Atomz – Buying And Selling Cryptocurrency Easier And Safer

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Atomz – Buying And Selling Cryptocurrency Easier And Safer

Atomz – Today it is very easy to buy Bitcoins, but some altcoins still difficult to buy. As we all know, is a good buy low and sell high, but with a new password, you never know if the project fails, you lower after buying fully or will rise as soon as you sell what you think in the historical record. storage is to solve other problems, and these days, if the exchange is hacked, there is the opportunity to get your password back quite low (see the case of the Mount GOX, the first exchange hack who do not pay back the money yet) one of the automated tradings of other issues at hand, it is difficult to do this as a good trading robot is quite expensive, not very transparent, not a cloud (private server is not), but not very customizable.

The atomz project aims to facilitate investment while generating profits. proprietary software to analyze trends, and determine the best goal cryptocurrencies buy or sell at a certain time. Help for beginners. You need to know more blockchain technology will provide customers and reach safety, more accepting, they will get more value will be created.

About Atomz

The project plans to build an encrypted Atomz investment statistics, which will emphasize the accessibility and safety for users. As we all know, the market cryptocurrency reached a peak of nearly 1 trillion earlier this year, attracting thousands of new people and capital. Daily trading volume reached billions of dollars, coins saw their prices, while the starters for a significant increase in the industry is not profitable FOMOing lost much of their capital. Atomz cryptocurrency aims to make investment easy as possible to protect the public investment.


With the advent of technology and related cryptocurrencies blockchain, more and more people are considering investing in encryption. First, you want to protect your network – dollar empire, considered by many falls is inevitable over a period of time is worth. Second, because of your support behind cryptocurrencies visions of society – this is a world of freedom and hardly worth the effort. Thirdly, as you know and love technology. However, many people find it difficult and time to know what cryptocurrencies buy and sell. Many people around the victim cryptocurrency speculation. Nothing was missed, the peak of the bubble in fear of purchase is heavy, just want to make money quickly, rather than understanding and lack of professional research proposal.

In addition, the newcomers do not know how, when, where to buy cryptocurrencies, creating a barrier, cryptocurrency market. Many people still lack knowledge and understanding, in order to diversify the investment portfolio to reduce personal risk, are similar to mutual funds in the stock market. There is no demand for this service is known. For assets to constantly change the time and investors who wish to do so, you need an automation system is cheap, reliable, trustworthy and transparent.


These problems listed above have the potential to encourage more investment from the encryption market investors. It is interesting to note that the best solution to this problem has been developed. In ” Atomz ” development platform designed to address these issues and to ensure that more people can invest in this cryptocurrencies. The main objective is to create a platform that Atomz customers at the same time generate enough profit in the process as easy as possible. Atomz software will be able to analyze, relate to cryptocurrencies trend. In addition, the software will be able to have calculated after careful evaluation of each indicator cryptocurrency Atomz.

One problem mentioned above is that finding the right time to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from. The software will be able to Atomz current and potential investors (after a detailed calculation and analysis), purchase and sale of these cryptocurrencies right time.

First, the software Atomz developed to help potential investors and ordinary cryptocurrency provide appropriate solutions or guidance to help them overcome the challenges involved in the transaction cryptocurrencies. To do this, the software is divided into three levels, in consultation cryptocurrency layer, which cryptocurrency mutual funds, as well as trading robots cryptocurrency.

The atomz project aims to facilitate investment, as well as customers to create profits. Our software will analyze a lot of trends cryptocurrency. After many calculations and comparisons, our software will assess Atomz cryptocurrencies index. the index will decide to buy, and at that time, the best selling cryptocurrency. With the Atomz platform, our goal is to help cryptocurrencies first and ordinary investors overcome obstacles blockchain technology investments.

Our Vision

Some of them are interested in the world cryptocurrencies Atomz can easily project a vision, to invest safely. Consumers should have the painful experience, while also helping them reduce costs or profits. The project wants to reduce cryptocurrencies Atomz participation, risk and make it easier for public participation. More blockchain technology can safely reach the hands of consumers, the more they will be accepted, the more they will go up.

Benefits Using Atomz

The Cryptocurrency Advice Tier

Atomz software will be able to say which one wants to be ordinary traders buy and sell the best cryptocurrencies time. In order to ensure the development trend layer by providing accurate information, the software layer will use some markets, trading formulas, and strategies. In addition, the formula has been integrated Atomz. It will be able to calibrate around the importance of each trend. Based on the preferences, the software can be customized to display the results cryptocurrencies selected accordingly. The purpose of this software is in every hour, it will run every analysis of a hundred coins. This will help determine where best to buy cryptocurrencies minutes.

