Athos Meta – A Noteworthy Blockchain Network that Provides Diverse Schemes

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Recently, The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem has been growing significantly in terms of prominences and image development. This is an important factor for investors. These factors are important factors for investors. These new immigrants have entered the market. Generally speaking the interests of the people’s cryptocurrency exchange. Yes, of course, this is a very good use of industry, but most of these organizations do not take into account that new users need special tools and interfaces to really understand the system and system technology. Meta Athos platform is indeed a good place, which can solve this problem while promoting large-scale media releases that can generate income or appreciation.

Athos Meta is a decentralized blockchain system that modifies and shapes the challenges faced by digital asset holders and game fans. Blockchain technology is the most popular way to buy cryptocurrency tokens in the world, and use trust, shop exchanges, transactions, and cryptocurrency sales. This is a public digital classification account that is scattered, distributed, and general for cross-network recording transactions, so that there is no follow-up block and network consensus can be traced again, and recording cannot be tracked again.

Introduction To Authos Meta

Athos Meta appeared in early 2022. This is the first ecosystem that has a different spectacular area, such as automatic robotics trade, agriculture, accumulation, games, and bets, bringing the biggest benefits for investors and holders. Athos Meta also has a variety of experienced ecosystems and human resources, which aim to develop with transparency, comfort, safety, and long-term benefits. In the process of transactions and games Authos Meta games, your funds will be automatically generated and put into your wallet immediately. Steps are needed to ensure that every step of the financial meta team and author. They are trying to increase the ecosystem with KYC and audit to ensure that their investors and investments are confirmed correctly.

The robot trading system will automatically track changes in the level of cryptocurrency. Professional analysis, amplitude, dynamic price, and process exceed 2.5 million scenarios, thus saving valuable time and increasing the level of victory, and maintaining consistent results.

You only need to spend $30 a month. You already have a trading robot with a strong capacity, which can help you strengthen your wallet without having to monitor all -weather, stare at graphics and analyze the market.

Staking — Easy and Safe

The Athos Meta token always stays in your wallet; it doesn’t need to be put into the hands of a 3rd party or centralized authority. All you need to do is buy & hold as you automatically receive rewards in your own wallet so there are no more complicated staking processes at all.

Farming- Highest APR ever

Athos Meta pays out attractive rates of APR ranging from 62.88% to 164.76% and 107.04% on stable coins which rivals anything in the DeFi arena to date.

Addictive Fish Gaming

Be an outstanding sniper with Athos Meta Fish Gaming — Each player is a legend by choosing the best fishing rod and state-of-the-art weapons to go and catch fish. Stress is away and money is around.

Auto Token Burn

One of the exciting features of the Athos Meta is that the tokens are not sold out in Seed and Private will be burned which prevents the circulating supply from getting out of hand and becoming unmanageable.

Athos Meta Corporate Ladder

Referral Mechanism is our project highlight and this is a firm foundation between us and the broker’s corporation. For brokers following convenience, we apply a ranking system as below:

  • Sharer: Have to name them workaholics cuz they’re very passionate about sharing. Start your work with Sharer Badge.
  • Apprentice: It is the first step that is troublesome, but we love their motivation. Just invest 100$, and you are now Apprentice.
  • Maker: That person is really potential and has a huge ambition. You must be an Apprentice, then have 10F1 in your system, and each F1 has invested from 500$. In addition, has any 2 branches reach total revenue is $30k, you will get the Maker badge.
  • Master: Experience is the best teacher. Keeping steady in your daily job, you gonna be versed in this field soon. When you have 2 Maker in your downline, you will get the Master badge.
  • Entrepreneur: He has wrapped up his work for continuous 10.000 working hours. He’s now on the top of the laurel he’s always dreamed of. Getting 2 Master in your downline, congratulation!!, you have reached the top ladder of Athos Meta – Entrepreneur badge.

Each level has a profound and meaningful badge, no matter if you are a sharer or have reached to the highest levels – Entrepreneur, you will get a badge for your strong spirit and continuous effort from Athos Meta.

Token Details

  • Token name: Athos Meta
  • Total supply: 600.000.000
  • Symbol: $ATM
  • Decimals: 18
  • Contract: 0xF02b31b0B6dCabd579e41A0250288608FA43F898



​Phase 1:

Gather Athos Meta team
Generate ideas for Athos Meta Ecosystem
Design website
Prepare white paper
Outline marketing campaign
Build community on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Medium
Airdrop and Bounty campaign
Technical structure for the interface
Create Trading engine
TradingView integration Integration of Binance, Okex, Mexc, Houbi, Gate
Multicurrency functions
Athos Dapp notification
UI/UX Design Implemented
Metamask, Trust wallet, and other Dapp integration
Release Bot Trade and launch staking 1 top coins program

Phase 2:

Complete and release Staking Platform with 2 stable coins: BNB, BUSD
Push hard Marketing campaign
KOLs, Influencers corporation
The carry-out Airdrop distribution procedure
KYC and Audit with ContractChecker
Tokenomic Distribution
Open Seed Round and Private Sale on Athos Meta website
Listing $ATM on CoinmarketCap
Presale $ATM on Pinksale
Listing $ATM on Pancakeswap
Coingecko and listing
Game Design
Fish Gaming concept
Release General Athos Meta Farming structure

Phase 3:

Choose Farming Pair
Release Staking with $ATM
Interest and APY for Farming
Keeping pushing marketing campaign
Negotiate with KOLs, influencers
Release Farming system with 5 pairs of coin
Art gaming design concept
Business plan for NFT
Airdrop game event
Working with VC and Backers.

Phase 4:

Fish Gaming testnet version
Fishing guns equipment features upgrading
Community events and competitions
Game release New features on Fishing Town game: New map, New In-game Items, New NFTs
Game release 1.1 – Mobile (Android and IOS)
Mainnet game releasing

Phase 5:

Listing $ATM on CEX: Bybit, Gate, MECX
Expand marketing campaign to raise $ATM value
Updating Farming functions with 3 more pair coins: ADA – ATM, HOT CROSS – ATM, DOT – ATM
Press PR release
Dextools, Coinzilla advertisement


Athos Meta appears and is useful, because it is fully decentralized, which means that for citizens who live in unstable countries, Meta Authos allows them to freely cross the border of citizens with rich countries to create free transactions that Create certain economic creation equations. Therefore, it is recommended that we accept this new agreement in all ecosystems for further development.

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