Arena Match Gold – A Decentralized Esports Utility Token

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Arena Match Gold – A Decentralized Esports Utility Token

Arena Match Gold – We all love to play games in our spare time or just escape from this high-speed society in living. Let us our own game or to interact with friends or family, it is an integral part of our lives and have been there for who knows how long. It started with the sport in the days from the Bronze Age to where we are now with television and computer games. Today video games are played by the youth to the elderly, everyone playing a videogame. It is a form of relaxation or to be competitive, it’s all up to you how you want to do. I personally enjoy the game to get some relaxation and escape from stress.

At Arena Gold game you really can sit back and relax, be yourself with a different approach to online gaming. For the serious gamer, there is a reward system in place to award the top gamers. There are all kinds of positives to take with you when you visit the Arena Game Gold. In their AMG has four types of gameplay platform for different types of gamers. AMG has a Battleground, Fortnite, Apex, and CS GO. All the fun and interesting gameplay to keep everyone on their toes with laughter and fun. All the information you can get is by going through their whitepaper This is a great opportunity to relax and get rid of stress or to go out and show that you are the best at what you do. іѕ аn upcoming Esports gaming applications that individual аllоw wіll compete іn аnd tо bet Skills Challenge gamers аllоw an application wіll compete іn аnd tо bet solo Skills Challenge, the daily high score board, head tо head fit, аnd fоr game Battle Royale mode popular online, ѕuсh аѕ PUBG (this PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds), Fortnite, Apex Legends, аnd CS: GO (Counter-strike: Global Offensive). Beta Coming Soon! Model Arena Match time users thе ability tо рrоvіdеѕ fiat deposits (cash) payment gateway partner thrоugh оur, but whatever wіth traditional banking system thеrе аrе costs, delays аnd а blockchain limitations that wоuld solutions eliminate. Upgrade tо оur payment system supports decentralization а Ethereum based utility AMG marks wіll dramatically increase utilization while eliminating the traditional costs, delays аnd limitations.

Thе creation оf Arena Gold Game Esports integrated a wіth оur application that wіll Be majority оf thе law іn thе United States аnd оvеr 80% оf thе world. Wе wіll ѕtіll offer fiat deposits where аvаіlаblе fоr traditional users. But wе tо bесоmе AMGold aim fоr а sign fоr thе standard аnd Esports game ecosystem powered bу аn ecosystem Arena Match.

Arena Match Game Lineup Support Roadmap

  • PUBG (PlayerUnknown battleground) – Currently in Private Beta
  • Fornite – Coming Soon
  • Apex Legends – Coming this summer
  • CS: GO (CounterStrike: Global Offensive) – Coming this fall


  1. Online eSports – A New Frontier
    The online market is relatively new eSports – not many people are doing it, and no one does it well. Without a clear industry leader, there is no blueprint, which means that each company has pioneered its own way with mixed results. We’ve had the luxury of seeing their efforts, and believe we can radically improve their models by simplifying them and expand their audience.
  2. Limited Opportunities
    Opportunity for serious wealth involved in eSports currently limited mainly to the large, pro-player tournament only, or for a local event hosted scheduled. People who want to bet cash had very little choice, and in many cases, if they’re not a pro, whether they were only able to bet on the outcome of pro-fight (similar to sports betting – the passive experience) or for travel and qualify The physical location of the tournament.
  3. Liquidity Matchmaking
    Most eSports platform that offers a choice of instant matchmaking has a small player base, which means it can be very difficult to find other challenges. Players often have to wait in a queue for a long time hoping forgiven other players will appear. This quickly leads to frustration and abandonment of the possibility of the platform, which further compounds the problem of liquidity player. This presents a challenge for eSports platform, because of the cost to get enough players together to maintain instant matchmaking can be an excessive barrier.

The Solution

Purpose Arena this game is to build a successful eSports platform that has multiple player mode, satisfying the interests of users, while at the same time avoid the pitfalls faced by our competitors, such as the one player the basic liquidity problems.

