AIGO – Adoption Blockchain e-Commerce to World

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AIGO – Adoption Blockchain e-Commerce to World

AIGO is insulated, multi-functional personal assistant, treatment planning, notification, shopping, entertainment, music, and home automation, while learning and supervision of new personal skills and software. personal assistant, you know it, the development and after a period of time, improving their capabilities and functions.

In order for the majority of this kind can imagine, the AIGO is based on the famous “cognitive structure” – “the third wave of AI” execution This means that the AIGOs is not only wider but do not rely on expensive, marking a huge base of training information. AIGOs will learn unattended, fast and intuitive.

AIGO Platform

AIGO blockchain coordination Platform ecosystem, which AigoStore and AIGO community, and demonstrate a pioneer in this technology and intelligent individuals their counterparts individual remuneration system. Who like to control their own information, experiences and the fate of individual groups of people – but not the obligation Uber organization. Trying to use, produce, has a network of visionaries, as well as trade intelligence to help all. ecosystem synergy of three elements, Platform AIGO, and AIGO AigoStore society, and by blockchain AigoTokens association established by the exchange.

AIGO payment space is being rebuilt flexibility and ease of use of a credit card blockchain technology. We are in the business world need to develop a complete payment system. Expand and improve your payment, and starting today cryptocurrency less.

Why Is The Third Wave Of AI?

AIGOs tilt Health and DARPA report also agree AI need a “third wave” movement proper. “Primary Wave” alluded to standard programming methods, for example, the regulatory framework and formal grounds, while the “second wave” veiled perform incredible machine learning (ML) has existed since 2010. It measures and deep learning (DL) clear for some time is a flow chart illustrating a principle similar to the programming will not allow sharp dialogue AI. The presence of normal language is very much a mixture. Because of the processing power of information is great, the nervous system “in the” start making words and images to confirm the progress of a few years ago, confidence is restored, this development is’ two ‘waves’ would solve the complex features of language understanding and discussion. This robot AI rely on these advances possible through adequate training to introduce the model are discussed. By limiting the participation of two feet on the ground and assumptions, which are very good, we could see a significant improvement from the discussion cannot be achieved by the “second wave” technology.

Vision And Mission

Currently, there are many obstacles to stop if the holder cannot be converted into a soft and cryptocurrency purchase of legal goods. Many payment networks uses encryption, such as AI-payments could cause an encryption currency holders can deal directly with the dealer, without going through layers of other banks. By promoting agreements and a high volume of large industry.

AIGOs Use Token

AigoStore AigoToken is the primary tool used. In it, private networks were likely to buy PPA, AIGO membership, ability, learning, people, hardware, merging, dialect is definitely different! Will continue to develop the network in the use of AigoStore. The ability of information, as well as hardware extensions interest, will increase rapidly for the benefit of AigoTokens.

AIGOs Function

  1. In particular PPA: right-handed planning office, e-mail, notifications, and updates. Shopping and entertainment assistant. Welfare and mentor alive way. Coaches and senior partner.
  2. Gadgets “brains” of the application: a small tool that can benefit from the AIGOs common language and general cognitive ability. Precedent robots, cars, entertainment, VR, AR, procurement, project household robot, as well as things.
  3. First Officer: AIGOs clouds associated with perception, NL no front-end software. AIGOs allow ‘conversations with their software’ customers, reducing software code and worked for ACE. Since ExoCortex You can adopt new strategies and distribution of the past and customers tend to remember, AIGO encourages grants, vitality and CRM software, ERP, investigative, legal and medical efforts “sticky”, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.
  4. Endeavor assistant: AIGOs really can be included as a specific right hand, and, given the risks of the job. Applications include marketing, human resources, IT help desk, customer management, land protection.

Blockchain and AigoTokens The AigoToken is Ethereum-based using the ERC223 token standard

The standard Token ERC223 provide a number of benefits to the community, including AIGO:

• for secure transactions and distribute royalties intelligence contract

• better self-management and operation, management, efficiency

• Choose lower transaction costs and their blockchain

• improve data security

• sophisticated intelligence contract, the distribution of royalties

• Instant and transparent accounting systems

• scalability and increased trading volume

As AigoTokens standard is based on ERC223 token, any compatible revenge wallet can be used to store your tokens.

AI-Payment Pride

Because it will promote the adoption of AIGO signs to develop part of the support system, we will combine the application, our wallet, which only a portion of the payment processing company has chosen to use the Ai-.

Information Sale

  • Pre-Sale
    July 1, 2019 – July 20, 2019
    1 AIGO = $0.002
    Max. Invest 1000$ / Participant
  • Pre-sale Supply:
    500,000,000 AIGO
    Soft cap: 500,000 USD
  • Pre-Sale IEO at Vindax Exchange
  • Crowdsale
    July 23, 2019 – Aug 31, 2019
    1 AIGO = $0.003 – $0.005
    Max. Invest – $ / Participant
  • IEO-sale Supply:
    500,000,000 AIGO
    Soft cap: 1,500,000 USD
  • Public-Sale IEO at BitForex Exchange

Token Allocation

AigoTokens will be available for private pre-sale starting 8th May, ending July 2018. Public Crowdsale to be announced later.

• A fixed total of 100 million AigoTokens will be created.

• 70 million (70%) of AigoTokens will be offered at a nominal cost of US$ 1.00 per token. Unsold AigoTokens from this sale will be burned/ destroyed.

• Early purchasers will receive bonus tokens.

• There will be a hard cap of $40 million.

• Users will be able to purchase AigoTokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other currencies.

• AigoTokens will be distributed at the end of the sale.

• The remaining 30 million (30%) of AigoTokens will be used for operations, incentives, and development.

Up to 8 million of these will be allocated directly after the sale to key company executives and shareholders, team members, advisors and parties instrumental in the operation of the Crowdsale. The remaining AigoTokens with being allocated over the coming years as needed.


AIGO Roadmap




AIGO Advisor


The market is ready for a smart, formal language of the right hand like the AIGOs. PPA you can develop into a super custom Exocortex. The right to own, professional practice, hopes, needs and goals. In addition, the bargain is not confused with propaganda or safety.

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