aQuest – A Very Unique Application And Decentralization That Pay You For Certain Tasks

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aQuest – A Very Unique Application And Decentralization That Pay You For Certain Tasks

aQuest – One resource that is most valuable in the world the customer information, allowing some employers to make their business more successful and also very profitable, to obtain the necessary data about the tastes and preferences of consumers to create new products, and the third – make products more comfortable and effective.

Currently, gather information about consumers is a procedure quite difficult and too expensive. It is important to note that the latter did not benefit from collecting customer information, which is why they are reluctant to provide their own data and share their views.

The solution to this situation is a new platform called Aquest, which will give consumers the chance to share their own information, promote trademarks, and get a financial reward.

This application can be used for unique searches can be done by anyone, from anywhere in the world. All searches can be integrated with the application itself and create a collection for the user. Thus, you can even increase your audience for any purpose, for example, to interact with your brand. Thus, you can even increase your audience for any purpose, for example, to interact with your brand.

Of course, the application uses a smart contract governing the token system. Here the work is transparent and secure. Anyone can join this application, and without limitation, even without going through KYC procedures.

The aim of this project

The main goal of the developers is to be able to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to create an effective marketing company with the ability to appreciate the consumer to the data provided.

aQuest is a very unique application and decentralization that pay you for certain tasks. The project was developed by Enkronos. The credit system has been characterized in a private book and a shared resource for all of the products published on the platform. The ultimate goal is to adopt a token AQU as “internal fuel”, create a public platform based blockchain aQuest it.
Aquest is a decentralized application with a simple and intuitive interface that allows business owners and large companies to be able to make a variety of tasks for customers and consumers to obtain valuable information and be able to promote their own brand.

The following are the categories that use this application:

  • ICO creator.
  • The financial services sector.
  • Blockchain-sectors.
  • Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Retail representative.
  • Famous brand.

Aquest Main Advantages

  • A high level of security provided by the application heap Enkronos in combination with a smart contract.
  • Availability, implying the possibility of completing a search without going through KYC and without regional restrictions.
  • The ability to use smartphones to complete the search.
  • Deserves a prize.

Independent External Audit

From 04/10/2017 to 04/17/2017 Framework applications we have tested for Security Applications by a major independent auditor, as requested by our important clients before adopting our application. The purpose of this assessment is to assess the overall security posture of the application of ash-box perspective. This includes determining the application’s ability to resist common attack patterns and also to identify areas vulnerable to the internal or external interface of applications that can be exploited by malicious users. The security team of auditors does their testing on a “point-in-time” followed the methodology belongs to the auditor. Their testing is not intended to identify all existing vulnerabilities and security flaws are also not claim or assert that the application is free of susceptibility or resistance to attack. This assessment found no critical severity vulnerabilities. All minor severity vulnerabilities discovered (high 3, 4 medium, low 7) have all been found to remedy quickly follow the advice given by the Auditor security team. For privacy reasons we do not publicly disclose the identity of Auditors and the Audit Client security is mentioned. For every investor who is interested is available for a particular sign non-disclosure agreement, we can provide an identity.

Our Method

The user experience Driven Software Development We are experts in web, mobile and cloud development. Our engineers build comprehensive custom software for corporate clients with advanced security, scalability and complexity needs.

  1. Architectural vision
    UX designers and software engineers experts who work with you every step of the way as a dedicated product team to solve the most complex problems.
  2. Research and Invention
    Our software consulting services start with a complete analysis phase. In this analytical process we learn about your business, we define your needs and define our roadmap will follow.
  3. Development And Delivery
    We use Scrum, Agile methodologies shape, to ensure the successful on-time and on-budget delivery of your software.
  4. High Configurability
    We develop structured and customized solutions and platforms, all white-label, with a high potential for configurability. This enables the performance, scalability, adaptation, modification, and evolution of solutions made with great advantages in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and cost of routine
  5. Process Management Capabilities
    We have the ability to attract and develop solutions software architecture with high levels of complexity and integrability. This allows us to simplify the management of business processes that promote teamwork and cross-fertilization capabilities.
  6. Insight, Vision, Focus, Realization
    Our vision is to develop the best world-class solutions in custom software development that will enhance the value of our clients’ businesses. We appreciate technological innovation, lifelong learning, and adapting to change in order to achieve efficient operations in order to provide the best web solutions to our clients. Enkronos committed to providing our clients with continuous, expert web solutions and services to enable you to grow your business and succeed. We will excel as a company only after we assist our business clients to achieve their business objectives effectively and efficiently.

