Arbidex – The First Trading Platform That Collects Liquidity From Exchanges

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Arbidex – The First Trading Platform That Collects Liquidity From Exchanges

Arbidex– In the event that you’ve generally longed for winning the lottery and continue purchasing tickets, it is smarter to spend the cash for cash. For the two months that I was watching the coins, unquestionably I can state that now and again some of them shoots.

ARBIDEX is a trading platform exchanging stage that aggregates all real liquidity trade of digital money and completely mechanizes the trade assertion process for the partners.

ARBIDEX aims to make new thoughts in the realm of trade and build up the stage for proficient brokers that empower the trading of crypto from different trades through a solitary interface, to associate proficient apparatuses, (for example, MT4) that give superb administrations low commission rates, obviously within the sight of it will incredibly help the client.

The Arbidex Platform is the primary Trading to gather liquidity from the trade. Arbidex right now has Bitfinex, Bittrex, Poloniex, WEX, Kraken, and GDAX interconnected. Clients have the chance to exchange on this trade from one record and one window. The Arbidex system will enable clients to occupy their crypto control with the best trade rates consequently and commission charges will be lower than they exist today.

Also, the objective of ARBIDEX to make and build up an expert exchanging stage is the place dealers will have the capacity to procure huge benefits from normal exchanging the crypto advertise. Actualizing an income arbitrage procedure would decrease commission execution on the greater part of the world’s crypto trades (up 0.05% for every request moving toward 0.2% on most trades, ie funds of up to 4 times).

Arbidex Team


The Arbidex platform can dissect a huge number of cryptographic money matches and locate the most gainful chains and can get costs up to 2– 3% of each.

The Arbidex platform will make exchanging the cryptographic money advertise more helpful and gainful for each member. For instance, each exchange for basic crypto buys can be made and no more valuable time for every single associated eye. In the meantime, noteworthy investment funds can be critical, particularly at long separations.

ARBIDEX expands income from:

• The commission profits by a mediation system — up to half of the income effective intervention chains executed

• The request execution commission on the trade contrasts all the time

exchanging operations.

The utility banner of the stage permits to:

  • Getting to premium stage administrations (counting applying mediation.
  • technique on huge stores) and lower commission rates for exchanging operation.
  • Pay commissions and administrations accused from the stage of extensive markdown.
  • Participate in stage advancement for every speculator: vote in favor of another rundown.

tokens and different issues imperative to society (in a more drawn out timeframe, when stage will be an integrator, as well as will provide an autonomous trade system for proficient members).

Sales of Arbidex Token.

Symbol Token: ABX

1 Token ABX = 1 USD


Capacity Token Arbidex

The ABX token is utilized on the ARBIDEX platform. It is an entrancing instrument to the stage, and also inside bookkeeping apparatuses. We imagine a stage to be intended for an expert shipper group. Along these lines, our group individuals — ABX token proprietors will get upgraded stage usefulness that empowers them to increase additional benefit from exchange and intervention exchanges, and the chance to create them with us.

ABX Token has the accompanying capacities:

1. Access to premium stage features. ABX tuners are methods for getting to premium stage highlights, for example, programmed arbitrage on expansive stores, most minimal commission rates and a large group of other incredible capacities.

2. Token ABX is an inner fruition office with coordinated markdown for ARBIDEX service.

3. Token ABX is the privilege to take part in stage advancement.


Every financial specialist can buy tokens at each presale and fundamental TokenSale arrange.


Pre-Sale Date: December 11 — December 25th.

Date Crowdsale: January 11 — January 29th.

Token Distribution:

  • 1 Token ABX = 1 USD
  • Supply Total Token: 25,000,000 ABX
  • Number of Sold Tokens: 17.2 million ABX
  • Number of Tokens Ttim: 2.800.000 ABX
  • Advisor: 2,000,000 ABX
  • Reserve: 2,500,000 ABX
  • Bounty: 500,000 ABX

Private Placement:

  • Target Cap: $ 2,000,000.
  • Token Amount: 2,400,000.
  • Bonus: 20%

PreSale: Dec 11 — Dec 25

  • Target Cap: $ 4,000,000.
  • Token Amount: 4,000,000.
  • Bonus: 20%.

TokenSale: Jan 11 — Jan 29

  • Target: $ 10,000,000.
  • Number of Tokens Sold: 10,000,000.
  • Token Amount: 10,000,000.
  • Amount of Collected Funds: $ 10,000,000.

Fund Distribution



Arbidex Roadmap

Team Members

Arbidex Team
Arbidex Team

Arbidex will be the principal exchanging stage which will blend all benefits from various cryptographic money trades in a single place. That is, on one record you will have the capacity to complete operations with resources from various trades, having as of now default better conversion standard and the aggregate commission is not as much as any of those that exist right now. The calculation for deciding financially savvy rates (DPR) will enable you to every now and again purchase and pitch different resources for advantage from the contrast to their cost.

The tokens give the privilege to proprietors to approach the center usefulness of the stage with a particular store sum. Store sum permitted is corresponding to the maintenance measure of the token. In the event that you have no tokens on this stage, the store is permitted in a sum at the very least $ 1000. The token gives access to the intervention work. Not at all like easy revenue from exchanging resources consequently, this implies the client chooses to take after the discretion chain with their own not having the way to make a benefit. #arbidex #arbibounty

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