Bank4You – Introduce Mobile Money Remittance System

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Bank4You – Introduce Mobile Money Remittance System

Bank4You – I propose to consider a venture that offers a Mobile Money Remittance System (MMRS) – a creative electronic installment framework that empowers the reception of cross-outskirt versatile exchanges between nations with the capacity to pull in stores in nearby money utilizing the results of the administrator neighborhood portable, for example, portable and portable cash.

This is essentially the primary crypto union with the versatile system administrator record and this depends on the blockchain. As I would see it, the premise of any great task is the receptiveness and openness of data. That is the reason I firmly suggest actualizing blockchain innovation into a versatile cash exchange framework – the industry frantically needs an answer that does not take into consideration extortion. The Bank4YOU Group will give finish scope when utilizing extensive information and raise money.

From my perspective, this isn’t about sure highlights, instead of the general accommodation of the administration. Bank4YOU Group’s extraordinary card arrangements accompany an assortment of helpful versatile keeping money administrations. Normal clients would prefer to require or not to see from behind the hood and perceive how the entire innovation functions. That is the reason the Mobile Bank4You Group application, made by a group of tech balance technologists, needs a refresh, as the possibility of a Mobile Money Transfer Money System is being raised. I really trust that blockchain will shape the fate of cash exchange moves. For what reason not enable clients to utilize digital currency and make worldwide installments at the least cost? Nobody has done this sometime recently.

The possibility of crowdfunding and ICO for our age has truly been grasped by numerous clients. CNBC refers to that in the main portion of 2017, tenderfoots have aggregated expansive entireties of $ 1.27 billion through ICO, outperforming the sum put resources into tech new companies with investment. ICO is an instrument to raise reserves for digital currency organizations. It is additionally a 3.0 people subsidizing model, which enables members to fund the advancement of organizations to profit by such interests later on.

ICO commitments will be utilized for additionally venture advancement. Bank4YOU Group intends to utilize crowdfunded strategies to expand the portable cash framework, new programming improvement, joining of the new microcredit framework, and new monetary administrations in light of Blockchain.

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Bank4You is making decentralized banking platform that will make international transactions much easier. Thanks to the private nodes, transactions will be faster and cheaper, with the price potentially going even lower with the system popularity growth. The company is also introducing ERC compatible tokens that are tied to the local currency, which will be used for international transactions. Security is on a high level with the Ethereum blockchain network, with trust issue being solved through a transparent system. With mobile Bank4You app, it is like having a bank with you where ever you go, easily accessible with just a few clicks. Welcome to the Western Union for crypto transactions.

Initial Coin Offering

There are a couple of ways to get the tokens. One of them is through the ICO.

  • By participating, you are supporting the creators of the project to help them reach their goal.
  • The token sale is live and is scheduled for 50 days in total, with the minimum amount to invest set at $100.
  • Total token supply is 300 000 000 BFY tokens. With over 3 000 000 USD already raised, the project is a safe way to succeed.

To whom is the venture coordinated?

“The Bank4YOU Group sets itself the undertaking of giving a sheltered, secure and brilliant income from customers with the most recent innovation cooperation in the installments field. On account of the endeavors of the Bank4YOU Group, cross-outskirt exchanges are presently accessible even to the individuals who are significantly constrained in reserves.

Most of the number of inhabitants in nations with creating economies (eg, Africa, Latin America and Asia) don’t approach full managing an accountability framework. We will probably enable individuals to utilize virtual versatile administrations anyplace on the planet, paying little heed to where they originate from. City citizenship never again assumes a definitive part of accessing portable interpretation administrations.

Kraudfanding for our situation is an instrument for scaling business on a worldwide level with a specific end goal to acknowledge yearnings to enhance a large number of individuals’ lives. ”

Versatile Money Remittance System (MMRS) is an electronic installment framework that permits cross-outskirt finance exchanges to any nation on the planet with the likelihood of further pulling back them to neighborhood cash utilizing items from nearby portable bearers. In particular, Mobile Money or Mobile Airtime. Such an answer is a flat out the curiosity in the versatile installments segment.

Before you, the world’s first union joining union venture with versatile transporter accounts. The likelihood of worldwide exchanges is a key property of the framework. Be that as it may, the fundamental development is the chance to start moves in cryptographic money from customer records to portable records.


The world’s first versatile cash framework was built up in 2001 in the Philippines. The most renowned framework was propelled in Kenya by Safaricom, like the substantial worldwide broadcast communications organization Vodafone. Safaricom made the M-Pesa framework in 2008, making a leap forward in world history. Versatile cash has given a huge number of individuals in creating nations the capacity to exchange cash securely, rapidly, dependable.

As indicated by the World Bank, versatile administrations are accessible in 85% of nations, where the quantity of individuals with access to ledgers is under 20%.

Bank4You Popular

The most well known versatile cash in low-wage nations, and nations in the locale of Black Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa), Latin America, the Caribbean. In GSMA gauges, the half increment in versatile cash in Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa.

Over 40% of the grown-up populace in nations, for example, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Uganda, Paraguay, Namibia, dependably utilize portable cash.

As indicated by Nielsen’s report, the most mainstream portable managing an account in creating nations: utilized by 46% of India’s populace, 37% of Indonesia’s populace, 34% of Mexico’s populace, and 34% of Turkey’s populace.

The most famous arrangements are shared, from individual to individual. In any case, 46% of clients in India and 45% of clients in China pay with portable cash in bars, eateries, and retail locations.

As indicated by the GSMA affiliation, which unites several versatile administrators around the world, from 2015 to 2016 the volume of exchanges between portable records and ledgers developed by 120%. Digital money, for the most part, Bitcoin and Etherium, is currently a dynamic domain for settlements and exchanges as a managing an accountability framework. Our choice – with cryptographic money merging and portable records – must demonstrate a similarly dynamic increment as opposed to an expansion in exchanges amongst versatile and financial balances, which is no less than 120% for each annum.

Join the Tokensale!

Propelling its own ICO Bank4YOU Group expects to quicken the objective of scaling its administration rollout crosswise over Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Partake in unfathomably cheering token deal beginning Monday sixth November and be compensated for your BFY token commitment. You are certain to see the distinction.

The principal period of the ICO starts on November 6, 2017, at 12 p.m. London Time (UTC+0) and will last until January 31, 2018, 10 p.m. or then again until the point that the hard top of $50 million has been come to.

Bank4You Token


Bank4You Roadmap

ICO rounds are booked as demonstrated as follows, with existing token holders getting noteworthy rebates:

  • 6.11.17– 12.11.17 Purchase BFY tokens with 20% rebate.
  • 13.11.17– 26.11.17 15% rebate.
  • 27.11.17– 17.12.17 10% rebate.
  • 18.12.17– 31.01.18 Last round with common rates for BFY.

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