Betgil – Unlimited Online Gambling Platform Secure And Fast

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Betgil – Unlimited Online Gambling Platform Secure And Fast

BetGil – We are honored with the future of online betting gateway, focused on end users (players), rather than the service provider, to become promoters of this industry. Although we will provide the platform with third-party developers another intelligence contract, the last Goal is sure decentralized system, where the central authority and the obstacles are eliminated, allowing the player to a) fast OY safe online gambling experience.

Online gambling (or gaming site) including poker, clubs, playing more traditional games on the Internet. In 1994, when online gambling regular be can music, many state restrictions on online gaming value some people understand or illegal business practice. However, in Canada, several European countries and some Caribbean islands or practices that allow online gambling legal risks. Since then, the online gambling industry has grown now, worth 500 billion dollars. It continues to increase at a steady rate ATA, are some of the signs that will be run by 20216. With the development of Internet and mobile communications technologies, the online gambling industry is expected to experience prosperity in the near future as $ 1 trillion.

With the creation of a new foundation on the protocol ethereum blockchain, features custom behavior meets the requirements of online gambling, we believe we can make it through scattered, transparent and reliable deletion of the risks inherent in the current system.

What is the Betting System?

The arrangement betting system is important – to win is to build a winning bet more in less time, made after a survey of the unfortunate opportunity the player, on the other hand, continues to bet on the fact that no betting system is working all the time.

System load constantly opportunity. At first, the player is betting systems such as cash that may arise. Be that as it may, in the long term, they will not see a huge contrast ratio of their misfortune that they are not betting system.

Why use Gilpay?

Gilpay plan is the fastest and most secure way of payment. Forget the rest and in the future to try the best of payment. Then, do a simple payment of all electronic wallets. Merchants pay whatever you want. Do you want to give your friends and family payments? For all these Gilpay plans is your best solution. Gilpay FRE easy way to pay.

How safe Gilpay?

Gilpay card services we provide in line with banking regulators in all countries. We strictly comply with laws and other regulations. We strictly abide by the law in local and international markets.
customer registration information is protected by our Privacy Policy. We never exposed or provide personal or financial information to a third party customer Gilpay.

Research Online Betting Structure

Internet betting is close to the structure of the new road. Made of mid-twentieth century innovation today there are often loved video lottery terminal gaming industry, keno, scratch cards, and more introduction. Well-known and bookmakers have businesses the most profitable Internet-based Gaming Commission to industry statistics show April 2015 to March 2016 online gambling operators have a Gross Gambling Yield (GGY1) 4 billion euros. This is mainly caused by various alternative bets can be used to draw many different players.

Darren, which is essentially a description of the record in Australia, the article shows that most types well-known lottery betting (46.5%), Keno (24.3%), instant initial ticket (24.3%), and electronic games (20.5%).

Types Of Online Gambling

There are many types of gambling online. Not all of these will be present on our platform, but usually, the number of games will be in our platform BetGil map below. Because we are open source, other game developers can register with us a list of their games, Wul can play with our platform BetGil goal line. Here is some multi-line gambling public to pay attention.

Betgil Provide Reliable, Unlimited Online Gambling Platform Secure, And Fast

A privacy protection platform: You do not need to share any personal information. What is needed is only anonymous YCW wallet
Platform: You are hidden from the Internet in your while gaming for best satisfaction, will bet on the Internet, rather than focusing on knowing to, favorites and other stakeholders. All we are interested in, you place your bets on the results obtained, and appreciated.
A secure platform: Thank Blockchain technology and our system, you can play and you want to stop corruption or entrust a third party to worry about.
A secure platform: online gambling and RedGil is secure. That means that no one has the knowledge or expensive to access your online wallet. It’s not like the details your wallet, traditional storage systems hackers do not destroy and secure server completely free. With BetGil platform, you take full responsibility for your safety. Your own private key for your wallet can be stored on the local computer or cloud-based server is really in your control. You just need to spread your private key or upload bag PUR game of local computer to initiate.
A transparent platform: everything from the time to get your deposit is transparent, for your time game the results will come out you will be left in its Bukegaibian everyone in sight.
A fast platform: would have Through the hard work of creating a platform optimized to ensure rapid delivery of content and service anywhere. On average, in the chain of our block only takes less than a second to process your request at any given time. Quickly. We mean, it’s easy to open an account, get a coin, play, easy to deposit or withdraw, we blockchain adjusted to make transactions faster.

Market Opportunities And Business Models

Betgil Opit

The online gambling industry is a big industry with lots of interesting prospects Here are some signs to support our business model coupled with our requirements blockchain custom solve current industry issues, opportunities and better suited to meet the industry’s perception and/or determined.

Online gambling market size statistics 2009-2020 (at one billion US dollars) on a global scale the screen in 2020 that online gambling market from 2009 to 2015, and forecast figures, from 2016 in 2015, online game market 37.91 billion US dollars the amount of the United States, that number is expected to rise to 59.79 billion dollars in 2020.


  • The next 20% betgil token will sell at a price of $0.15 2-month restriction
  • The next 20% betgil token will sell at a price of $0.20 1-month restriction
  • The next 40% betgil token will sell at a price of $0,50 no restriction
  • Important: to protect earlier buyers, all unsold coins will be burned after the ICO is officially over

Token Sale

  • Start: April 1, 2019, Monday 11:00AM (GMT)
  • Soft cap: $ 2m
  • Hard cap: $ 50mToken
  • BetGil Exchange Rate: 1 BetGil = $0.20 USD
  • Project Protocol: ERC20
  • BetGil Token Contract Address: 0x804d39d89d0637f94a11b6a13c92176bf8aeca34
  • Decimals: 18
  • Total Supply: 800,000,000 BETGIL

Funds Allocation

  • 64.0% Locked for Platform
  • 31.3% Crowdsale
  • 3.8% Team
  • 0.4% Bounty
  • 0.6% Advisor


BetGil Roadmap BetGil Roadmap

To know the latest information about the Betgil project you can visit the link below:

White paper:


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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Betgil team, I just give you the latest ICO info”