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AligatoCoin – Realization of Artificial intelligence

AligatoCoin – The advent of Internet technology in all sectors of life and very rapid changes in the progress of activities, each activity can be faster, easier to penetrate the boundaries of time and distance. Contacts between countries easier and faster to access. faster introduction of e-commerce technology advances in the early 2010s – the Internet e-commerce sales. You do not need to worry about – why to bother to look for and manually open the store, the cost is great, because you can open Web sites or Internet sites and stores. In general, a lower cost, more efficient, because it can connect to the Internet can be achieved, every person in the world.

For decades, now almost everyone already has their own devices can connect to the internet, which makes e-commerce sales increased significantly, cannot be changed. Only in 2017 to $ 620 billion in European markets yesterday. Some ingenuity, scoring only one continent, how the whole world. This is a good business potential, generating huge profits. Although the technology has reached advanced in practice and comfortable, as well as problems. This includes long-term transportation time, service was quick enough, that impede communication, customer confidence levels are difficult to obtain, because many e-commerce platforms, is a lie, and so on. Among the many customers very thorough and very careful – careful in choosing the online shopping platform.

E-commerce is the use of technology, such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, inventory management systems, and data acquisition systems, electronic internet. Trade buy or sell products or services commonly used life cycle Automatic online activities. At least part of modern electronic trading Perniagaan World Wide Web, but also can use other online technologies such as e-mail. Typical e-commerce transactions, including books and buy music buy less, the service shop or personalized custom wine online. There are three aspects of e-commerce: Also supports online retail electricity markets and online auctions, e-business e-commerce.

This time, I will introduce a new cryptocurrency but the old players in the world of retail and e-commerce with traditional methods and will do our best for the above-mentioned solution to this problem. They called themselves Aligato coins. For example, what and how their products? Consider the following explanation.

About AligatoCoin

Since 2016 Aligato coin, corporate offices in Poland are involved in e-commerce. In the recordings and their own portfolio, including the company that is very reliable. Kay, they realize that there is no technology that provides safety, comfort and high transparency in addition to the technical blockchain. Therefore, those who want blockchain technical problems seem to offer a solution, which is provided through the intelligent use of unmanned aircraft to respond to AI and service solutions for an integrated local area.

Aligato coin service platform will provide interest in building an ecosystem for a wide range of stakeholders and e-commerce. For consumers will get a service that is fast, convenient and affordable, secure, transparent. The camera is connected to your phone scans for increased security of the retina of the eye and will ensure the security of your activity on the platform of your funds. With the experience and have been established for coins Aligato, to reassure customers than to sell more product lines. It is at least one – some interesting coins Aligato my review and introduces you to the main points. ICO lowered details.

They will get the sign-up flag ALC. Each is priced at $ 0.50 and ALC ICO mark. The total inventory of one hundred million tokens ALC. Their targets are minimum sales of million – 70 million tokens ALC biggest goal. During the ICO, they will expire on August 30, 2018.

Our main idea is to use unmanned aircraft perfectly suited for our innovative solutions in the range of surface systems automated warehouse, as well as renewable energy and ecological delivery, is made. According to the plan, but our solutions combine patented many innovative ways the concept itself in the market, we must leave the competition far Rear. Of the elements in the process, we need to consume significantly We believe that your strategic partners and industry support the ICO will allow us to realize our global vision for the future as soon as possible.


  1. Realization of artificial intelligence
    Application of artificial intelligence in this study will enable us to ensure user comfort and maximum time savings.
    This system will facilitate the process of selling and buying two processes. It will remember customer preferences and adjust our offer to every need. It will also be released in the auction sales quotes and help: When you enter a few basic parameters, will provide information on how to optimize and customize it to meet your perfect visual cues.
  2. Innovative Logistics Solutions
    We know that people in many aspects of life remain indispensable. In some areas, however, to realize the human hand and brain coverage technological achievement. We believe that most of the regional logistics: wrapped in shipping.
  3. Professional Support Team
    Automation, however, do not adequately Aligato and artificial intelligence. Whether a person is irreplaceable, our qualified staff will be happy to serve you. We hope that the members of the decision based on the user’s problem. We want each of them to confirm their faith in response to the user, which is the most important customer Aligato.
  4. Globalization
    Our goal is to make life easier, regardless of origin or culture. We know that improving the quality of life, will cause our organic growth. Therefore, since we have confidence in our solutions, we will do our best to fight for the shortest possible time. We all know that we have a strategic partnership and alliances of mutual interest, in order to achieve it.

