Betform – Decentralized Bettting Platform That Uses Blockchain Technology

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Betform – Decentralized Betting Platform That Uses Blockchain Technology

Betform – There is something that makes Betform unique, it is a social problem. It is a gaming platform counterparts. Instructions on his site remind me Xbox Live. You can invite your friends to the table, you can join them and even make new friends, possibly on this platform. Our social networking era, thus creating a mind betting platform and social dynamics are a pretty good idea.

They have the MVP are available: check their MVP is Betform project we are interested in is a must. I made a casual account, in the third game MVP to greet me. Daily rewards, the league, the friends, the store is part of the interface. You can choose your avatar, dealers, tables and carpet designs. This is only version 0.1, and there is room for doubt.

Because of the smart contract, Betform transparent and safe operation. They say their platform is governed by the rules and they are ratified by the PRNG is a well-known testing laboratory testing and certification. Social and security is a very positive thing to talk about betting platform and Betform possible to achieve this goal.

Betform mission

Betform mission is to establish itself as a decentralized social betting platform above, offers a variety of multiplayer blockchain comfortable maximum in one game for players in the ecosystem comply with the highest safety standards. We can connect blockchains To do this, use a smart contract and pay channels, with a quick and cost-effective absolutely safe.

Legal sports betting

This has become a booming industry. Develop irrespective of the legality of the gaming industry. Illegal sports betting is a billion dollar industry (some estimates as high as $ 150 billion); Who wants to bet can be done easily online or through an agency and local maritime books. Now, after the decision of the Supreme Court, the state will be more likely to consider or pass legislation to legalize sports betting, so that people can continue to bet, but in more environmental standards and fair. It will also prevent them from dealing with suspicious heaven. In addition, drug users will have less stigma, which can make it easier for them to seek help.

It`s the economy, stupid. Sports betting is the economy. Legalize sports betting will obviously make a big state tax revenue. More importantly, the potential to create jobs for the American people (estimated at between 125000-152000 jobs). The researchers estimate that the law, the standard sports betting may total of HK $ 48 billion in annual revenues in 2023 for the countries to realize Moreover, there is great potential to bring money to the United States and remain there. Currently, most online betting occurs. It is more likely to legalize sports betting in the United States will lead the US telecommunications and high-tech companies to take over the international market.

This is to support Betform in society, social justice, and betting platforms. Betform is decentralized social betting platform carrying goods, privacy, and security of player funds. Our main business is through smart regulation contract.

Trends in the global online gambling Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies and online games look like a match made in heaven numbers. online gaming and e-sports have led to the establishment of the booming popularity of digital currency in the game, this could be a valuable addition to the popular online games such as World of Warcraft virtual economy.

According to the research of digital asset exchange, investigation 1000 US gamers, 75% of gamers wish they would exchange their virtual goods, digital currency can be bought and sold on other platforms.

Moreover, while five percent of the new millennium interested cryptocurrencies 55% of online game players have used them in the past. This shows that there is a lot of crossover between the community and the existence of the online gaming community cryptocurrency.

Interestingly, all age groups around cryptocurrency of their own players surveyed, 50%. However, 87% of them did not use before the game in the digital currency, but 80% said they were interested in using cryptocurrencies, transaction game.

The study also found that the use of online games of cryptocurrency can bring potential benefits, the players surveyed, 75% believe the ease of use, 66% said they increased security, 49% of people believe that lower transaction costs.

The findings could not be more clear: Players want to be able to use cryptocurrency game-related transaction costs.

Features Betform

  • Provably fair game
  • Fun and social
  • Transparency and security
  • Regulation
  • Electronic purse applications ERC 20 compatible tokens
  • Unlimited bonus policy and greet winners
  • Quarterly bonus
  • Combustion Token

Betform aims to develop:

Providing an easy to understand, easy for customers to develop user-friendly profile management and account management interface.
The player provides transparency and fair gaming experience. Betform using a transparent approach to its own game production with RNG system testing and certification of our results.
With the game technology to improve user retention, and benefits such as special events to keep players engaged.
For casual gamers out like Southeast Asia and mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in emerging markets.

Betform project

  1. Fair gambling license
    The method produces a transparent Betform its matching results. PRNG we analyzed and certified by a respectable lab evaluation. Players can access anytime, anywhere and confirmed the history of all card games.
  2. Fun and social
    Unlike other online casinos, you can connect friends and family, invite friends, or even a table join if you play in our system creates a new friend.
  3. Transparency and security
    Betform country using the most advanced technology to provide its users the neighborhood is very safe and effective in which to perform their own favorite games. This operation is supported by a smart contract. Immediately after the intelligent contract will be paid a bonus every lap completed.
  4. Regulation
    Performance platform Betform defined by the licensing authority.

Token Betform (BFC)

Companies based in Singapore during the initial launch sales BFC token. BFC is based Revenge ERC20 blockchain mark. Overcome by imagining Betform Program All games will use this coin, namely, the need for trade and bet on BFC.

The sales Betform initial token will be held on January 8, 2019, will be offered a bonus that did the initial (initial bonus) additional user alerts. Raised by ICO funds will be used to rebuild and upgrade the platform and system architecture, so it can comfortably by millions of players towards how to resolve.

  • Token symbol: BFC
  • Token price: 1 BFC = USD 0.10
  • Total supply: 240,000,000
  • Hard cap: USD 9,600,000
  • Presale: October 2018
  • Open sale: January 2019

Token Distribution

Betform Token distribution

Token sale proceeds allocation

Betform Token sale proceeds allocation


This system will include ERC20 Betform Betform coin (BFC). Conceived from the Betform choice for all gambling activities will use this special coin, consumers need to execute stock transactions and the location of the BFC. Betform will also include games and programs developed by selected third parties. In addition, the company and gambling operators should adopt their ability multi players Betform games to the platform. This solution also provides the benefits of daily and weekly loyal players. Benefits can be spent in a custom program (audio, desktop, etc.). mobile applications will be accessible to the Android and iOS.

the gaming market over a $ 100 billion token for revenue in 2017 reached $ 109 billion five years ago, the overall income of the gaming market is approximately $ 70 billion. the increase of 56% in five years shows how the company’s games are not just consumers of entertainment and new ways of participating in the lead, but also generates innovative business models to adapt to the way of the digital era. the future prospects for the game have never been better, but need to look for new ways to market. Most games now provide consumers with three different levels of entertainment: play, view and create. The gaming company rapidly evolved into a variety of entertainment companies, to promote the participation of a significant time and protection status of the world’s favorite game hobby.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Betform team, I just give you the latest ICO info”