BetGil – Revolutionize Revolutionize The Online Gaming Industry

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BetGil – Revolutionize Revolutionize The Online Gaming Industry

BetGil – In a typical network game system, players rely on a trusted third party to play the game. But the concept BetGilS also not necessary, because we believe that ‘to believe that a third party “which will cause potential damage to bias the results of intelligent contract award automatically all major contributors – game developers, intermediaries, and independent operators games discovery platform is required – we will switch players typically have “confidence” in the third party.

The gambling industry, as a whole, stagnation and online gambling segment will likely not be much different. For fair gaming system that will make it closer to a solution is the next major gaming platform decentralized.

BetGil set to create a revolution in the online gambling industry. Our goal is to create a win in a game (players may damage the system creates a natural platform of trust “view), valued (developer view), and gambling is fair (view service providers) by dispersing a contract with an intelligent system by semantic blockchain supports reliable, replaced without limit, gaming systems fast network secure.

So it will use the currency of their economies available to all users in BetGil platform stored value, units, and the only means of exchange, so that the money may have a flow and liquidity requirements and betgil Platform blockchain platform betgil currency specified function will greatly benefit, betgil only with the purchase of ICO, so that all the coins pre-mining will not be granted, burned, users can access only betgil negotiations, coin exchange, binance, hitbtc, cryptopia, offices, betting complete ecosystem, gilpay services, the host, as well as the currency in favor of the team provided some games, you will arrange another bet on the game, so you can

All modes bother currency, will be considered in detail representation of a section model of a team of coins OM betgil of “world third part” that is, the potential damage would lead to tangible results, contracts intelligent automatically granted all of the major contributors of the game, references, need to find platform game developers to operate independently, so betgil platform team will replace the “trust” is a player that is typical to have entered the world will be on the platform at the owners of the three platforms will be available on computers, tablets and mobile devices and sports offers unlimited access to data at any time, any place, with a different form of payment, credit card, gilpay, ecopayz, astropay, NETELLER, bank draft, Bitcoin needs Platform all to succeed, but the details informaticians visit for further details technical or site White paper.

BetGil casino chips will provide real value to the poker player everywhere as established technology from Blockchain poker player would be interested. The economic boom associated with the game of poker chips will be interesting value-added incentives, bonuses and promotions, will promote the game of business and increase the appreciation of eager potential competitive prices.
BetGil casino chip is still a concept, and prepare for the launch of the ICO to ensure that the interests of buyers BetGil immediately. The software is in development and a former MVP (minimum viable product) is ready to try to be tested.

BetGil blockchain casino chip technology will solve many of the inhibitory including game management integrity, to avoid payment processing problems, so that blockchain marketing activities to generate major challenges of growing online poker purely random numbers generated. In addition, user input, you can start by driving product design and new games based on user preferences blockchain voting system.

What is GILPAY?

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How safe Gilpay?

Gilpay card services we provide in line with banking regulators in all countries. We strictly comply with laws and other regulations. We strictly abide by the law in local and international markets.
customer registration information is protected by our Privacy Policy. We never exposed or provide personal or financial information to a third party customer Gilpay.


Tim betgil hope to achieve random number generation, payment systems intelligent and tanks blockchain technical assistance contract, and betgil betting online intelligent PSP contract system, all players can also play a series or package game sports betting is available on a variety of platforms such as bet365 market, Weilianxier as a platform that Betfair is what the player can do on our platform, the team has been involved in the process of getting our permission, all players will have hit the platform betgil directly, the plan’s final group line gaming license ICO after demodulation support all related products through a complete platform, more importantly, modern, but with ICO betgil will be used to negotiate Coin coins and coins with national currencies that exist of various bags hitbtc, coinexchange, warehouse ance, poloniex, prior to platform solutions betgil, existing competitors will find a platform in blessing smart TURE will contract through decentralization platform, betgil third-party developers, might make the buy, this will mean the currency held in form continua and shared values ​​and consistent only way to boost the currency.

PSP license will allow GilPay as follows:

  1. The service, to ensure that funds and related transactions accounted for from the payer’s account;
  2. Services included in the accounts and transactions related to the payee of funds;
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  7. Issuing electronic money (through ICO and enter a valid cryptocurrency in exchange, for example, issued their own tokens
  8. And back from cryptocurrencies legal tender), by way of exchange of payment
  9. By telephone, the Internet, or other electronic devices of electronic money;
  10. With the implementation of agreed- based telecommunication, digital payment transaction to the payer,
  11. Or IT equipment or the support of telecommunication, IT system or network operator acts as an intermediary
  12. Between the payer and the payee, and users and providers of goods or services.

