Aligatocoin – A New Dimension Of E-Commerce

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Aligatocoin – A New Dimension Of E-Commerce

AligatoCoin – Hello all, this time I will have to look deeply into the latest ICO through its official website. You want to find a strong candidate ICO, I suggest you read this article until the end because maybe this article can provide information about the project, and the ability to add your reference.

Well, more and more about this project, namely Aligatocoin – A New Dimension Of E-Commerce

Let’s go to the official website of the same in the following link: Aligatocoin site, and then we go let’s look at the front page of the site, and as a normal token sale website definitely on the front page of the site timestamping sales phase.

Writing aligatocoin token price, the price is $ 0.5 token has reached the soft limit, so if you are interested in this project, would like to know more let’s look good.

What Project Do?

E-commerce is growing at an alarming rate in Poland and the world. Soon, it absorbs new technologies that take advantage of e-commerce platforms. However life, these companies, which is a global market leader in those, too slow, or not make the necessary repairs, everyone easier. In Aligato, we thought it could do better.

Based on a platform at the top of AligatoCoin2.0 blockchain will ensure security, stability, and transparency, at the level of the existing solutions can not be achieved so far. By paying the operating currency payment system, smartphone or regular computer camera, in addition to strengthening the security of the buyer.

Artificial Intelligence will be conducive to shopping, looking for a project, and interaction with the platform. The last stage of the autonomous UAV delivery automation products shipped to customers, the entire system will be based on existing infrastructure. Therefore, the launch will not take long.

This system will facilitate both the process of selling and purchasing process. It will remember the preferences of customers and adapt our offers to the needs of each. It will also be released in auction sales quotes and help: when you enter a few basic parameters, will offer tips on how to optimize and customize it to fit your perfect vision.

Our Vision – The New Level Of E-commerce

Our vision is to make life offers unique solutions, leading edge, the latest technological achievements can be more easily while maintaining the function of every problem there are no universal and proven methods.

This vision includes blockchain based technology, which significantly improves verification of correctness of data security decentralized and multi-node data storage is only one version to create a new generation of business and auction platform.

AligatoCoin Platform

Blockchain technology must be addressed, not only the potential of e-commerce industry is struggling with many problems at several levels of operation. This often proves that the current operating business model of e-commerce is not enough, it is the lack of development may have a negative impact on the worldwide market all participants – for example, stealing more than 143 million Americans last year, data from sites Equifax’s.

AligatoCoin Platform

The more details of the hidden costs of the interpretation of the source or the company have a product or service difficulties.

AligatoCoinDelivery Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Especially consider fully functional AligatoCoin2.0 platform is the use of UAVs to create their own delivery system. The system is in B2C (Business to consumer) and C2C (consumer to consumer) line, providing up to one hundred kilogram shipments to customers door operation.

The system is made to be autonomous, free collision. In order to ensure the best conditions for the possibility of flying unmanned aircraft, real estate existing infrastructure will be used. Reposition each selected locations/points will have their own “transmission station”, which will be integrated with coinomat. In addition, the “Drone Link” system will allow your body to take over the delivery of technical problems or in case of failure of the unmanned aerial vehicle.

AligatoCoin Artificial Intelligence

A simple service, especially from a technical standpoint, it is very important to us, so we plan to AligatoCoinbe very intuitive platform. Users begin working with our platform, through the guidance of automated management systems. At the same time, the system will observe user behavior and learn to work with them.

AI systems will also be responsible for the recommendation automatically by the system user’s previous interactions resulting in sales. According to their preferences, the process can be manually or with the aid of AI do.

Payroll system through the eyes

One of the most innovative technical aspects of the project is paid through the eyes of the payment system to their needs, namely implementation, approval of the transaction by way of iris scans.


When you look closely at the iris of the human eye, you can see the unique arrangement of lines and wrinkles. Even the same person, the system will be different for each eye. The most important feature of the method of payment verification or iris is the passage of time with its invariant. Therefore, the iris can be used as bio-security.

One that is available in our team plans to use the correct algorithm to achieve PvE technology of the existing equipment, creating their own PvE scanning program that runs as a payment platform Aligato. More importantly, in order to improve the security of transactions, payments and PvE will require additional authorization (2FA) – It may be a code that Google authentication or pre-defined PIN messages.”

General Specification

The AligatoCoin token is created with the ERC20 standard in the Ethereum network

AligatoCoin Coin

  • Token Name: AligatoCoin
  • Token Symbol: ALC
  • Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
  • Distribution Process: The ALC tokens will be delivered once the ICO has closed
  • Cryptocurrency Unit (Token) Price: 1 ALC = 0,50 USD
  • Minimum Amount of the Cryptocurrency Tokens to Buy: 1 ALC

ICO Details

AligatoCoin ICO

  • Pre-ICO Opens on: 20.04.2018 (12:00 CET)
  • Pre-ICO Closes on: 29.07.2018 (12:00 CET)
  • ICO Opens on: 30.07.2018 (12:00 CET)
  • ICO Closes on: 30.08.2018 (12:00 CET)
  • Soft Cap: 1,000,000 ALC
  • Goal: 35,000,000 ALC
  • Maximum Cryptocurrency Release Volume (Hard Cap): 70,000,000 ALC
  • Protection of Investors: If the Minimum Goal is not reached, the funds will be paid back to the investors once ICO has closed
  • Maximum Cryptocurrency Supply: 100,000,000 ALC
  • Token Distribution: AligatoCoin30%; crowdfunding investors 70%
  • Payments Methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGECOIN, ATB, ( PLN & USD )


  1. Q2.2018
    • Prepare AligatoCoin technical support;
    • Initiate and prepare for the ICO to ICO;
    • Updating combination Aligato shopping.
  2. Q3.2018
    Applications • Starting AligatoWallet;
    • Start listing AligatoCoin exchange process.
  3. Q4.2018-Q1.2019
    • Construction began Aligato 2.0 – all the features of the new platform and preparation;
    • The development of e-learning platform.
  4. Q3.2019
    • Work has begun to install and start AligatoWallet Aligato 2.0 beta on the environment;
    • Work started on creating your own Blockchain;
    • AligatoCoin In some Polish and foreign kriptoobmennyh station.
  5. Q2.2019-Q3.2019
    The fifth phase will focus on providing further technical work to improve and optimize the implementation and solutions for our community.
  6. Q4.2019-Q1.2020
    • Patent protection of technology innovation projects;
    • The launch of a mirror version of the national domain name Aligato 2.0;
    • Prepare the following four languages.
  7. Q4.2019-Q1.2020 payment system
    Wages (PVE), from working on the concept, and the analysis of complete technology solutions.
  8. Q1-Q2.2020
    • Increased use of drone technology to develop its own delivery system;
    • Build and test an autonomous UAV alpha version of Bumblebee
  9. Q2-Q3.2020
    • Further work on the platform to provide UAV;
    • Test and honeycomb Hornet functional representation;
    • Obtaining necessary licenses and permits.
  10. Q2-Q3.2021
    • Completion of the new headquarters Aligato
    • Continued work to create their own sources of renewable energy in drones.


To know the latest information about AligatoCoin project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

ETH: 0xC7B643eA72a38091337E7CaB8E4cE1A144D3AA4B

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the AligatoCoin team, I just give you the latest ICO info”