ASURA Coin – First Ever Neo based Self-Sustainable E-sports Betting Platform

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ASURA Coin – First Ever Neo based Self-Sustainable E-sports Betting Platform

Asura Coin – E-Sport industry has recently increased sharply, various platforms provide live streams for gamers to earn money from his hobby. One of them is Twitch.

E-Sports is a sports diet founded on online games. It can be described as a sport where players from all over the world can meet and play with the Internet or meet people from different parts of the world through big international electronic sports organizations organized in certain times.

And at the same time, Asura Project saw an opportunity to expand its business in the world of E-Sport using the most sophisticated system today is blockchain.

The Purpose Of This Project

The ASURA project aims to connect the global e-sports industry, gather and community to join a variety of game users, motivate users to be good and help others while supporting intelligent protocol and clear block technology. Asura’s project vision to provide professional core game guides, guides gamers through complex information over the game, which will include experts in teaching-decision-making procedures, gameplay psychology, predicting gameplay winning plans, building situational skills, decision-making situations, scenarios such as project formation Wait

ASURA-Coin: Electronic Sports Enthusiast Project

ASURA-Coin hopes to build a platform community for players who love eSports. Anyone can bet, learn content, talk and get profit from the enthusiasm. As we now know, eSports is a healthy salary source. In fact, every year there is a stable Olympic Games, and the ideal competitors are appointed by a stunning transfer point to test their product or spread their category.

ASURA-Coin exploits its potential in an enabling system, providing a modern block technology platform that ensures legal stability, lacks confidence in intelligent protocols, and perfectly selects NEO hubs.

The lack of intermediaries through the NEO Block allows for coordinated connections between users, maintaining payment security, storing information and secure exchange. Each player can play his or her role and see the life, sound, and betting of any other game activity.

For each winning bet, the ASURA platform maintains a percentage that induces the monthly prize value. Each player again receives a match for an ASA token (token platform ASURA). Competition can be one to one or five to five to climb the leaderboard and get the full right to win a monthly prize.

Monetize Your Lifestyle

The tokenized, all-in-one global platform also has the ability to give users the opportunity to make money (or tokens) to do what they love in the game scene – even helping others at the same time.

Some possibilities may include hosting tournaments, creating tutorials and guides, or just being valuable members of the community on forums.

the existing platforms allow for equal opportunities in a narrower market niche (ie one of the above possibilities), but this usually requires detailed work in one field, as well as in the form of a commission to surrender a part of their income to the People.

In an all-in-one platform like Asura World, you can earn from activities that may have become part of your everyday game life. A portion of your income is not for profit, and all income is stored in a platform to promote ecosystem development.

ASURA Ecosystem

  • Earnings generate
  • Revenue expenditure
  • Reason for income
  • Value of earnings

Four functional integrals that create a balance between ecosystems, inputs and outputs, content creation and development, that is why an independent ecosystem is formed. The first in the world. Everyone can enter and export, everyone can be a creator, everyone can guide the Asura World development path

Asura World offers opportunities to generate revenue in various ways:

  • Forum Donations
  • Hosting competition
  • Cooperative Tournament or Asura Tournament
  • Create tutorials and guides
  • Community docking
  • Bet
  • Another one-off activity.

Community Platform

ASURA-Coin is more than a game project, it is also a community platform where every participant can survey, audit, and plan solution-sharing. Now, the commitment made by the community always ensures the creation of competition and the possibility to adapt it.

The ASURA platform is almost a perusing guide. This test will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2018 and second quarter 2019. ASURA-Project will be equipped with the following features:

• The ASURA platform holds a professional CS team competition: the first global GO
• The ASURA Platform hosts the DOTA-2 professional team competition for the first time in the world
• ASURA Platform for the first time for a professional LOL (League of Legends) professional team competition
• ASURA Platform for the first time for professional teams to hold Universal KOG competition (King of Glory)

Asura Coin Powered By

ASURA-Coin: Benefits of the NEO Smart Protocol

So far, many virtual communities around the world have heard of NEO, some NEO-ICO, NEO technology or other information related to the NEO system. Compared to ETH, NEO is very fresh and fair. Today, typical knowledge is very superficial. Although, when asked about some people they really follow the understanding of NEO’s disparaging tokens and technology, to reply very commonly, oh, I’ve heard it is based on Chinese technology blockchain. I hear more Faster and more defensive, etc. In the same context.

Although not fake, it is a very basic understanding, there is not much bass, we regard the NEO intelligent protocol as one of the main features of block technology.

NEO-Based Smart Contract

In short, sensible liability agreements include contracts on how contributors can do the work. Because of the way smart protocols are managed, it requires the highest level of trust, so block technology is closely tied to the intelligent protocol of the top trusted systems in a decentralized atmosphere.

There are actually three types of NEO smart protocols: functional contracts, verification contracts, and application contacts. But all of these have one thing in common: scalability, extreme performance, and certainty.

Asura Coin Distribution Details

  • Start Date: June 2nd, 2018
  • End Date: June 30th, 2018
  • Soft Cap: $2,500,000
  • Hard Cap: $12,000,000
  • Bonus: 20% First 24 Hours
  • ICO Token Price: 1 NEO = 5000 ASA
  • Minimum Contribution: 1 NEO
  • Max Contribution Day 1: 50 NEO
  • Max Contribution Day 2: 500 NEO
  • Bonus Stage 1: 15% for the first Hour of Day 2
  • Bonus Stage 2: 10% for 100+ NEO Investors (Max 500)
  • Accepted Currencies: NEO
  • Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000 Tokens
  • Token Sale Percentage: 65%

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Asura Coin team, I just give you the latest ICO info”

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