GilPay for consumers to use credit and debit card payment business, and enjoy RedSoft online gaming platform, in a way that is safe and secure. GilPay will be safe, transparent peer (P2P) network to enable real-time currency exchange rates established in Ethereum blockchain, reliable international money transfer platform. GilPays platform, and will be destroyed by directly connecting the participants to exchange money and reduces broker, bank or brokerage costs associated with replacing the traditional remittance coupled with it.

The main purpose is to allow customers to RedS0ffs Gilpay and prospective users through the platform by GilPafs BETGIL gift to fund their accounts, but also for the benefit of our customers to make their pay daily, such as paying bills and sending money to family and friends Platform. As a result of the transfer and trading platform, which will be given, of the costs involved in the transaction participants.

GilPay card services we provide in line with banking regulators in all countries. We strictly comply with laws and other regulations. We strictly abide by the law in local and international markets. Sign up information by our privacy protection policy. We never exposed or provide personal or financial information to a third party customer Gilpay.


  • The next 20% betgil token will sell at a price of $0.15 2-month restriction
  • The next 20% betgil token will sell at a price of $0.20 1-month restriction
  • The next 40% betgil token will sell at a price of $0,50 no restriction
  • Important: to protect earlier buyers, all unsold coins will be burned after the ICO is officially over

BetGil Product Architecture

  1. PSP Smart Contract
    P2P-based contract intelligence game, but customized to fit the way the online gambling industry, will serve both third-party online gambling developers and end users (players).
  2. Texas Poker Architecture
    In BetGil platform, third-party developers can launch their blockchain intelligence contractual basis and run by the ICO – Texas Hold’em online gambling platform. Third-party developers will not be the only ones to benefit from this platform game Texas Hold’em. End-users such as gamers will also benefit from the ICO ROM after this time we have been completely obtained from various government departments and license online gambling, which is currently in process.
  3. Sports Betting Game Architecture
    With online gambling BetGil system, players should also be involved in a series of sports betting or playing games on the capabilities of the existing platform. Bet365 platforms like this, Weilianxier, Betfair is that players can get with our platform. While we still get our permit process, the player will have to be played directly on the platform BetGil
  4. Other Game Architecture
    In BetGil platform, we will not be limited to the above numbers game. Other games are still in the development process, their construction will be announced as soon as they are released. What we want is included in all of our games in the game architecture is transparent and reliable.
  5. User Game Flows
    With BetGil, you will enjoy seamless mobile gaming activities, and regular interruptions. With our concept, you just need to search for games that you want, select it, activate it in your wallet, make a deposit (smart contract within a few seconds), and playing games, then withdraw funds to your wallet anonymous.
  6. Jackpot Slot Machine Architecture
    They always run as a lever for a flat – often referred to as a slot machine jackpot machines on a single arm S. This makes it possible to play a poverty impact players leave the outcome of the game. But with BetGil system, you are in an open source platform, where all your winnings are added to the play jackpot.

GilPay Payment Provider

BetGil Payment Provider

Gilpay plans hundreds of online payment platform to receive and store operational security. Everything you need on your smartphone: payments, transfers, currency exchange, instant loans. Our goal – Replace your bank, such as:

  • There is no limit the trading volume
  • ApplePay, SamsungPay, AndroidPay, QR codes
  • Contactless payment program
  • Wallet or integrate third-party payment service
  • The payment as soon as legal tender

GilPay Card

In order to better plan and we introduce our customers to the financial system integration coins BetGil GilPay existing card. Maintaining the relationship world, while taking advantage of the flexibility and security of confidential enjoy secure transactions anywhere in the world, directly and receive a cash prize for GilPay your wallet.

BetGil GilPay coin purse together and GilPay card is in response to a strict system of control old problems. The new developments promise revolutionary cryptocurrency use, making it the world instant access to people around.

Token Sale

  • Start: April 1, 2019, Monday 11:00AM (GMT)
  • Soft cap: $ 2m
  • Hard cap: $ 50mToken
  • BetGil Exchange Rate: 1 BetGil = $0.20 USD
  • Project Protocol: ERC20
  • BetGil Token Contract Address: 0x804d39d89d0637f94a11b6a13c92176bf8aeca34
  • Decimals: 18
  • Total Supply: 800,000,000 BETGIL

Funds Allocation

  • 64.0% Locked for Platform
  • 31.3% Crowdsale
  • 3.8% Team
  • 0.4% Bounty
  • 0.6% Advisor


BetGil Roadmap BetGil Roadmap

To know the latest information about the Betgil project you can visit the link below:

White paper:


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Bitcointalk profile link:;u=376156
Telegram username: @ubaygates
ETH: 0x8A6E4242EF579123811f364358ED1392254E6907

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Betgil team, I just give you the latest ICO info”