Asura Coin – Takes E-Sport Betting To The Next Level

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Asura Coin – Takes E-Sport Betting To The Next Level

Asura Coin – The start date of e-sports, which has become popular all over the world in recent years, and attracted the most attention after reaching the highest audience price after football, actually dating back to the 1980s, when the popularity of the hall is no longer There The first game usually begins to show itself in dusty gloves from the game console in the hall. I think my age is at my age and you do not have to go to the hall from childhood. As far as I know, the fact that competition is inherent in the game has been the greatest trigger for small-scale competition.

We joined Street Fighter and Tekken in our own way and hosted a small tournament between us. I remember how happy I was, and how the adrenaline that took place yesterday dragged me out of my body. The controversial fight that begins between arcade machines in Atari Hall and friends in an indispensable gaming machine will usually be overcome or get the highest score. The nature of the work required to transition from this limited scope to organizational competition is faster than usual around the world. After hosting a small tournament for Spacewar in 1972, the Space Invaders Championship, held in 1980 with thousands of contestants, achieved the first eSports competition in a real script. It became the last pioneer. In the end, with the support of big game companies, the game competition began to be heard around the world. After 2000, E-Sport officially emerged with the establishment of World Online Game and Sports World Cup.

According to my research on E-Sport, he has raised tips about his future. As a professional e-sports player in this game, you can play happily and have an appropriate environment where you can get on with the money you make. Now, with extraordinary prizes, the tournament can be extended from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. With the announcement of Olympic sports nominations, E-Sport has even begun to occupy a place on the world agenda. By opening the E-Sports team from Beşiktaş, Galatasaray, and Fenerbahce, this is one of the three main teams in the country, and it can be seen how serious exercise authority is. The level of display of e-sports competitions has begun to attract thousands of people, and millions have been discovered. Of course, the market ecosystem is starting to emerge, and big companies want to get the cake. In addition, the average duration of e-sports competitions on internet websites is more than an hour, and this average time increases. Perhaps the most popular sporting event on TV will be an e-sports competition.

Asura Platform

The Asura platform is designed to host a multi-channel platform that enables E-Sport to organize live tournaments and build ecosystems behind the development of E-Sport, with the ability to provide expert guidance and enable E-Sport to launch games. First, Asura will enter the platform through Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends and King of Glory, all in eSports world. Counter-Strike is always an independent place in its own way. I decided to join this platform.

Based on my experience, I realized that I can develop this field myself, and Asura offers many options in this regard. Due to the increasing influence of competitive conditions, the erratic E-Sport structure in the internet world is a problem as there are different platforms to follow the masses. However, it is not surprising that E-Sport is at the forefront of many unrelated bet pools. Asura plans to launch a dedicated betting channel operating under this one-stop integrated platform, specializing in e-sports bets. Unlike traditional platforms, since the system eliminates the game skills provided by blockchain technology and does not allow gaming to interfere with the outside world, the system focuses only on E-Sports and can improve platform revenue capabilities.

In addition, the platform’s flexibility to provide users with bets really gives them a chance to win prizes by providing and confirming this for those with creative betting ideas. Obviously, I like the idea of making my own bets. Using algorithms based on API and smart contract technology, I can easily create and post bets and other claims for the system. The models provided by Asura can greatly simplify the choice of future games. In fact, traditional e-sports bets are usually limited and development is not open, but Asura’s flexible and diverse betting environments are truly promising.

E-Sport and Live Tournaments

As mentioned earlier, e-sports bets are required. Most children can not use various e-sports betting methods. There is also a lack of a global platform designed specifically for betting. If there is no blockchain technology, betting can be a nightmare when funds can be withheld, fees are charged, and other similar problems. Most betting platforms do not include live tournaments.

Asura takes bets on e-sports to new levels. You can place a bet based on the player’s game style, results, and other events in the game. This will allow bets to be more relaxed and more profitable than regular Twitch donors. In addition to various betting systems, Asura also allows the community to make their own bets and get Asura coins to choose from.

Professional Guide

As the highest eSports ecosystem, Asura will recruit top players and give them deep guidance to other gamers. Gamers can get these deep guides from the Asura platform, as well as tournament flow and tournament flow.

