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BankEX – Review ICO That You must Invest

BankEX – As the digital currency space has developed, increasingly fintech organizations have picked up an enthusiasm for tokenization. Bankex is a digital money monetary stage that needs to represent considerable authority in token deals and budgetary resources. Their bank trade stage will permit purchasers, and also banks and other monetary organizations, to trade their items.

Private and public crowd sales

The start of BankEx’s pre-sale is planned for 13:00 GMT (14:00 Moscow time). During the pre-ICO, 3 million tokens will be made available for early buyers. 500,000 tokens will be sold at $0.20 USD, a further 500,000 tokens at $0.25, one million will be sold at $0.30 and a final $1 million at $0.33. Only accredited private buyers will be allowed to participate, with a minimum purchase threshold of $10,000. One tranche of tokens will be available for retail purchase by Russian buyers on the DEX exchange, hosted on the Waves platform. The retail price will be 0.05 WAVES. At the time of writing, BankEx has already received 100 BTC from its adviser, the early stage Crypto venture fund ICOPromo.

The first stage of the main BankEx Foundation ICO will take place between 21 August and 21 November 2017, during which time 30 million tokens are planned to be sold, totaling a minimum investment of $10 million. During a subsequent offering, which is planned to occur not earlier than 2019, a further 100 million tokens will be placed on sale.

Proof Of Asset Protocol

Their main product, the Proof of Asset Protocol intends to enable investors to solve their issues with asset liquidity. The protocol combines BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) and blockchain technologies, which are then categorized into four primary stages of operation; digitization, tokenization, asset trading and dealing. One of the unique features of the Bankex Proof of Asset Protocol is that it is able to tokenize assets. Asset tokenization has many benefits. For example, tokenization of a construction project could allow for a large number of investors to contribute individually to the project and then receive investment returns. Additionally, the platform will be able to tokenize fiat currencies, giving users access to crypto/fiat derivatives.

During their ICO, Bankex will allow investors to purchase as few as just one BankEx token. The team has also included bonuses. These bonuses begin when investors purchase five hundred tokens, which at the ICO exchange rate will be equal to one Ether. The tokens can be bought using Ether and not the Euro or Dollar currencies.

BANKEX Foundation

The BankEx project is being run by the newly established Bankex foundation. At present, the foundation is comprised of professionals with experience collaborating to contribute meaningfully to the success of the business. The foundation team includes Bankex advisors, the core team members, and the technology team members.

The stated purpose of the BankEx Foundation is to create the tools for individuals to help themselves become financially independent.


BankEx’s pre-sale was launched at the Money 20/20 conference in Copenhagen. Unlike most recent ICO’s, which are based on the Ethereum Network’s ERC20 Standard, BankEx tokens are issued on the Waves blockchain platform. During the pre-sale period, a total of 3 million tokens were made available for early buyers. Half a million tokens were be sold at $0.20 USD, with prices rising by $.05 each half million up to $2million.

Only accredited private buyers were allowed to participate in the presale, with a minimum purchase threshold of $10,000. Another tranche of BankEx tokens was slated to be available for retail purchase by Russian buyers on the DEX exchange, hosted on the Waves platform. In fact, BankEx has already taken on an investment of 100 BTC from cryptocurrency venture fund, ICOPromo.

BANKEX Public Sale

The main BankEx Foundation public sale began on August 21st and will continue until the 21st of November. At this point, 30 million tokens are planned to be sold, adding up to a minimum investment of $10 million. The team also plans to have another offering in the future (not earlier than 2019), in which an additional 100 million BankEx tokens will be offered up to the public for sale.

BANKEX Solving The Liquidity Issue

It’s well established that the problem of liquidity is one primary factor slowing down economic progress. For example, although a business might have enough assets, they may be unable to access the public securities markets, leaving their assets in a highly illiquid situation. Up to now, this problem has been solved by securitization, but this has been restricted to large financial institutions.

The liquidity problem is common to the entire world and is one of the main barriers to economic progress. Even if businesses have sufficient assets that might be considered as a source of capital inflow when traded on the classical financial markets they may be categorized as poorly liquid or illiquid. Large banks and corporations solve this problem by securitization. However, preparations for this process may take as long as 6 months and the cost is typically between $300,000 and $1 million. This strategy is evidently not financially viable for SMEs.

BankEx offers the advantages of blockchain technology to organize the flow of diverse assets, which might otherwise be characterized as illiquid. This market is worth at least $10 trillion. Examples include:

  • Precious metals in pawnshops, and even unextracted PMs. Using the blockchain the time needed to evaluate the price of such assets can be reduced from 2 or 3 days to mere seconds, allowing for the application of the spot price on a gold market potentially worth $5 trillion.
  • Under-financed small businesses. The gap is evaluated at $2.1–2.6 trillion.
  • National fiat currencies. According to the World Economic Forum, at least 10% of world GDP will be held in cryptocurrencies by 2025.

Small banks which do not have enough resources to integrate new technologies and which cannot use securitization due to the low volumes for their portfolios.

BankEx’ Proof-of-Asset protocol, legal frameworks, and technological solutions provide for solutions to this issue, giving consumers options, and making real progress towards granting liquidity options to the market.


The Bankex foundation comprises a lot of professionals who have worked together to contribute meaningfully to the success of the business. The team includes Bankex advisors, the core team members, and the technology team members.

The Bankex advisors include:

  • Chris Skinner, based in London, UK and one of the top 40 global influencers of Fintech
  • Nehemia Kramer, based in New York, US, a blockchain investment advisor
  • Sergey Sergienko, the founder at Chronobank and an active member of the worldwide crypto community
  • Bankex core team members include:
  • Igor Khmel, the founder of the fintech lab at Sberbank.
  • Denis Khoruzhiy, a technical director and an expert in machine learning and natural language processing
  • Nauris Dauksta, the founder, and CEO at Token.Coach
  • Matt Armstrong, Proof of Asset ambassador, the co-founder of multiple blockchain startups in London.
  • Dmitry Finkelstein, an investment analyst, and director of BASIS CAPITAL.

The Tech Team members include:

  • Sergey Korolev, the pioneer of commercial software development in Eastern Europe
  • Ivan Tretyakov, the Fin-tech expert, project manager and investment advisor at FINAM and Alfa.

About The Company

BankEx Labs is a factory of fintech products, which is currently developing technologies to increase the liquidity of bank assets and also of new assets using the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) process. BankEx operates on the private intrabank market and on the public market, i.e. stock markets, and crypto exchanges. The company is preparing its own ICO, in the process of entering the Singapore and USA markets.

BankEx Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to develop the community and ecosystem of BankEx, push forward the protocol of liquidity and help owners of assets gain access to capital from all around the world.

The founder of BankEx is Igor Khmel. He was previously a managing director of the Sberbank Innovation Lab, worked in the McKinsey Moscow office and in the Citadel’s hedge fund Chicago office. He graduated from Stanford Business School, MPTI, RSE, and MSU.


People can locate Bankex to buy tokens in these various places: Block Con 2017 at Santa Monica, CA, USA on 11th to 12th October, Money 20/20, at Las Vegas, NV, USA, on 22nd to 25th October, and Coin Agenda, Las Vegas, NV, USA on 22nd to 25th October.

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