Azultec – Highly Efficient To Acquire Crypto Currency

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Azultec – Highly Efficient To Acquire Crypto Currency

Azultec – We are happy to introduce the WizardMachine 300, a high-performance, water-cooled render server for the industry, built with highly optimized hardware and software. Thanks to these optimizations, the Wizard Machine 300 works up to 25 percent more efficiently than traditional rendering solutions. This also leads to increased reliability and lifespan of the components and enables additional services for use in a professional environment.

Azultec Cube is the latest solutions that are environmentally friendly and highly efficient to acquire cryptocurrency. By using one of our Cubes, you can make money by joining crypto our cloud computing network, to become part of a decentralized cloud storage solutions and through mining. For all our cube, you have the option to use renewable energy and recover up to 72% of the heat generated.

Azultec established because we have identified the demand for energy efficient solutions and environmentally friendly to mining cryptocurrency because we want to offer a more sustainable solution.


Currently, mining requires expensive equipment and large amounts of energy. The investment costs for large amounts of energy, equipment costs, and environmental impact of energy use is important. The world we are in the process of global warming. If global warming has failed to stop, many plant species will disappear and many species will not survive.


azultec Cube, mining tools that facilitate more energy efficient than mining only: it is a solution cryptocurrency most efficient mining. Thanks to their versatility, Azultec Cube offers many additional applications in other fields, such as decentralized cloud storage, energy storage, and more.

Thanks to liquid cooling, mining computer work more efficiently, and Cube requires much less maintenance. Because mining dust problems with air-cooled computers are no longer relevant and overall reduced heat, Cube work more efficiently and offer longer operating life than comparable air-cooled mining computer. With a modular design, the Cube is very easy to maintain.

While the traditional mining computer, a lot of energy is wasted as heat. With Azultec Cube, up to 72% of this energy can be reused thanks to the recovery. the cube can be connected to the heating system of the house, making it possible to transfer heat to the heat storage tank or heating circuit. The right partner to install computers mining in the heating system is available in Germany. Cube not only can be attached to a local heating system, but it is also possible to connect to a photovoltaic system and store thermal energy obtained.

The cube can do much more than just produce cryptocurrency. By equipping mining computer with a hard drive, each Cube can be part of a decentralized cloud storage system. Thanks to the high-performance hardware Cube, it is also possible to use the computing capacity to do the job rather than mining cryptocurrency, which can be much more profitable than mining.

Cloud Provides Services: More In Demand Than Ever

In addition to well-known software giant and Hollywood studios, other business segments such as 3D studio, animation studios, and advertising agencies as well as the computing power may need to make their product. This is where azultec WizardMachine 300 comes: thanks to high computing performance, water-cooled workstations destined for these tasks.
For industrial purposes: azultec WizardMachine 300

The azultec WizardMachine 300 is an entry-level solution for the cloud computing industry in the 19-inch rack format the industry standard server (3,5U). EveryWizardMachine delivered “plug and play” Ready and supports a quick and easy installation in the data center – a complex, time-consuming and expensive setup by a specialist is not necessary.

Air-cooling hardware extends lifespan

Thanks to the unique design, up to eight graphics cards can be installed, all of which are connected to the motherboard. Instead of using some of the fans who interfere with each other, the waste heat from the graphics card and processor kept at bay by the radiator cooling water. This eliminates the problem of heat and increases the life of the hardware since it operates at a lower temperature.

High performance out of the box

Create a task in WizardMachine 300 processed by GTX1070 GeForce 8 cards (each with 4GB GDDR5X) and 4 GB DDR4RAM. Water-cooled graphics card. A 2TB hard drives provide internal storage. T you with positive monthly results from € 308 to € 1908. The WizardMachine 300 itself has a retail price of € 6499 and will be repaid in full within 3 to 21 months. Please note that this is a very conservative calculation, which according to the workload WizardMachine only 25 percent.

Outsourcing rendering with Otoy Plugin

Currently, the smaller the rendering process often is still running on a desktop PC. H owever, this can not be used productively during this process, because of the workload of the system is nearly 100 percent. Thanks to a plug-in is available optionally from Otoy, the world’s leading cloud graphics, such tasks can now be outsourced to WizardMachines. To give an example: create a job that will take nearly 40 minutes even on a 32-core CPU can now be done on making the server within two minutes. This saves time and enables higher productivity.

A license from Otoy plugin costs 300 euros and supports various 3D animation programs, including AutoCAD Inventor and SolidWorks. A complete list is available via this link on the website Otoy.

Significant cost savings

In addition to optimized heat dissipation, WizardMachine 300 offers another cost saving feature: custom cooling block costs about 80 percent less than conventional models. They also eliminate the need for complicated wiring or hardware riser air conditioning for external GPU array. This makes WizardMachine cheaper and more mobile.
thanks to a better performance for custom BIOS
azultec also fine-tuned the system at the software level. The graphics card in WizardMachine 300 including an improved version of the BIOS, developed with the approval of the manufacturer, which enables GPUs to work much more efficiently than the usual air-cooled models. For example, the card offers a clock speed higher out-of-the-box, which is made possible by an effective cooling water.

Pricing and availability

The azultec WizardMachine 300 will be available at Amazon or shop online this Aquatuning began in late January 2019 at a suggested retail price of € 6499 / $ 6999.

Reminder: azultec ICO begins March 5!

The official launch of the ICO azultec is March 5, 2019, at 3 pm (CET). This is to optimize the production of water-cooled workstations rendering as well as to finance the development of a decentralized cloud computing network in the world. Pre-registrations have been received!

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been growing rapidly in recent years. The goal is resource center virtualization management and data centers, such as electrical or computing storage. Advantages of cloud computing lies in its versatility. the task of computing, storage and network resources can be distributed as needed.
Cloud computing customers have the advantage of being able to use the service without investing in new hardware or software, because it is usually not profitable for occasional tasks.
There are a variety of cloud computing services are different, most of which fall into one of the following categories: SaaS43 (Software as a Service), IaaS44 (Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS45 (Platform as a Service) and FaaS46 (Functions as a Service). Plan Azultec to lease computing time online at
future (see roadmap). Cube owners will be paid to provide the computing power of their

Two-year Warranty, Technical Support, And Software Included

All products have a warranty of two years WizardMachine. It also includes technical support, which will be available in case of questions or problems related to the device, as well as support for remote access. The purchase price also includes pre-installed, pre-configured Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and antivirus software Pro Eset.
Drawing on more than 20 years of experience
azultec combines the expertise of three well-known German companies from the IT and high-tech sectors: Aquatuning is the world’s largest distributor of the DIY liquid cooling system for PCs. Alphacool is a manufacturer of water coolers with clients in the IT, automotive and business enterprises. technikPR most technical PR agency with some of the top Fortune 500 companies as clients technological world. azultec can rely on long-term contracts with well-known hardware manufacturers for production WizardMachine.

Distribution of the 40% company token:

  • 65% will be used as reserves, of which 50% will be locked for 6 months, and the remaining 50% locked for 12 months.
  • 10% will be used for business negotiations.
  • 10% will be given to partners.
  • 15% to the founders. These tokens will be locked for 12 months.


Azultec Roadmap

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