ATFS – First Blockchain Solution On Meat Provision And Agricultural Assurance

ATFS – First Blockchain Solution On Meat Provision And Agricultural Assurance

ATFS – A review led on the inclination of individuals in the use of proposals for the life span of life uncovered that most people will get a kick out of the chance to live more and more joyful on Earth independent of status, statement of faith or land settlement. By 2050, the total populace is relied upon to extend to 9.7 billion, 34% more noteworthy than today, and about 2.1 billion will be individuals matured 60 years or over. Advancement will likewise proceed at a quickened pace, and 70% of the total populace is anticipated to be in metropolitan situations. Lamentably, urbanization empowers utilization propensities for created countries, one that is over the top with protein. It has been set up for example that the normal individual in the U.S. eats twofold the prescribed ordinary sum (103 grams for every day), of which 66% originates from creature sources. This is the eventual fate of the world we live in today.

We have approaching issues in sustenance security and inventory network: an expanding populace that requests more protein and a maturing populace that reductions rural profitability. Along these lines, we require a rural insurgency, and it needs your subsidizing. To intentionally make a significant framework to manage the world’s rural difficulties and different issues, was made an entire decentralized Blockchain innovation with digital currency as its core of operations.


The stage’s concentration is tripartite, the main mission is to make the most up to date brilliant homestead, the second is the creation and manageability of a problematic decentralized stage and thirdly to deliver plant-based meat for the abounding populace of the world, in an offer to serve humankind reasonably. ATFS Scheme is the world’s first spread out AgriTech and Food Science swarm subsidizing venture based on Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts. The center concentration of the environment is moored on progressively conveying Industrial transformation to the crypto world with ATFS Token. The venture is an overall answer to the world’s developing nourishment emergency by giving correlated mechanical advances in farming, new income base and supply frameworks and a socially-adequate substitute for meat utilization. The chart that takes after demonstrates the center highlights of the stage and how it is interconnected to each other on a chain.


This is the future of the world we live in now. The ATFS Lab has a problem in food security and the supply chain: an increasing population that demands more protein and an aging population that lowers agricultural productivity. Therefore, we need the agricultural revolution, and that needs your support. The ATFS Lab team proposes an integrated approach with three organically related missions as a solution:


  • Mission 1 – Smart Farming 2.0
  • Mission 2 – Disruptive Decentralization Platform
  • Mission 3 – Plant-Based Meat

Furthermore, the next illustration shows the technical implications of the workability of the platform and the modus to achieve the outlined proposal.

As explained in the opening paragraph of this piece, the platform is focusing on three major functions and technology to remodel the agricultural industry of the developed world. The sketch below gives an insight into the three major areas.

Is it getting interesting right? Take some few more minutes, get further technical and methodological details about the platform, and download White Paper at

The biological system will be filled through the instrumentality of the token framework since the stage is based on Blockchain innovation, in order to permit intrigued members and financial specialists come and remove a portion of the colossal possibilities of this 21st-century advancement. The token that will be utilized to execute, trade and interrelate with each other is the ATFS token. ATFS Token (ATFS) will be appropriated at a rate of 2,500 for each 1 ETH to members amid the group financing period. ATFS venture expects to swarm support from 25,000 ETH (Soft Cap) to 99,000 ETH (Hard Cap). Support period will keep going for 30 days. On the off chance that hard-top is achieved, the group subsidizing will close consequently. Subsequent to shutting swarm financing period, unsold tokens will be scorched. The pie outlines that take after shows how tokens created were disseminated and how to finance that will be brought will be allocated up arranged by need.

Token Allocation

ATFS Allocation Token

The ATFS project and its team members promise to improve the quality of life of people around the world by revolutionizing the current food system. Therefore, it is important and important to obtain funds during our crowdfunding period. By participating, you join a group of like-minded pioneers who know the benefits that the next agricultural revolution will bring. Profits from all stages of the ATFS Project will be shared under the ATFS Token smart contract. ATFS Lab is fully convinced that their ATFS Project is a win-win model for the agricultural and crypto world industries needed in world economic value.

Bonus Stage

ATFS Bonus Stage

ICO start date for ATFS is scheduled for January 10, 2018, and ICO Crowd-funding period will last for 30 days.

In a similar vein, the reward plan will take after the example portrayed beneath.

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