliated parties be liable to any person or company for any kind of loss, liability, and expense whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, compensatory, accidental, actual, exemplary, punitive, or specific to the use of a link or open this technical document, as well as for any content including but not limited to loss of business, loss of profits, loss of data, goodwill or other intangible losses.


The development of blockchain-based game technology was completed by a digital currency called Big Token, which was built on the smart chain of Binance. This game can be played for free or paid, and all forms of purchases are to provide player property assets through deflation mechanisms. The total large token supply is 250,000,000 and has a transparent system to make a safer bridge in gain. Each token will be distributed during the specified period in the predetermined period.

Token distribution

  • Seed sale – 10% of $BIG tokens sold on TGE for 10 months
  • Private sale – 25% of $BIG tokens sold on TGE for 4 months
  • Presale – 75% of $BIG tokens sold at TGE for 25% per month
  • Public sale – $BIG tokens will be unlocked and can be sold at TGE
  • Staking rewards – every $BIG token staked will be reserved and unlocked at strategic times
  • Liquidity pool – liquidity of $BIG tokens will be locked for 5 years
  • Marketing – 10% of $BIG tokens will be reserved for marketing needs
  • Development – $BIG token will be reserved for commercial development entity BIG studio which will be opened at a strategic time

Vesting Period

  • Seed sale – tokens can be purchased at the time of the seed sale for 3% of the total supply which is 7,500,000 at a price of $ 0.01
  • Private sale – tokens can be purchased at the time of the private sale for 10% of the total supply, which is 25,000,000 at a price of $0.02
  • Presale – tokens will be able to be purchased at the time of presale for 15% of the total supply which is 37,500,000 at a price of $0.04
  • Public sale – tokens can be purchased at the time of the public sale for 18% of the total supply, which is 45,000,000 at a price of $ 0.06

Our Roadmap

We put together systematic plans for the advancement of the BIG Metaverse

The first step in our journey is to carefully design concepts and ideas and then proceed to form a team. After the team is formed, we carry out technology and ecosystem research followed by prototyping and final decision-making on the plan to be executed. Then we also legalized the company and drafted an illustration of the Bridge in Gain concept. Preparation of game design documents and prototype construction followed by the development of the company

Next, the conceptualized idea is designed into a 3D asset for the Bridge in Gain Metaverse, followed by the system’s development and ecosystem. Then, we will also develop tenant applications and player super apps for your business needs. Also in this quarter, we are developing the web and integrating it with the Unity system. After that, we also checked the quality of the products made through quality assurance and continued with Alpha Tests and Pre-release news

In the third quarter, we conducted a Beta Test and continued with the release of Bridge in Gain Metaverse V.1. Then, we issue tokens and publish a whitepaper. After that, the BIG coin will be listed in pancake swap, coinmarketcap, and coingecko. Furthermore, we also innovated by launching BIG FIN-X Wallet as a non-cash transaction tool. Then we audit smart contracts through a certificate audit followed by licenses from various exchanges such as Tokocrypto and Indodax. In addition to licenses from exchanges, we also apply for licenses to CoFTRA and Bank Indonesia.

After the license is obtained, we will develop NFT starting from Field, Flat and Office Development. We also built our own Blockchain to make it easier for users to transact at a cheaper and faster price. Next, coin issuance and smart contract creation. Compilation and publication of whitepaper V.2, then we will launch the BIG Marketplace followed by the release of Bridge in Gain Metaverse V.2


We hope that this blog article will stimulate you to think about the various digital marketing that you are doing right now. As you can see, the important thing is to start with the basic knowledge of the website, and then adopt a more advanced strategy when starting the results. At Big Metaverse, we have the experience and knowledge to help you develop plans and use digital marketing strategies that are most suitable for your needs. If you are looking for digital marketing assistance, please contact us anytime.

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