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Arround – Universal Decentralized Augmented Reality Platform

Arround – Augmented reality has been interesting in the last five years of innovation. Additional real-world applications of smartphones and the emergence of virtual reality goggles. The present invention is a “crossover” virtual reality and the real world. Someone, look through the device, see the world, but at the same time “yes”, for example, fictional characters, buildings and other things realistic decoration.

For advertisers, additional reality, as well as companies and retail chains have long been eyeing. The goal here is clear, for the first – for the benefit of advertising, for the second – the attraction of new customers. The idea is to look for pick-up by a team of experts in project work encryption corner. They are developing additional ad networks in the world’s first decentralized reality. The aim of this project is to bring together consumers, advertisers, networks, and companies as well as additional equipment developers of the actual owner.

As a result, each party will receive:

Network, freelance business owner. Generally, those who need to advertise their products and services will be able to do this through a network of qualitative soft tissue, attract all those who have a more realistic equipment.

Advertiser. They will provide advertising services, of course, they will benefit from this.

Consumer. For them, the network has a great chance. In addition to information about discounts and promotions, you can leave feedback about the institution. You will have your own space, the screening will be able to get rid of unwanted ads, and stressed that all the recommendations according to your interests. the network will be reserved for those who have the information here to understand the impression, but also to contact them. When the request to create the necessary things, just in case the network will tell you where to find it, and point out if you find yourself nearby. If you witnessed the incident, “DVR” function can record everything and put it on the network, and anonymous.

Additional hardware and software developers reality. Improved equipment is more advanced, more practical needs, and through the introduction of their application to prevent another reality of the network will be able to earn extra income from this case.

About The Project

Only in this case augmented reality, it creates a platform through new advertising opportunities, using the technology of the workpiece. ordinary users will be able to interact with the elements of reality is enhanced through the mobile application (hereinafter, AR). In addition to the user, just in case the platform will be able to develop the brand ecosystem, advertisers, advertising agencies and AR technology together. Today, the development of sports VR and AR technology is more of a desire by the company in this industry a large amount of evidence. It is also said that the company’s capital.

And on this platform to solve the problem? For advertisers, problem is that real-world ad market over-saturation, which leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of campaigns and increase financing costs. Throughout create an ad, where the focus will be targeted and requires much less than the cost of the new space. In addition, this platform is not currently required to solve the problem of AR technology. In essence, there will be advertisers and developers AR, which will stimulate the development of new technologies that interact.

The main tool of communication between the advertiser and the user will be applications for mobile devices. It is through it, users will be able to see the ad, posted on AR and other elements. This application is available for download (for Android), but in the test mode, normal users will not be able not logged in. The main concept of this application is the “circle.” This is the digital content (3D objects, images, text, links to some sources) to a certain place. Under conditions of AR, but also the opportunity to use a wide wheel for marketing purposes. Therefore, ordinary users can create their own rotation (only they can see, or their friends). Advertisers will have access to more features, to create something like this: This could be a banner flat (not only contain text or images, and video), 3D objects, navigation. In this case, each round can be adjusted in accordance with the purpose of the ad’s popularity.

In applications throughout, there are three main components: a camera (through which the interaction AR), (user who received the message from the wheel to which they subscribe only) news feed of the wheel, in the area of a map showing the wheel. Users also will have a different role: regular user (interaction with the advertiser hair and other users, and have limited opportunities to make the hair), a professional blog (with more features to make the wheels), accounts of the brand (company accounts to) make) , using a variety of tools account-generated advertising agencies, ad content), slow (suggestions for the new round of problems in accordance with the internal rules. it is also worth mentioning here,

Arround Platform

  1. Miner
    The arround kept for storing and processing of visual content server and server blockchain
  2. User
    Users will be able to receive promotional offers, and they happen through just in case
  3. Brands And Advertisers
    Brands and advertisers will be able to take advantage of throughout as a platform, and then use big data to lead the audience walking distance of their best
  4. Advertising Agency
    creative agencies and freelancers will be able to offer a brand using the platform tools, content development, a content platform that will be augmented reality tool organizer of production and life activities and tasks provided for
  5. AR Software Developers
    And equipment integration platform and expand their customer base
  6. Application Developers
    Provides software for the realization of augmented reality content


ARRAY Token (in revenge creation blockchain) is the only internal unit of payment. According to user roles and features on this platform will have to pay throughout. First, ARR can be purchased at various stages of the sale, it will be available for exchange. In the future, the team plans to switch to their blockchain.

Token Sale Details

  • Token — ARR
  • Pre-sale — February 27, 2018 may 1, 2018
  • Private sale — until September 15, 2018 (bonus 40%)
  • Token-sale — September 15, 2018 November 15, 2018.
  • Token price – $ 0.035
  • The minimum amount of fees – $5 000 000
  • The maximum amount of fees is $30 000 000
  • Tokens created— 3 000 000 000 ARR (unsold tokens will be burned)

The Distribution Of Tokens

  • 48.3% – sales
  • 8.2% bonus at time of sale
  • 22% – community development and liquidity Fund (includes advisors, partners, etc.))
  • 10% of the Fund for the support of the holders of the Master nodes
  • 10% – command
  • 1.5% bounty

Arround Token Distribution


  • 2016
    The initial idea to create a communication platform based on augmented reality
    Ideas and feedback presentations
    Optimization of project business concepts
  • 2017
    Technical specifications of the
    main partner project First, AVE which runs the largest pharmaceutical network in Russia
    Investing in the development of MVP
  • 2018
    Launch the mobile app for iOS and Android launches ad campaign with a new partner, 36.6 and Atrium shopping center.
    Release the alpha version, prepare a platform with content and open the door for targeted users
  • 2019
    Port arround Augmented Reality Glasses to ODG and Microsoft HoloLens
    Engage platform advertising agency
    Запуск рекламных компаний с крупными аптечными сетями в Европе
    Develop self-service module for agencies to establish their own AR content
  • 2020
    The first auction in the secondary market for selling advertising space in the platform
    Launching SDK attracts third-party developers to the platform
    Launching pilot projects with partners in
    US Expansion into new markets: China, Japan, Korea, Europe

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Arround team, I just give you the latest ICO info”