Alcedo – Implements Blockchain Technologies Into Regular Activity

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Alcedo – Implements Blockchain Technologies Into Regular Activity

Alcedo has formed an expert team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors to create a comprehensive platform blockchain mercantilism.

Because cryptocurrency intended to be adopted our platform Alcedo mind is the UN agency to stop buying buyer will get the most important of their investment. we will generate an easy to use a system that mixes the ancient market and asset-based blockchain-.

Our local team member unit specializing in money mercantilism and market cryptocurrency, who have years of expertise to operate with a broken world. Understanding the customer’s market of destination read, just because of the expertise gained from the establishment of quality management of monetary and banking, urging Americans to return to the field blockchain.

Alcedo development, the platform is one in all our most daring come. The creation of the platform began in 2018. From the beginning and until discharge platform, some of the issues studied and solved our technology, which allows Americans to our system very well and make a perfect idea exchange crypto future.

It shows the number of associations exponentially increase the utility and trust cryptocurrency base as a very important trading store and medium enterprises. growth is something that is inspired by the help of the international use of actual samples to transparency and blockchain LED technology has not changed, and thanks and faster, transaction peer-to-peer and reduce the value of ownership.

About Alcedo

Alcedo generates an ecosystem that implements blockchain technology into routine activities. This produces a crypto-currency that can be used and accessed throughout the entire world. We plan on broad support from ALCEDOs as well as other cryptographic money. To Achieve Our goal, we started to Create community-Points Alcedo.

Alcedo Platform

Results Alcedo Platform in an ecosystem that implements a block-chain technology into everyday activities. It makes cryptocurrencies accessible and usable for all around the world. They had planned on widespread acceptance of ALCEDOs and other cryptocurrencies. To achieve our goals, we need to make the system Alcedo-Points.

Alcedo token, even Alcedo-Coin (ALCE) can be an equally important part of our ecosystem because it is an easy method to cope with the price of our ceremony and also reward application. Even Alcedo-coin is one one of the main components of Alcedo full effort and can be designed in a token-based ERC Ethereum 20 early in the ICO. Obviously, Alcedo-Coins can be used as money, and their own use of Alcedo-Ecosystem. We will kick off Alcedo Q-coins on April 20 to 19. This token may be transferred while in class progress in your personal blockchain, using exactly the exact same election precisely coins and tokens also ALCE ERC20 actively traded at an interest rate of 1: 1.
Alcedo Point, in every Alcedo Point, an individual can find, sell and currency swaps (BTC, ALCE, EUR, etc.) with the help of a skilled counselor.
Alcedo Wallets, Get exchange market and sent from some other Crypto Currency accounts. The ATM crypto Along with this, ” Alcedo-Points can help clients together with the help of their service crew. We will offer our clients a tremendous opportunity to get out of internet commerce cryptocurrency offer sufficient grounds for relief from the pros. They will even help in using their ATM and fix all the questions as it relates to cryptocurrencies.
Alcedo Card enables clients to quickly and easily buy or promote our Alcedo money dollar crypto devices and POS terminals. Alcedo-Cards are designed for the first time that has NFC integral processor and will also be properly used in Alcedo-ATM along with our well-POS Terminal. It enables clients to efficiently obtain or promote money crypto. In addition, increasing the dissemination and approval of both coins Alcedo as well as other crypto money. There is no registration technique prolonged and awkward exchange foreign exchange is very important. They only work and completely out of Germany.

Alcedo Card

Alcedo Cards

Alcedo-Card is equipped for the first time with a built-in NFC chip and can be used on our Alcedo-ATM and POS-Terminals us. This allows customers to quickly and easily buy or sell currencies crypto. In addition, promoting the spread and acceptance of Alcedo-Coins and other cryptocurrencies. There is no registration procedure long and complicated in a foreign stock exchange is necessary. We operate exclusively and entirely from Germany.

Alcedo Point

    In addition to this crypto ATM, Alcedo-Points will help our customers with the help of our service team. We will offer our customers a unique opportunity to buy and sell currencies outside the exchange crypto internet and with personal assistance from our experts. They will also assist in the use of ATMs and answered all the questions in the crypto-currency terms.
  • Expanding Alcedo-Point
    Alcedo-points are available under the franchise system, which will create jobs and a higher acceptance and more rapid in our society. We, as your future franchisor, will ensure that you will receive the best framework with competent advice, ongoing training, and continuous accessibility. The license fee will be paid exclusively by Alcedo-Coins, which means that Alcedo coins remain in the business cycle of the company.

Profit from our experience of cryptocurrency and gold. We help people to invest in currencies crypto safety and physical gold

Alcedo Wallet

Alcedo Wallet

The Alcedo-Wallet drastically simplifies handling cryptocurrency on the smartphone.

Very simple, one person can send and/or receive a different coin. We offer at the beginning of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Alcedo coins, but the assortment will be kept expanded. The Wallet is designed to work seamlessly with our crypto engine and Alcedo-Platform.

For the Euro currency exchange crypto, this process is almost identical to earn coins in the machine, which scans the QR code and get the coin. Mobile application includes a map showing all locations crypto engine in Germany.

Alcedo-Wallet is designed to observe the highest safety standards.

After downloading and registration, all users get 20 Alcedo this wallet-free Coins.

Crowdsale (ICO) details

  • Start date: 1st December 2018 00:00 GMT
  • End date: 31th May 2019 00:00 GMT
  • Symbol: ALCE
  • Token: Erc20
  • Token sale Phases
  • Date Sale Discount
  • Phase 1: Dec 01 — Jan 31 €0.20 50%
  • Phase 2: Feb 01 — Mar 31 €0.30 25%
  • Phase 3: Apr 01 — May 31 €0.40 0%
  • Hardcap: 40,000,000 ALCE
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 ALCE
  • Minimum investment: € 50

Alcedo Token Allocations

Alcedo Token Allocations

Alcedo Token Distribution

Alcedo Token Distribution


  • Q2 2017
    The concept is born for spreading the use of cryptocurrencies & marketing
  • Q3 2017 – Q3 2018
    Developing the Concept
  • Q4 2018
    Opening first Acedo Point with cash machine & starting ICO
  • Q1 2019
    Prepare Alcedo Tokens to be listed on exchanges
  • Q2 2019
    Publishing new Wallet
  • Q3 2019
    Open several Alcedo Points and franchising Alcedo Cash machines

To know the latest information about the Alcedo project you can visit the link below:

ICO [01.12 – 31.05]
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