AligatoCoin Blockchain Platform

Buyers want to know that if they order the product will meet specifications, as well as whether to pay and their personal data will be safe. On the other hand, the seller is unable to determine the origin of the product, they were afraid of the quality and authenticity, the lack of credibility of both losses, and losses associated with the economy. Its main task is to make e-commerce purchases faster, easier, cheaper, and the whole process should also be safe. existing solutions are not enough to fully achieve this goal. Aligato 2.0-based platform blockchain related technologies will accommodate the following facilities:

  • Blockchain placed on all product data, which allows potential buyers to verify the authenticity and origin of the goods sold. It also allows you to find products to more accurately meet the requirements of the recipient country, as well as lower prices to find similar items from other suppliers.
  • The amount of data exchanged between the user and the ability to e-commerce platform they are very large. Based on the data recording blockchain will significantly reduce the number of steps required to prevent repeated and repeated. It will also reduce data replication and eliminates the risk of data loss.
  • Aligato security of sensitive user data will be greatly improved. Buyers and sellers are better mutual authentication will reduce the risks associated with the transaction, and to ensure blockchain technology created will reduce the risk of personal information, users Aligato steal financial data.
  • Aligato will give you an opportunity to buy an internal flag and pay the fees and commissions of the most popular and AligatoCoin cryptocurrencies Aligato products.
  • Use AligatoCoin The platform will allow the site to ensure and maintain, particularly marketing costs, users can directly use cryptocurrencies or legal currency conversion costs are much less.

AligatoCoin Platform

Our Values

We are very grateful to our everyday reasons based on the principles of the following activities:

  • At all costs to maintain quality
  • Business rules and act in accordance with the law
  • Respect for employees
  • Tolerance and non-discrimination
  • Labor standards
  • Fair Play competition
  • Environmental and public interest concerns

Aligato Delivery Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Especially considering Aligato 2.0 platform full use of drones to create your own delivery system functions. The system in the B2C (business to consumer) and C2C (consumer to consumer) line to provide up to one hundred kilograms of delivery of goods to customers door operation.

The system comprises a collision with autonomy, freedom.

Aligato Artificial Intelligence

A simple service, especially from a technical standpoint, it is very important to us, therefore, Aligato plans to become a highly intuitive platform. Users start working on our platform, through the guidance of automated management systems. At the same time, the system will observe user behavior, and learn to work with them. AI systems will also be responsible for providing advice to the interactive user automatically by the system previously generated sales. According to their preferences, this process can be manually or using AI do given assistance.


  1. Q2.2018
    • Prepare AligatoCoin technical support;
    • Initiate and prepare for the ICO to ICO;
    • Updating combination Aligato shopping.
  2. Q3.2018
    Applications • Starting AligatoWallet;
    • Start listing AligatoCoin exchange process.
  3. Q4.2018-Q1.2019
    • Construction began Aligato 2.0 – all the features of the new platform and preparation;
    • The development of e-learning platform.
  4. Q3.2019
    • Work has begun to install and start AligatoWallet Aligato 2.0 beta on the environment;
    • Work started on creating your own Blockchain;
    • AligatoCoin In some Polish and foreign kriptoobmennyh station.
  5. Q2.2019-Q3.2019
    The fifth phase will focus on providing further technical work to improve and optimize the implementation and solutions for our community.
  6. Q4.2019-Q1.2020
    • Patent protection of technology innovation projects;
    • The launch of a mirror version of the national domain name Aligato 2.0;
    • Prepare the following four languages.
  7. Q4.2019-Q1.2020 payment system
    Wages (PVE), from working on the concept, and the analysis of complete technology solutions.
  8. Q1-Q2.2020
    • Increased use of drone technology to develop its own delivery system;
    • Build and test an autonomous UAV alpha version of Bumblebee
  9. Q2-Q3.2020
    • Further work on the platform to provide UAV;
    • Test and honeycomb Hornet functional representation;
    • Obtaining necessary licenses and permits.
  10. Q2-Q3.2021
    • Completion of the new headquarters Aligato
    • Continued work to create their own sources of renewable energy in drones.



However, as a general rule, Aligato promised not so simple for the computer and artificial intelligence. Do people is fundamental, our qualified staff will serve you. Our goal is to make full use of the issue of personal care customers. Our customers seek to confirm their reaction Aligato customers considered most urgent.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the AligatoCoin team, I just give you the latest ICO info”