BCNEX – Improved Trading Platform Free Of Error


BCNEX – Improved Trading Platform Free Of Error

BCNEX – As blockchain technology develops, new platforms are also developing. One of them is the stock exchange where you can trade your crypto money. Now there are thousands of stock markets in the world. These stock exchanges are decentralized and split into central stock exchanges. Decentralized stock markets a system where all data is not kept in a single repository, where user information is locked into blocks with smart contracts. Frankly, I find these kinds of stock markets safer. Because central stock markets store all user data in a single repository. If it is not protected sufficiently, there may be some problems. For example, the world’s largest stock market is a central stock market in the Binance. In addition, there are a lot of different stock markets and they all have different characteristics. People are planning to choose the best for themselves when evaluating such exchanges. But frankly, I still haven’t found a stock market for myself. I’m not exactly satisfied with any of the stock exchanges I use right now.

Stock markets are very important instruments for the crypto world. Because we keep all our digital assets here, evaluate them here, and withdraw them from here. As blockchain technology develops, the market values and functions of the stock market are increasing and will continue to increase.

BCNEX project is another outstanding project which gives traders all the required trading features to complete a trade in which the crypto-traders and lovers globally will no longer experience any depression as a result of irregularities from the other crypto-currency exchange. BCNEX aims to give users and traders an improved trading platform free of error, glitches, manipulation, and irregularities. The method introduced by BCNEX project is one of the unique and outstanding one in the area of the crypto-currency exchange. The method employed by BCNEX will restore hope, transparency, speeds, advanced security in the whole crypto-currency exchange space simply because BCNEX project will bring greatness into crypto-currency trading. BCNEX also promises traders and users of the platform with high profitability and productivity in asset trading. Introduction of BCNEX exchange will bring an end to the issue and challenges facing the crypto-community.

Weak Technical Architecture

Most of today’s stock markets are unusable and poorly designed. Most of these stock exchanges are non-user-friendly, dysfunctional stock markets. A stock market should be built primarily on solid ground. This requires technical knowledge. Programmers with bad technical knowledge can not design user-friendly interfaces and architectures. Many of the stock markets that I don’t want to name but are widely used around the world are useless and weak. Because they are not well-founded, security vulnerabilities pose a problem for users. This type of stock market makes use of weak materials when building the architecture of the system because they prioritize making money. Users who use these stock exchanges experience a bad user experience and can not evaluate their money well, they deal with security issues.

Solution: The software developers and designers embodied by Bcnex have created the infrastructure of world-famous systems and have been chosen from experienced ones. With decades of experience, they want to build Bcnex very strongly. This means they want to set up a fast, effective and reliable platform with a user-friendly interface, minimizing vulnerabilities. Bcnex’s programmers are special individuals who have already built large markets such as Forex. Therefore, they have the experience and the equipment necessary for the construction of Bcnex.

Security deficiencies

As you may recall, many of the stock markets have been hacked over the past few years. Billions of dollars worth of people’s digital assets were stolen by pirates. This has shaken most people’s trust or caused them to hate blockchain technology. Although the cryptography science that blockchain technology uses is too secure, if the stock market doesn’t have enough security, it doesn’t make any sense. Most stocks don’t ensure your stolen digital assets and don’t insure them. That’s why any transfer of your Cryptocurrency can be as risky as gambling. Most of the currently running stock markets still do not have the necessary security measures and are facing the danger of hacking. To do this, security measures should be increased and different methods should be used.

Solution: The Bcnex stock market wants to give users a complete security experience. The software of Bcnex developers is knowledgeable, experienced and skilled. These programmers who want to lay the foundations of the architecture they will build in a very solid way are aiming to take all measures to ensure that the system works perfectly. What makes Bcnex special is that they are also dominated by traditional investment tools.

Poor Customer Service

All users who traded on any stock market experienced problems with customer service. Most customer services do not have enough technical knowledge to help users. This is because the technical service team is not well trained, inexperienced and unable to guide the user and his human relations correctly. Obviously, based on my own experience, I can say that the customer service of the existing stock markets is not able to solve my problems correctly. But it needs to be fixed.

Solution: Bcnex has a much more advanced customer service than existing stock markets. Because Bcnex has customer services that know how to support traditional investment methods, not only in the crypto area. As you know, the correct, fast and secure operation of crypto money is more important than anything else. If you encounter a problem and you have an inexperienced customer service worker, this is a big problem. As a result, you can lose money and time, which are very important to the Crypto traders. For this reason, Bcnex wants to provide customer services 24/7.

Low Market Volume And Liquidity

Today, many stock markets create fake volumes to create high volumes and liquidity. The reason for the creation of these fake volumes is to conceal the shortcomings of the poor stock market. The current stock markets face a lot of difficulties. They fail to convert their money into an investment tool. These kinds of stock markets that do not direct users towards the solution are creating fake volumes and liquidity. This type of stock market, which was designed poorly as a technical and interface, gives users a bad experience. As a result, many users facing bad trade experience.

Solution: As I mentioned above, Bcnex has many experienced, well-trained and talented software developers and designers. This specially selected team is aware of all the problems that exist and wants to find a very powerful solution to these problems. The Bcnex team has signed a partnership agreement with many companies by meeting people on many platforms where investors gather. Preparations have started to build a better quality stock market in line with investors ‘and users’ wishes. Therefore, it aims to create a much more complete stock market by combining traditional investment tools and innovative investment tools under the same roof.