The Cryptocurrency Mutual Funds Or Pack

This is the second layer, they should invest in the best lineup to inform investors. It will include a market-based capital may experience all the coins on prices in the future. Will automatically determine the special price for the package. In fact, there are various types of packaging, investors can choose from;

• This is only based on the encryption every coin market capital market funding package

• The technology package is based on technological advances bring this cryptocurrency

• It is based on some new cryptocurrencies beginning, shows great potential adopters package

• This is just a token-based sign package

• This package is based on the Atomz on cryptocurrencies above has been calculated by the index Atomz.

The Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

Atomz’s software will be able to invest in a third stage investor. This is because they are in a better position to invest because of their extensive knowledge of the market trends, market capitalization, and trading strategies.

Atomz software settings to solve all the problems, and want to be a regular cryptocurrency investor may face.

Token Details

The token symbol is ATZ, and the time of the token generation event is not yet known. There will be three phases, first for private investors, 2 million ATZ at the price of 0.40 USD, second phase for pre-ICO, 3 million ATZ at the price of 0.60 USD and the last phase, the ICO, with 10 million ATZ, at the price of 0.8–1 USD. The accepted cryptocurrencies for payment are BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, BCH and DASH.

The allocation for the tokens will be done like this:

  • 20% team (5 million ATZ)
  • 40% ICO (10 million ATZ)
  • 14% pre-ICO (3.4 million ATZ)
  • 14% investors (3.5 million ATZ)
  • 12% marketing and other services (3 million ATZ)
  • All unsold tokens will be locked for one year and sold later.

Funds distribution will be done like this:

  • 50% research and development
  • 25% operations and admin
  • 15% marketing
  • 5% legal expenses
  • 5% charities.


Let’s take a look at their Roadmap. They started in November 2017 making the journey from idea to first software development, after the team was made. The first functional base software for advice tier and the token sale preparation began in April 2018. In August 2018 they started to recruit private investors and partners to help with the ICO and product development. In November 2018 the pre-ICO sale was organized, to bring additional funds for the project and gain a functional user base. Next steps to follow are:

  • November 2017:
    The ATOMZ project began. Starting from an idea to the development of the first software. We were recruiting some team members and ideas to help other crypto investors and use blockchain technology.
  • April 2018:
    The base software is functional for the advice tier. We are in need of a user base to help us fine-tune the algorithm and software. We started preparing for the token sale.
  • July 2018:
    The main development for the upcoming ICO is finished. We are polishing the projects and recruiting private investors to help us during our token sale and after the ICO. We are also recruiting more and more partners to help us with the ICO and development of the software.
  • September 2018:
    After having recruited private investors to help us advertise and gain a user base, we will launch our pre-ICO, to gain additional funds to promote the ICO and gain a substantial user base to furthermore the chance of success of the ATOMZ platform.
  • October 2018:
    After having recruited funds from the pre-ICO, we are ready to launch our ICO publisher and finally promote this platform to the Access to the growth of the ATOMZ Platform and build trust within the community we are wanting to form.
  • December 2018:
    December of the Atomz ICO. We will devote our time on the software and re3ruite more team members with the funds that we have acquired. We will also be working on getting on more exchanges to increase the popularity of the ATOMZ Token and Platforms, such as Binance, HitBTC, KuCoin, Bittrex and many more …
  • April 2019:
    After having time to develop the software for some time, we will launch a closed beta to those who are interested. We will collect feedback and requests to improve our software.
  • May 2019:
    After having a good, functional platform, we will try and get partnerships with many bigger brands and businesses to popularize the launch and success of the ATOMZ Platform shortly coming.
  • July 2019:
    After having enough feedback from the community, we will launch the ATOMZ Open-beta platform to gather events more feedback and add additional features to the platform. We will also be testing and optimizing features such as community voting, decentralized login login / token, and a limited user base to increase value in the token.
  • September 2019:
    Now that we have fine-tuned our software and developed a considerable user base, we will launch the platform openly to the ATZ Tokens on the website and therefore adding more token and, consequently, rewarding those who invested during our token sale.


I think it is an interesting Atomz project, aimed at a good niche. Encryption engine market volatility disappointed, a lot of newcomers, who left the market with huge losses. If the project’s success in the future, they should get significant traction platform and user base. In addition, we expect to run with the volume and livestock trillion lunar exploration program, they are essentially a platform for all traders need victory conditions.

On the other hand, I believe that the current market conditions do not get the funds needed for success ICO is not good enough. Most run their infection control director in the last few months of the project failed to collect the necessary funds. Therefore, there is a real risk Atomz will not be able to obtain the funds required, which significantly reduces their ability to marketing and promotional platforms, which is key to the project.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Atomz team, I just give you the latest ICO info”