BCNEX – The Ultimate Blockchain Trading Platform


BCNEX – The Ultimate Blockchain Trading Platform

BCNEX – The first digital market is a relatively young market, but great potential for development. Therefore, the electronic trading platform of the new currency was born in many, but not all trading platforms that meet user needs and ensure their safety. The new trading platform was developed hastily with the technical and security weaknesses is the opportunity for hackers to steal user belongs, in addition to the new floor was not focused on taking care of the user. BCNEX an electronic currency trading platform was developed to provide the best trading platform, secure and user support most attentive.

The electronic money market has seen in recent times with a total market value of about 206.82 billion in current dollars. Bitcoin, the first type of electronic money dominance of approximately 53.34% as compared with other types of electronic money. Investment in electronic money has witnessed a significant increase due to the higher profit. Currently, there is around 13 367 active market for electronic money and exchanges continue to flood the market without adequate legislation on the confidentiality of participants digital assets, leading to a loss of unauthorized access and theft. Moreover, cases like Mt. GOX hack and hack Bitfinex not news anymore, as most of us know about it.

Problems with Exchange today

  1. Electronic exchange there are two types; decentralization and centralization.
  2. Decentralization exchange protocol built on top of the technology infrastructure to operate independently and do not require anyone to coordinate its activities.

The advantage of it is the traders can trade without having to worry about the safety of their money. Traders controls and digital assets hold their own in their own pockets while exchanging no direct access to it. Another advantage is the very low transaction costs. Examples of a decentralized exchange are IDEX, Wave Dex, Forkdelta, etc.

With the advantages of decentralization mentioned above, it should be noted that it is also equipped with their own children, liquidity, flexibility, and speed accordingly.

Focus Exchange is right across the dispersion with money exchange traders kept in storage for the exchange to be accepted as a deposit. Although exchange gains ownership of focus is to provide liquidity, flexibility, and speed accordingly but also makes the assets at risk.

BCNEX is where trade and exchange value of start-up projects based on innovative technology Blockchain. Bcnex spend time learning to build a distributed application system stability to meet customer needs

Features and advantages of the exchange shown BCNEX

  • The system is suitable BCOMS: is a component of a couple very important task between orders to buy and sell orders, BCNEX build BCOMS be very careful to ensure high performance, stability, absolute data integrity features in the transaction. BCOMS have very low latency and speed up to 2 million transactions per second, this is the fastest speed available today.
  • Stability of Distributed Systems: BCNEX designed and built on a distributed model to ensure easy scalability by adding physical servers. So BCNEX always maintains stability and ensure continuous service time. In addition BCNEX microservices use of the model, this model system is divided into the small ensuite with a separate database, so BCNEX can easily expand as needed without affecting the entire system.
  • Safety and security: this is the first criterion BCNEX concerned, the foundation will be built with multiple layers of security such as firewall attacks, anti-DDOS, warn the user when the abnormal behavior, Ma 2FA code, and anti-phishing.
  • Storage Solutions Asset optimization: BCNEX also builds assets for optimal storage solutions and most secure by combining the heat to cold and hardware security with the same mechanism of banks in developed countries. 98% of assets will be stored in a cool internet is separate from, the rest is so hot to meet liquidity platform.

BCNEX Exchange Platform

BCNEX exchange platform will be the best among all the crypto-currency exchange platform more because it consists of features that include TECHNICAL SYSTEM SECURITY SYSTEM EITHER GOOD MARKET LIQUIDITY HIGH, GOOD CUSTOMER SUPPORT. The good security system has become a priority for the team BCNEX BCNEX have seen what the traders and experienced users at the hands of the crypto-currency platform in safekeeping. BCNEX designed with advanced security tools that will help Booster platform security. Blockchain technology use will also help in the security of the platform because there will be full automation of the platform means that third-party services will be eradicated.

BCNEX Platform

Technical problems arise from developers and programmers who are just ready to make quick money from the launch of the crypto-currency exchange. The development of crypto-currency exchange is not just something that you wake up one day and finish with one or two hours. Crypto-currency platform requires a lot of planning before it can be developed and there is a need for good programmers who understand the concept of crypto-currency exchange and not just someone who wants to make quick money in a few hours. As a result of this technical, many crypto-currency platforms has been closed due to bugs and glitches that have raised security threat in the platform. Today I am pleased to introduce to you the best exchange platform that crypto-currency known as “BCNEX”.

There is a platform that crypto-currencies have been trying to solve the problem of crypto-currency exchange but have not been successful in their efforts simply because there are technical deficiencies actually behind the successful exchange platform.

Design Features

The whole architecture microservices intends to provide stability, which comes with a purse of different combinations, ranging from hot to cold. This principle contributes to the provision of the high security of all client funds’, even when hacking the possibility of exchange. After all, we are very aware of how people sometimes suffer their financial means when the exchange-imposed hacker hacking. Therefore, Bcnex founding team makes every effort to ensure that the safety of their customers is at the highest level.

It is also important to note that Bcnex platform itself was created by way of collective intelligence, ie, not only the opinion of a specialist at this time but also an active audience, which is on the other side of the platform, that is, the customer, are taken into account. These people expressed their preferences and desires, and also offered recommendations about what is important to them and what they want to see them the ideal platform for the exchange. And full Bcnex concept tailor-made for the client was born.

But we know very well that if a product or service developed with care about the customers and especially this product solves some of the problems that exist, success is almost guaranteed. At least it was much higher than the products created just to be.

Token Summary

  • Token Name: BCNX Token
  • Token Symbol: BCNX
  • Token Type: ERC223
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000 BCNX
  • Token Sale: 100,000,000 BCNX
  • Token Price: $0.15 – $0.45

Token Allocation

  • 50% Allocated for Token Sale
  • 38% Allocated to Team Member and Advisors
  • 5% Allocated to Angel Investors
  • 5% Allocated to Reserve
  • 2% Allocated to Bounty Program

Fund Allocation

  • 40% Allocated for Platform Development
  • 40% Allocated for Branding and Marketing
  • 10% Allocated to Legal and Auditing
  • 10% Allocated to Reserve fund

BCNEX Token Distribution



BCNEX Roadmap


BCNEX Partners


With the aim of placing the safety and security of our users is a top priority, to minimize the hazards and risks in a transaction that BCNEX developed and implemented advanced security technology exchange them. Together with advanced technical solution of the development team with extensive experience in building and maintaining the financial system, a world-class field of forex take BCNEX into electricity trading platform for the cause of death.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the BCNEX team, I just give you the latest ICO info”

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