There are several reasons why BCNEX can be one good choice for the moment. This is because BCNEX has several advantages and benefits as listed below:

  • Safety and Stability
    BCNEX trading platform is highly secure and stable built on a microservices architecture that meets the needs of the most stringent customer.
  • Customer Oriented
    BCNEX through, it will allow users user-friendly platform and exclusive that gives all their customers the best trading experience. This includes desktop and mobile applications.
  • Institutional Trading Machine class
    This system can be mentioned as a fast, accurate and low-latency trading engine. Plus, it also comes with flexible scalability can handle up to 2 million instructions per second
  • High Liquidity
    This system evolved with a rich and abundant source of liquidity. Therefore, BCNEX can ensure that every transaction on the system will not be delayed and some intermediaries.
  • Diverse Market
    BCNEX also supports a variety of mainstream cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the system is committed to continuing to expand its offerings with more quality token.
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
    BCNEX will operate 24 hours to answer any questions from customers. This will help to resolve technical issues and business soon.

Bcnex Products

Bcnex Exchange

Bcnex exchange is a stock exchange that can be used both on mobile phones and through Internet Browser. Thanks to this stock market, you can evaluate your digital assets quickly and reliably. The mobile and internet interface of the stock market aims to be one of the fastest interfaces ever. In this way, users will never miss an opportunity and will be able to trade quickly with ease. The technical infrastructure of the stock market is designed in a robust way so that it can accurately perform millions of exchanges per second. It has only Bcnex in existing stock markets with such a strong feature and that is what makes it special. You can use Google Authenticator and SMS methods to improve your security when using the stock market. In addition to this, you can maximize your security with the KYC method.

Bcnex Wallet

Bcnex has a reliable wallet in itself. In this wallet, you can store a lot of major coins and trade them. Bcnex has 3 different wallet types: hot wallet, cold wallet, and secure hardware. With these 3 different options, you can protect your digital assets from internet privates. Besides, you can protect your wallet with 2FA system and limit your transactions. This way you can secure your wallet 100%.

This wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Bncx. In addition, if you use Bncx(Bcnex coin) in this wallet, you pay a commission of 75%. The major coins I mentioned above are on the system, but Bcnex works to add more coins and adapt them to the system. This wallet also supports Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean.

Bcnex Potential

As we see the project is not so simple. Unlike most cryptocurrency exchangers, this project has a very interesting development plan for the region. It is worth noting the fact that the project itself is registered in Singapore. What opens up all world markets to Bcnex. This confirms the fact that at Bcnex you can choose a convenient interface language for you.


However, because you understand all the advantages of Bcnex, I want to list them in order to consolidate the information.

  1. The first thing and the most important security will remain a platform, able to fight and not take a financial loss of customers, even if the whole system is disrupted;
  2. The second advantage is the speed of transactions, could reach 2 million operations per second. It is one of the strongest indicators of all trading platforms that exist on this planet because these results cannot provide the existing exchange. This naturally gives Bcnex special advantage of further development;
  3. A third advantage of the flexibility of the system, as well as lower commission expense due to the transaction platform, will exist;
  4. Fourth place is the availability and ease of use. As you recall, the original basis was created for the needs of customers, so that they take everything to the last detail. That is, they have developed not only a fully functional, but also design an intuitive interface and more.

Speed ​​and commissions

  1. Speed
    Speed ​​is an important indicator of the current, as well as high power, allowing the exchange to be more efficient during the load. But unfortunately, I could not find information about the speed of issuing commands from competitors Bcnex trading. Bcnex – has announced two million orders per second. In theory, it can be redefined that 1,000,000 people will be able to actively trade without delay.
  2. Commission
    Bcnex – no different from other exchanges. I’m talking about the fact that all exchanges will have to pay a commission. The right amount of commission on the exchange is not specified, but the developers indicate that it will be cheaper than its competitors. But there is one element that we know from the document. That commission will be reduced to a token payment BCNX. This project provided a plan to reduce the cost of commission for six years.

Token Summary

  • Token Name: BCNX Token
  • Token Symbol: BCNX
  • Token Type: ERC223
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000 BCNX
  • Token Sale: 100,000,000 BCNX
  • Token Price: $0.15 – $0.45

Token Allocation

  • 50% Allocated for Token Sale
  • 38% Allocated to Team Member and Advisors
  • 5% Allocated to Angel Investors
  • 5% Allocated to Reserve
  • 2% Allocated to Bounty Program

Fund Allocation

  • 40% Allocated for Platform Development
  • 40% Allocated for Branding and Marketing
  • 10% Allocated to Legal and Auditing
  • 10% Allocated to Reserve fund

BCNEX Token Distribution



BCNEX Roadmap


BCNEX Partners


Obviously, almost none of the exchanges used today do not meet my needs. Fake volume, security weaknesses, messed-up interfaces, lousy phone applications, and more. Most of the exchanges work to make money, and they hardly care about the user and the investor. Because of these poorly designed stock exchanges, almost billions of dollars of crypto money is being stolen, hacked. The reason for this is that the software, interfaces, and infrastructure of these stock exchanges are poorly prepared. That’s why people don’t rely on blockchain technology and stop investing.

However, the presence of projects such as Bcnex is planning to revolutionize the stock market. Bcnex wants to create its own stock exchange to respond to all the concerns of users and wants to start a new revolution. If you would like to know more about the Project, please contact the project at the addresses below.

To know the latest information about the BCNEX project you can visit the link below:

Bitcointalk Thread:


Bitcointalk username: ubay
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=376156
Telegram username: @ubaygates
ETH: 0xEDDbb1aFc2439FeA77B19c44bEac8556313dA822

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the BCNEX team, I just give you the latest ICO info”

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