AirWallet – Aims To Bring Visibility To The Industry Blockchain

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AirWallet – Aims To Bring Visibility To The Industry Blockchain

AirWallet creates a much-needed bridge between people, through the air and the project users by giving them an easier way to interact with one another. Cryptocurrency wallet is digital software that stores your private key, while interacting with blockchains appropriate, to allow users to send, receive, and organize their digital assets. While having the name (wallet), cryptocurrency wallet does not actually hold your funds but kept a pair of private and public keys that provide access to digital assets.

Have you ever tried to participate in the Airdrop only to find the process intimidating? Going through the hassle of each task, only to find that you then have to complete another? Direct you to several websites, linking social media account, enter your personal information time and again, and after all, you Airdrop not even appear in your crypto personal wallet. Now picture yourself repeating the same process for the next Airdrop. Teams AirWallet’s all too familiar with the exhausting process. This is why we decided to create a platform that eliminates these steps and save time for everyone.

Which allows users to store assets and receive over the air via one unified system, safe. With AirWallet into a wallet platform, we have made the investment in Icos and receive over the air easily, while keeping your assets safe and non-transferable, simply with the touch of a button. Cryptocurrency trade increased in popularity every day. As a new trend for ICOS to get a community to shift to using over the air, the new channel marketing has opened for projects and new forms of foreign Host is available to the user base. Our simplified process has the potential to attract millions of people who are no longer involved in the world of cryptocurrency.

AirWallet will give all these people who are easy to understand to buy their first digital assets and participate in ICOS. In addition to streamlining the process.

AirWallet aims to bring visibility to the industry blockchain. Projects often struggle to gain recognition for their service is only offered to the holders of the original token. AirWallet will bridge the gap and provide 3rd party services even if users do not have the original token Host project. With more and more blockchain possibility of integrated services, the potential for market growth unlimited crypto. It combines blockchain-based service will provide people with the ability to use cryptocurrencies in real life as they were meant to be used, encumbered or restricted to only exchange, making cryptocurrencies truly multi-functional.


For most of the population is not familiar with the industry and blockchain cryptocurrency, there are too many barriers to entry. Our goal is to break down barriers and provide a gateway for people to be part of the growth of the industry and contribute to the growth of the market.

AirWallet will provide a wide range of digital assets to be supported in our platform. Users can manage the digital assets they currently have to Airdrop token that is not yet listed on the Exchange. PURSE air will also create a view and manage the assets that users hold on cryptocurrency exchange possible through our platform with APIs to integrate the various exchanges that allow users to efficiently view, store and manage all their cryptocurrencies.

Through the growth of user base via over the air, AirWallet will register and display a variety of platforms blockchain promising in the wallet so cryptocurrencies AIR application can be used for real-life transactions, services, and purchases. Users will be able to search blockchain platform and choose to participate in them all without having to leave the platform AirWallet. AirWallet will connect our users with blockchain service providers to help accelerate the economic market.

Benefits Using AirWallet

  1. Efficient Asset Management
    Various assets will no AirWallet platform so that all users can easily sign up and support for all projects. If you support all of the projects and if the project you support is over so you will get token of the project! Do not worry if you have a token that is not listed on the stock exchange, you can manage digital assets on your own.
  2. How will you manage those assets tutorial?
    AirWallet exchange solution will give employees who have made passing the API a few exchanges so that you will be able to manage your assets very easily, not only that! You will also be very easy to save and watch your digital assets.
  3. New Approach for airdrops and Community Building
    What do you guys think hangs when you hear the word airdrop?
    Surely you would think of when hear airdrop course there will be an exchange. And yes !! Thought you fit and the mind is on this WALLET AIR solutions. AirWallet mentions that the airdrop integral stage of market currency exchange cryptocurrency alias called, both would be a unity that will bring marketing benefits as the first exchange.
  4. Visibility and accessibility Blockchain Platform
    In the AirWallet software will be provided no less airdrop, it underlined take all airdrop listed on AirWallet software will be very promising for all users, and tokens in the transaction could be in real life. In the platform of all users can browse without leaving the software required AirWallet, this exploration will be carried out only to find the event airdrop, after the water thus wallet will connect between service providers blockchain with all users of the platform.

About ICO

List of ICOS in the market will be displayed with a list of offers over the air at the top. AirWallet will provide easy entry for users to participate in ICOS, which is different from the current, standard methods.

With so many ICO and innovative platforms in any industry, there is still no single focus to be Airdrop platform. Airdrops seen as a way to get a token, which has a value after the project is listed on the Exchange. However, the current procedure to get it needs to be simplified. Bounty allocation and Airdrop is a standard for every project, resulting in a lot of assets that can be collected. Comparing the total global population by the number of holders of cryptocurrency today, it is clear that the industry is still in its infancy stage. There is still untapped potential to bring the general population into the world of crypto and help the growth of market capitalization, AirWallet create the much-needed bridge between People, airdrops and Host Project gives them an easier way to interact with each other.

Token Details

AIR is a sign of a utility that can be used in ecosystems AirWallet. It will be used to pay for goods and services offered on the platform AirWallet.

  • Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 air
  • Token Sale: 25% of the total supply
  • Softcap: USD 5M
  • IEO launch Price: 0.06 USD

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Airdrop AirWallet controlled by the user, independent and governed by the community, so the cost will be only for gas to be transferred. By using cryptocurrency, it will give people the ease and flexibility that are relevant to use Airdrop AirWallet they want in the digital world currency exchange. AirWallet software intelligence can rely on because already attached to Ethereum, it will be very easy to convert into currency or fiat currency crypto well known throughout the world.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the AirWallet team, I just give you the latest ICO info”