Community Center

Of course, there are many competitive players who want to keep practicing for upcoming tournaments, but it’s hard to find others to participate in the competition. Look for obscene servers, outdated forums, and other ways to find available players uncomfortable. With community matching, users can create their own matches and bets. By using smart contracts, transparency and trust can be built on cost reduction.

A community center is a place where gamers can socialize without having to use another platform. You can use the Asura platform to discuss news, games, contests, tournaments, stories, and other topics. The arcade mechanism and other activities will also be included in the gamers experience.

Incentive Ecosystem

Gamers can obtain ASA tokens with clear winning bets, but they can also be obtained by other means. This includes organizing tournaments, creating high-quality content guides, helping other members to win tournaments through a community center or stream, and attend the monthly Asura World event.

The recommendation plan will promote the development of the Asura platform, Each member receives a unique referral link that allows them to invite other players to join the platform. Once the referring link is used, the person inviting the user will receive the ASA token and the newly signed user. This will increase the exposure significantly and effectively.

Asura Coin Ecosystem

How to get more ASA?

By winning 1v1 and 5v5 bets on the platform, you can earn ASA coins, get the highest ratings in your tournaments, create high-quality content, guide you to upgrade your eSpor players, and participate in the monthly Asura community center. The world show, it can be on the table.

I see eSpor from various perspectives. For those who know, they will get used to this topic. At Atari Hall, players not only enjoy the game while playing games but also enjoy the game while watching. Watching an experienced player’s game is a fun feeling. Of course, this environment must end with the appearance of the home console. Here, eSpor philosophy is based on a phenomenon that revives this joy.

As you can see, not only in E-Sport but also in trade and betting in the game, rapid development is reflected in the world’s ecosystem. Of course, there are negative situations, caused by the disturbance that causes environmental problems. I want to say it again, the department does not have a strong regulatory body. Because it is very important, it needs to be underlined. Asura will be the first platform to have eSpor and its own sustainable ecosystem. Asura will be in close contact with social networks within the ecosystem and will be one of the most enchanting stars in the eSpor world. Asura is the only project that can make a breakthrough in developing the user experience, which is the most important missing from eSpor. I think it is necessary to support it.

Key features of Asura coin project

  • The ability to bet on e-sports events – this will allow you to switch from poor currency controls and gray market prices to a more fair and transparent token service.
  • Free access to online streaming – Platform users will have the opportunity to watch various game tournaments for free.
  • Professional Guide Services – Developers offer a very different way to learn about the possibilities of game services. In particular, users will be able to use professional and experienced guide services to view tailor-made and customized content and train under additional options from successful players.
  • Communication between participants and their own competition – Users will have the opportunity to freely communicate with each other within the framework of the platform and manage their own online games.
  • Forum Support – Within the framework of this service gamer, you will be able to discuss the development of the entire project, sharing your own ideas and experiences in the following branches: online competition discussions, lifetime hacking, game features, humor.

Why does Asura choose NEO as blockchain?

Aside from the technical advantages NEO publically declare. It’s simply because NEO’s ethics fall in place with Asura Team’s ethics. Asura World seeks to solve community issues backed by technical advantages, Asura prioritizes community. And NEO is community focused and community driven.

Asura Coin Neo

The platform is powered by ASA Coin, an NEP-5 token that provides various functions and benefits in its own right. Utilizing the application of the NEO blockchain technique, the security of the ASURA platform has been significantly improved over the usual central structure. Modern NEO Blockchain technology will enable faster concurrency and scalable scalability with the same blockchain as possible.

The absence of NEO blockchain provides the direct relationship between users, secures payments, protects data repositories and transfers. Each player can arrange his or her own session, view the tournament live from others, participate in scoring and bet. Each winner in the bet, the Asura platform holds a percentage of the monthly prize amount. Each player wins the ASA tokens when won.

The platform uses ASA Coin, an NEP-5 token that uses the NEO blockchain. Many platforms use ethereum-based tokens, but I think NEO tokens are performing better and will be used for ASA coin bets, payments, incentives, forum contributions and more. The Asura World platform will have both paid and free content. Members using the platform will have multiple ways to earn coins, including contributing content and hosting tournaments.

