Benefits Using And Investing In Smarter Than Crypto

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Benefits Using And Investing In Smarter Than Crypto

Smarter Than Crypto – Today, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies to choose from, and more will show up every day. High risk, extreme volatility, and practical difficulties make purchasing and storing safely and various coin combinations (cryptocurrencies) a complex issue.

As a trader and investor, you need to look at any opportunity, including great opportunities for the cryptocurrency. In fact, cryptocurrency has now become a valuable investment. This is why you need a large platform support. Smarter than Crypto trying to satisfy your needs as an investor and trader. Smarter Than Crypto (STC) is the world’s first intelligent combination of intelligent cryptocurrency testing to provide a solution to the problem. Let’s talk about what STC wants to offer its users.

There are many reasons to utilize blockchain technology for Smarter Than Crypto:

  1. Full transparency over funding activity
  2. Ability to trade or move tokens at will with no exit fee and no minimum investment
  3. No legacy banking costs mean low fees
  4. Easy listing for sale and trading peer-to-peer on the exchange
  5. Smarter Than Crypto only holds cryptocurrency assets

Why Us? Because..

  • Automatic system
    STC is different from other traditional trading platforms because it provides an automated system. Therefore, you can choose the best investment portfolio at any time. It is interesting to trade all types of portfolios using only one type of token. The automated system gives you a simpler trading activity. You do not need to spend extra money for brokers and exit fees. Even if you do not have to pay management fees, because everything will run automatically. Users can start investing or trading regardless of the number of tokens they have because the policy does not use the smallest token of the password.
  • New investment model
    STC provides a better trading system for investors or traders. You will trade with a collective investment model. When you have an STC token, you can buy or sell it at any time. You just need to visit trusted merchant exchanges and immediately get token or money without complicated requirements. Users can also purchase or sell any kind of cryptocurrency from more than 1,000 available cryptocurrencies. STC fully supports trading activities by choosing the most profitable and valuable coins. Of course, this system gives users more opportunities to gain more benefits and benefits.
  • A simpler trading system
    The STC system is simpler and the secret is direct transactions without third parties. This is why the token is sent or forwarded to the recipient when the process is complete. You do not have to worry about a limited number of tokens because this prevents unsold tokens. Smart contracts will make this process more secure because it supports blockchain technology. The most interesting thing is that investors or traders will get a better price because the token price will remain stable and cannot fall below the portfolio. Due to the fact that whether you are a novice or a senior trader or investor, STC is a trading platform.
  • Profitable trading platform
    Profit opportunities will be higher than traditional trading platforms. The benefits of a new investment model called science driven data. Regardless of the market, this model can help investors or traders get stable returns. On the other hand, you are not just buying or selling your coins while investing, as you do in old transactions. The difference is that Wisdom can automatically select a valuable portfolio over Crypto, so it not only provides a betting strategy. No parties will intervene, so the results and processes will be more transparent.

In short, you will use a high-tech trading platform compatible with Blockchain and cryptocurrency, but you do not have to spend a lot of money. All you need to do is use STC to get token or coin, whether for investment or personal use.


  • There is no middleman
  • Limited inventory (no unsold token)
  • Liquidity through smart contract
  • The token price should not be lower than the portfolio value

STC Token is a smart contract that complies with ERC20 with limited inventory (closed structure). Only tokens sold on ICO will be outstanding. The value of the STC token is related to the value of the underlying asset liquidation and therefore should not be lower than the portfolio value and can be sold 24 hours a day in a smart contract.

What is the difference between SMARTER THAN CRYPTO and CRYPTO20?

If you read two fund prospectuses, you will see that they are reading the same information. However, there may be a big difference in investment style. CRYPTO20 defines itself as a passive ETF. BETA’s investment strategy that is smarter than the wise can be seen as an active ETF. Passive investors go to the export portal when they lose value in the encryption market by automatically allocating stable coins to protect the value of the portfolio and achieve greater long-term benefits. The other big difference is the cost. We do not charge management fees and only charge performance costs if network performance exceeds the Crix-Crypto Index benchmark.

ICO Detail

  • Token Type: ERC20, Ethereum Blockchain
  • Token Symbol: STC
  • Maximum Supply (Hard Cap): 100,000,000
  • Available for Purchase: 87,000,000
  • Price per token:
  • Pre-sale: $0.90 (first 10,000,000 tokens)
  • First 48 hours of ICO: $0.95
  • 48 hours to week 2 of ICO: $1.00
  • Week 2- till the end of ICO: $1.05
  • No new coins will be minted, created or mined after the ICO
  • Private Pre Sale: 1st April 2018, 8.00 am UTC until 13th May 2018, 8.00 am UTC
  • Main Sale Period: 13th May 2018, 8.00 am UTC until 10th June 2018, 8.00 am UTC
  • Team tokens will vest over two years via a smart contract ‘vault’ to align team incentives with ICO participants.

STC Team


  • Oliver Prock, Founder, and CEO
  • Harald Heidinger, Managing Director
  • Mangesh Pharande, Senior Database Specialist, and Data Analysis
  • Mayuresh Mirajkar, Software Engineering, and Development
  • Prashant Navale, Full stack Designer, and Front-end Development
  • Anke Engel, Communications, and Channel Management
  • Viktoria Lenth, Brand Management, and Marketing


  • Laurence Lau, a Blockchain enthusiast/supporter, and is an active cryptocurrency investor.
  • Samson Lee, Founder & CEO of CoinStreet
  • Karthik Iyer, Founder, and CEO of BlockchainMonk
  • Yuan Li, CEO Thinkyoung
  • Adrian Gheorghe, Senior Scientist, and Professor for Engineering Management
  • Mike Novogratz, Ex-Hedge Fund Manager, and cryptocurrency investor
  • Victor Chow, CEO of TiENPAY and T8exchange

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