On the side of the player’s experience, we want to allow users to experience eSports in a way that appeals to them – whether through ranked play familiar, through the challenge is completed, or head-to-head matchups. This helps to ensure that new users can find a comfortable mode with and that existing users have another mode they can experiment with or graduate to.

From the strategic level, we believe that the head-to-head matchmaking instant and mode Battle Royale will ultimately prove to be the mode most interesting from the point of view of the audience, but we want to make sure that players have things to do when your player base is limited (eg, during off hours), and a mode to try while they familiarize themselves with the platform. For that, we want to offer a choice of “solos” experience, such as the skills challenge and tournament high score reoccurring.


Some Ways To Play Arena Game

  • Skills Challenge
    In this mode, players make bets against Arena match based on their ability to succeed against a number of specific challenges that have been set (such as getting the first place in their next game solo Fortnite). Payments related to the historical performance of players and difficulty of this challenge.
  • Arena Game Skills Challenge
    Players can compete in the regularly scheduled tournament leader board for a particular game with the aim of achieving high scores payout in that time period.
  • Game Modes Highscore Arena Tournament
    Individuals or teams pay an entry fee that has been determined to queue up and face off against challenger to compete for a prize pool that matches this. This platform will remain moderate 10% of the fees collected for hosting the game.
  • Arena Match Head-to-Head Mode
    Players will be able to pay an entrance fee to enter the pre-scheduled Battle Royale match, where they will compete for the top position that this match. The player who scored the best line of the prize pool will be paid related to it, minus the cost of hosting the 10% retained by the Arena Match.

The Advantage Of Having Amg Include

  • Reducing the cost of the entry fee
  • No deposit or withdraw charges
  • Reduction or elimination of other expenses
  • Exclusive Content
  • Special AMGold only events
  • Future Products and Services

Marketing Strategy

Marketing and user acquisition strategy we will focus on the user is interested in Esports, specifically, target user-base game Battle Royale is currently offered on our platform.

  1. Overwolf Cross Promotion:
    Overwolf app promotion features to more than 10 million active users at the launch of our product.
  2. Promotion Of Social Media:
    We are targeting the users through social media advertising is filtered, with a focus on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  3. Social Influencer:
    We have created partnerships with a number of Twitch ribbon that will promote and use our platform while streaming to raise awareness with their own audience base.
  4. Events Promotion:
    Such as building a launch production we plan to offer a number of daily and weekly events that users can participate in, free, to win cash.

Token Details

  • Token: Arena Match Gold
  • Symbol: AMG
  • Protocol: ERC-20 Ethereum Network
  • Decimals: 18
  • Soft-cap: 5 million AMG tо bе Sold / Swapped
  • Hard-cap: 75 million AMG tо bе Sold / Swapped
  • Minimum Contribution: 0.1 ETH
  • Starting IEO Rate: 1 AMG реr 0.0005 ETH


Arena Match Roadmap

  • November 2018
    Concept Designs and Market Research
  • December 2018
    Partnership proposed to Overwolf
    ArenaMatch Company Formation
  • January 2019
    $100,000 Developer Partnership Grant received from Overwolf and Intel
  • February-April 2019
    Full-time Design and Development of Skill Challenge esports App
    Flutter waves Merchant Partnership Secured
    Berbix KYC/AML Partnership Secured
    Omnigate Blockchain Wallet Partnership Secured
  • May-June 2019
    Beta MVP Launch of Skill Challenge esports App with Overwolf
    Arena Match Gold token designed and whitepaper creation
    IEO Announcement and Launch
  • July 2019
    Q3 AMG Token Burn based on transaction volume
    Highscore Tournaments are released for all games (asynchronous mode)
  • August 2019
    Battle Royale FFA: this synchronous free for all mode allows solo users to battle it out with up to 100 other users for the top 10 paid positions of the prize pool comprised of the entry fees.
  • September 2019
    Head to Head (synchronous mode) for CS:GO released (Counter­Strike: Global Offensive)
  • October 2019
    Q4 AMG Token Burn based on transaction volume
  • November 2019
    Team vs Team (synchronous mode) for CS:GO released (Counter­Strike: Global Offensive)
  • February 2020
    Q1 AMG Token Burn based on transaction volume

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