Asura Coin Distribution Details

Asura Coin Token Distribution

  • Start Date: June 2nd, 2018
  • End Date: June 30th, 2018
  • Soft Cap: $2,500,000
  • Hard Cap: $12,000,000
  • Bonus: 20% First 24 Hours
  • ICO Token Price: 1 NEO = 5000 ASA
  • Minimum Contribution: 1 NEO
  • Max Contribution Day 1: 50 NEO
  • Max Contribution Day 2: 500 NEO
  • Bonus Stage 1: 15% for the first Hour of Day 2
  • Bonus Stage 2: 10% for 100+ NEO Investors (Max 500)
  • Accepted Currencies: NEO
  • Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000 Tokens
  • Token Sale Percentage: 65%

Management Team & Key Members

  1. Peter Shen – CEO – Nanjing Based
    Peter is a serial entrepreneur, having founded an array of companies and brands. His main skills lie in marketing and branding, with many years of experience conducting business in China, delegating roles, establishing targets and working within extremely tight timelines. Having grown up playing games, Peter sees an undeniable future in eSports and aims to fill the gaps in the current eSports online community through the Asura World platform.
  2. Eman Abdollahi – COO
    Before Asura World, Eman’s focus was in app-building on Android and IOS, including co-building games on Android with local development studios. With his programming knowledge and also operational experience in development studios, Eman makes sure the company operates smoothly and efficiently.
  3. Haoyang Feng – CTO
    Haoyang started coding since early teens and have been involved in a large number of startups, Haoyang is a tech generalist who’s deeply familiar with engineering, design, business development, and how everything can be aligned with good product management. With a deep background in software engineering, Haoyang joins Asura World to steer it into the technological future.
  4. Steven Ngov
    Steven is an online marketing expert with over 12 years in the industry. He has constructed, launched and managed successful marketing campaigns for a variety of sites and businesses. Steven joins the Asura team as a developer and also as an online marketing consultant.
  5. Dang Tie Peng – Nanjing Based
    Dang Tie Peng is an experienced Software Engineer, previously at Huawei Nanjing. With Huawei’s research into the area, he has a developed a deep understanding of blockchain technology. Tie Peng joins Asura World as a core developer, primarily working in the network and database sections of the Asura World platform.
  6. Kang Ji Hye
    Jihye is a senior developer and UX designer by day, eSports content creator by night. Jihye has been called into the project to implement Asura platform’s MVP and make the Asura World’s vision into reality with her front-end development skills.
  7. Panding Huang – Nanjing Based
    Panding has a Masters in Statistics and has worked as a data scientist in companies such as ZTE Corporation. One of China’s largest telecommunication companies. Panding will be calculating and implementing the bettings odds for Asura World.

Advisory Team

  1. Stuart Feigin – Honorary Advisor
    Stuart is the 5th employee of Oracle. He was originally offered the position of Co-Founder by Larry Ellison, however, Stuart was only interested in programming, rather than business. Stuart has extremely profound knowledge of the tech world and programming fundamentals. Today Stuart sits as the chairman of Northstar Investors.
  2. Nick Fujita
    Nick is a City of Zion contributor and Senior Software Engineer at Crunchyroll. Nick brings with him a large array of knowledge and skills
    in NEO and NEO development. Nick will be heading the Smart Contract development for Asura World.
  3. Richard MacDonald
    Richard could be considered as one of New Zealand’s most prominent social entrepreneurs. He has extensive experience with start-ups of all sorts, predominantly in networks, connecting businesses, setting up channels and more. Richard has helped immensely in the formation of the Asura World team. He is the chairman of Alexanders, a brand with over 100 years of history.
  4. Taylor Liu
    Taylor is a seasoned Software Engineer from Konami, focused in Konami’s slot machines department. Taylor ’s experience and knowledge lie in gambling algorithms, creating and setting up games in Konami slot machines to retain customers.
  5. Cecilia Xu
    Cecilia is a part of the Perfect World Master ’s organizing team. Cecilia’s role includes team scheduling, tournament organizing, marketing, and more. All of these are centered around eSport Tournaments and how they’re operated. Cecilia brings to Asura World a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to run and manage the perfect eSport tournament.

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