Atronocom – Break The Boundaries And Take Steps Towards Decentralization

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Atronocom – Break The Boundaries And Take Steps Towards Decentralization

Atronocom – We will give the article to present “Atronocom” Platform project to potential participants and those interested in contributing to its development. The information listed below may not be exhaustive and does not imply any contractual relationship. Its main purpose is to provide information to all people so that they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company in order to obtain a signature or invest.

World cryptocurrency together with the growing demands constantly increasing complexity. Make a long-term and valuable cryptocurrency requires anonymous communication, payment methods and their application in the world economy and the ecosystem. Once this goal is reached the base of cryptocurrency is widely accepted to meet the market demands are met. On the demand far exceeds bid.

Hope to join this project is huge for us before you join will be better if you understand the project otherwise it will broaden and improve the information for you particularly understand the vision and mission of the project so that adds to your confidence.

ATRONOCOM, is a limited liability company (Ltd), “DMCC” Free Zone in Dubai and the foundation will be listed as Ledger Distributed resp. Blockchain and Software Development Company until the end of January 2019. The necessary permits will thus also be issued and published in the central list of United Arab Emirates. In cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Global Market, the implementation and use of the relevant financial components will then be discussed and put online in a structured manner.

Emirates offers us the possibility, as international know tourist destination, to reach people from all over the world and to develop such products would not be feasible in other countries in the world. The UAE is very flexible to new and emerging markets such as

Cryptocurrency and connect with technology products blockchain. In addition, the next Expo 2020 will take place next year in the UAE. We intend to be a partner with different companies and projects that affect the new ecosystem.

Atronocom Features

We are trying to break the boundaries and take steps towards decentralization correct and complete, with real proof of the first dedicated phone DAPP shares with algorithmic payout.

  • Token sales worldwide
  • Worldwide sales Token is the basis for ATRONOCOM, to begin with as a side project of fundraising for the fast-growing and marketing, it is a great marketing tool for the project.
  • Operating System Master node
  • We will send technical information after the presale. You only need to drop a message if you are interested in working with us.
  • Staking Application for Android and iOS
  • ATRONOCOM provides state of the art light node solutions for your smartphone that allows you to share where you are.
  • Crypto Bankcard, Wallets and Bursa
  • Banking features for FIAT & Crypto all in one, well designed DAPP.
  • OTC trading
  • The solution is in your ATRONOCOM DAPP and quickly and easily from your phone.
  • High-Security Messenger
  • All you need for communication – only faster and more secure than whatever you’re currently using.


  • ATRONOCOM has positioned itself as a safe platform in one of the fastest growing markets in the world.
  • ATRONOCON wants to make life easier for investors and participants with simple but sophisticated technology and products.
  • ATRONOCOM will provide practical experience and transparently guarantee and carry out information exchanges between the parties involved.
  • ATRONOCOM wants to make the development of research in recent years available to customers and partners with a reasonable price-performance ratio and safety-conscious.

Atronocom Future Of Ecosystem

In the next step, after the successful completion of the acquisition of capital, the company will be registered as a holding company in the Emirates with the main license and its subsidiaries will be opened in Liechtenstein and Malta in order to better protect the development and structure. The process is in preparation and will be completed as soon as 50% of the available ATRONOCOM tokens placed on the market. These steps are required to determine market interest and take the right decisions about the pace of expansion and project development. The projects will be launched independently and are not connected to the progress of the sales phase ATRONOCOM token crowd. However, increased sales progress may accelerate project deployment time.

Why We Do This

The cryptocurrency world and related requirements become increasingly complex and difficult. Particularly in developing long-term, valuable cryptocurrency, and related projects, as well as a safe and anonymous communication, payment methodologies and their application, still a lot of development needed to be able to meet only the imperfect real. demand in the market.

We thought we pushed the industry forward. Our team members have been able to develop and accompany projects for big companies while getting a lot of experience that is used in our work ATRONOCOM Ltd.

A smartphone is a king. This sentence becoming and will become increasingly important in the future, because of the intensity of use and diversity will continue to evolve with the development of the device. Fans of the first hour of movement crypto now approaching the age of 60. Thus, the age of the products developed by us and related products is an important factor in the assessment and our decision.

Token Sales

  • Total Tokens: 440’000’000
  • Management: 15% (66m)
  • 25 million = 15 Eurocents
  • 50M = 30 Eurocents
  • 50M = 40 Eurocents
  • 50M = 50 Eurocents
  • 50M = 65 Eurocents
  • Break: 149 million for incentives bets
  • Staking incentive Token: 20 -30% per year, the Token will be given to investors after the close of SAFT (Simplified Treaty of Token Future) Thus the betting process officially injected.

Commission Sales Network

  • Level 1: 10%
  • Level 2: 3%
  • Level 3: 5%
  • Level 4: 2%
  • Level 5: 1%

The Use Of Capital

  • 50%: Marketing and sales
  • 30%: product development
  • 10%: Legal & Corporate Structure
  • 10%: the possibilities


  1. Thomas Koller – CEO
    With the Chief Executive Officer position, as well as analytical and conceptual planning, Thomas and his team have now brought to a project that has been prepared for a long period of time.
  2. Fizimayer Manual – COO
    In the position of “Chief Operational Officer”, Manuel handles daily business and oversees each work group to ensure user-friendliness.
  3. Maximilian Kozdro CC – CCO
    As the communications manager and driving force behind one of the largest crypto networks in Europe
  4. Nicolas Schmid – LEADING TECHNOLOGY
    Nicolas Schmid, an expert for
  5. Marc Schildknecht software development – LEAD TECHNOLOGY
    Since 2015, Marc has held a leading position in mining projects in Switzerland and abroad
    For decades, Tino has worked with makers our community’s opinions and leaders as motivators and trainers.
  7. Peter Wong – COUNSELOR
    Management Board Member Apex Capital Ventures HK LTD.
  8. Matt Wei – COUNSELOR
    Former HSBC banker and member of the HSBC Singapore Law and Compliance Department.
  9. Alexander Sabeti – COUNSELOR
    Alexander is a senior member of Apex Capital Ventures Ltd. and has worked in the financial sector since 1993.


  • 2018 January-March
    Project preparation and definition.
  • 2018 APRIL-JUNE
    Technical planning and team building, and starting programming and library tools for cellular and banking versions.
    Test for the first co-developer and implementation of the security concept.
    Completion of components for banking, bank cards, and Messenger, and for smartphones. The beta version of all components was completed successfully. The optimization process is injected.
  • January 2019
    API and interaction structure, and online beta.
  • 2019 APRIL-JUNE
    DApp activation and network light nodes, relay nodes and master nodes
  • July 2019
    Expansion of platforms and marketing activities, as well as planning and participation in international events.


Of course, the review of this project is purely for information purposes, since hardly any of you have an accredited investor status. Nevertheless, I am very pleased that such a “giant” appears in the industrial market crypto-currency, and it is impossible to call them instead. If the project itself had a strong start and develop under the guidance of the UAE states, then what can be discussed indulgence and defects in general.

So do not forget about this project, follow the news and using products with pleasure, as soon as it will be available to the mass public. If you want to get acquainted with Atronocom more detail, then at the end of the article you will find all the necessary information is available on the official and social resources of the project.

To know the latest information about the Astronocom project you can visit the link below:



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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Astronocom team, I just give you the latest ICO info”