Beat Blockchain Becomes A Provider Of Data On Health Data And Consumer Activity

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Beat Blockchain Becomes A Provider Of Data On Health Data And Consumer Activity

BEAT Blockchain should enable data providers to store their own health and activity data on BEAT Blockchain autonomously and encrypted. Each data provider will have an electronic wallet containing the only private key available to decrypt and access stored health and activity data in a complete comprehensive manner. This means that even if encryption fails, the data is useless because it can not be associated with any data providers. Health data and activities to be stored should be available for distribution in a spreadsheet and should be generated by digital tracking devices (such as scales, bracelets, resistance gauges) or other eligible devices.

BEAT represents heartbeat. Every creature on earth has approximately the same number of heartbeats. Therefore, the lifespan of small animals with many shorter heartbeats than large animals. Through medical and nutritional improvements, the human heartbeat nearly doubled. Our goal is to further enhance the possible use of BEAT Universe health and sports cases. It’s not just the increase in the longevity that we pursue, but also the happiness and extra pleasure in sports, and a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

BEAT Blockchain

BEAT blockchain becomes a provider of data and data on health data and consumer activity, validates data, tracks down BEAT tokens transferred, supports BEAT contracts, accepts and executes BEAT contracts.

BEAT Token

The BEAT token is equivalent to a ticket that allows the owner to access certain services in BEAT Blockchain. Whenever a data consumer accesses health and activity data on the BEAT blockchain, he pays BEAT Foundation and a trusted third party of BEAT tokens.

The cost of accessing anonymous data in BEAT Blockchain will be much lower than personalized data.

BEAT Contract

The BEAT contract is an agreement between the data provider and the data user at all levels

  • The duration and scope of health data and activity that the data provider provides access to the data user
  • Data users plan to use case definitions for health and activity data
  • Agree on the benefits of data providers to share data

Levels 2 and 3 are optional and will only be provided when legal compliance, technical implementation, and data provider requirements.

Revenue acceptable by data suppliers by accepting BEAT contracts may be in the form of services, add to its contribution data, additional interest data, or other data agreed by data users and data providers.

Blockchain Transition

The BEAT token is a standard ERC-20 token that can be used by many wallets and trading platforms.

Smart Token Token Contracts and Intelligent Contracts Crowdsourcing is publicly available for audits prior to the ITS release:

The BEAT token will conform to the ERC-20 standard and can be freely transferred through the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a natural choice for this project due to its extensive adoption and publishing of industry standards for custom digital assets. Compatibility with the ERC-20 standard takes full advantage of the existing infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem, namely development tools, purses, exchanges and human resource expertise.

MySports may be ERC-20 based on a token (the “already existing sign”) moved to another protocol, and the new protocol generates a future sign (“sign replacement”) replacement.

Incentives token owners to convert existing token to replace tokens because once a token is created to replace most ecosystems and the use of existing practical utilities there is a quick sign can reduce attendees.

Initial Token Sales Revenue Usage

ITS revenue is used first to pay all taxes that ITS response. At this stage, we estimate that issuing a BEAT token does not require any taxes. However, since taxation of token manufacture and sale remains unclear from a legal perspective, this assessment can not be guaranteed. the remaining funds are used to finance the construction of BEAT Blockchain and the provision of ecosystem health and activity data validated to defeat Blockchain, as some basic use cases indicate include sports and fitness events. For this purpose, Magicline’s sports facilities management software, combined with MySports App NoExcuse (so athletes can use sports facilities), can be a good song, verify and provide Tiyuhuodong BEAT Blockchain data is required, and therefore will further enhance the development and utilization ITS revenue. In addition, the NoExcuse app will enhance other features provided with MySports GmbH and provide data provider discounts in exchange for a BEAT token. MySports and its subsidiaries Magicline GmbH will use the results from ITS to develop the applications mentioned in this white paper. Although the extension of sports facilities will remain MySports software is privately owned, but will be released as open source BEAT Blockchain open source software, and allows BEAT Foundation to take over further development once BEAT Blockchain is put into operation.

At least 35% of ITS revenues will be used to develop each of the two applications. The remaining funds can be used for various purposes such as marketing, legal fees, etc.

Wallet Setup

To see an ERC-20 based BEAT token in your wallet, simply add a BEAT token to your wallet:

  • Token Contract Address: 0x2fb12bccf6f5dd338b76be784a93ade072425690
  • Token Symbol: BEAT
  • Decimals: 18

Milestones and Roadmap

  • 2014
    Magicline 2.0: Start of development to digitize sports facility management
    The decision to replace existing market-leading sports facility management software in MS-Access with a cloud solution.
  • 2015-16
    Development of the ecosystem to digitize sports facility management
    Incorporation of Eurofit24 GmbH to provide financial services currently managing the volume of 50 million Euro of receivables per year.
    Incorporation of GmbH and MySports GmbH to provide a role model for e-commerce Start of the development of the app “NoExcuse” by MySports
    Magicline 2.0 has been developed by a team of 140 employees
  • 2017
    Magicline 2.0 is released; 3,000 customers are migrated to Magicline 2.0 which becomes a full success
    The release of the first version of the NoExcuse app, being part of the customer
    interface for people to interact with their sports providers, as e.g. fitness studios
  • 2018
    BEAT ITS launches
    Publication of an enhanced version of NoExcuse
  • 2019
    Roll-out of the BEAT Ecosystem in Germany
  • Starting 2020
    Roll-out of the BEAT Ecosystem to the world

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