Technology Implementation

aQuest high performance to control the ecosystem to the marketing campaign for the implementation of there with high technology, and then aQuest integrate with Enkronos Apps and so this is made all the qualities of the building creators of the campaign as well, and then with Enkronos Apps we could easily collections for all users and building engaging with other users, and then aQuest focus control on the make repairs on engagement users to create well as the best brand in the future, build and control the interactions and transactions and on this platform.

Freelance Gig and Economics is having a giant growth. But until now no answer was founded and robotized for the installment of tasks. The goal aQuest Platform computerization firm to provide answers to the unsolved issue. This will produce proficient and monetary progressive process identified the continuation of any duty and Freelance Gig Economy.

With aQuest, you can make an effort to show tremendous emphasis on compensation participants. Participants companies are required to complete a direct attempt to qualify for the safe gift payment. On the other hand, you as an organization can assemble important information about your clients and lifting recognition. Example your image: If this mission is a search airdrop, endorser can obtain ERC-20 token valid towards the end of the airdrop.

aQuest cause your application to build a trip with tools. These instruments based on cloud creative and instinctive open of all gadgets. So keep an eye on and make the mission is straightforward and should probably from a trip to coordinate with Enkronos anywhere. All Apps and added to build the User maker Pool.

Quests are a superb method to allow the client develop a pool in Enkronos Apps temporarily while the accumulation of your clients develop you can connect with the same client to different applications that focus on improvement of client commitment with your images.

Token Sale Details

  • Token Name: AQU
  • Platform Token: Ethereum
  • Type Token: ERC20
  • Pre ICO price: 1 AQU = 0.003 ETH
  • Tokens sale: 200,000,000
  • Min. investment: 0.1 ETH
  • Accepting payment: ETH, BTC, ENK, Fiat
  • Distributed ICO: 36.11%
  • Soft cap : 1,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap : 39,000,000 EUR

ICO Date

  • Pre ico : 2019-01-24 – 2019-02-21
  • ICO : 2019-02-25 – 2019-04-09

TEAM aQuest :

  • Gianluca Busato , Founder & CEO
  • Jure Veler , CTO
  • Spela Mermolja , Project Manager
  • Luka Mladenovic , Backend Developer
  • Jan Rozic , Frontend Developer
  • Mojca Mir , Business Assistant
  • Matjaz Prijatelj ,System Administrator
  • Niko Bergles ,UX , UI Graphic Designer
  • Matej Hladnik , Frontend Programmer
  • Primoz Nemec , Solution Sales Specialist


  • Selena Balconi , Art Director
  • Debora Oliosi , Digital Strategist
  • Sanem Avcil , ICO investor , advisor
  • Marco Muhrer Schwaiger, Serial Entepreuner
  • Carlo Buonpane , ICO Advisor


Aquest Roadmap


As expected, aQuest will expand the scope of operations outside the world. I believe that with the potential, transparency, security, and profits, aQuest will have a firm foothold in the stock in the public and in particular crypto.

Personally, I rate this project is very high. I think I should invest in it. With high liquidity in the market, it will automatically raise the price, this is a very favorable sign for investors to buy this code in the early days of the ICO, the price is still cheap. Token aQuest acceptable in the most leading trading market, which carries a relatively large discount in the transaction.

To know the latest information about the aQuest project you can visit the link below:

Telegram:[email protected]_io
Ann Thread:

Bitcointalk username: ubay
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=376156
Telegram username: @ubaygates

ETH: 0xEDDbb1aFc2439FeA77B19c44bEac8556313dA822

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the aQuest team, I just give you the latest ICO info”