AdBank – Trusted Innovation Blockchain-based Advertising Network

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AdBank – Trusted Innovation Blockchain-based Advertising Network

Adbank has made and submitted patent pending on new types of misrepresentation location in view of manmade brainpower and the blockchain. Though customary misrepresentation recognition frameworks are developed to keep running inside whatever publicizing system they were intended for, Adbank’s hostile to extortion framework will have full access to the whole stage, which incorporates blockchain. This extra well data allows AI to find associations between the data in the publication framework and on the blockchain that different frameworks cannot be used. This implies Adbank against misunderstanding AI can succeed in another place bombed by being combined with Adbank’s stage texture.

Adbank is making an intense promoting system based on Ethereum concentrated on an automatic, continuous offering background that most publicists know and love. The distinction is that we are doing as such in a way that is open source, full straightforward, giving more an incentive to publicists and distributors while significantly lessening the $50 billion issue of advertisement misrepresentation.

Adbank is an online promotion stage based in Ethereum to expel expensive go-betweens and drastically decrease the $50 billion issue of advertisement misrepresentation utilizing propelled AI innovation. By utilizing the Adbank stage, distributors can get paid more for their substance while charging publicists less and making a straightforward environment that advantages every key partner in the business. Existing promotion stages will have the capacity to get to forefront hostile to misrepresentation AI apparatuses through Adbank’s API and fueled with ADB tokens. The task is driven by a group with Fortune 500 experience working with organizations, for example, Exxon Mobil, NASA, Revlon, L’Oreal, Tesla Motors, the FBI and General Motors.

This is a troublesome incentive to contend with for existing promotion arranges yet in spite of this, we don’t see a future where one advertisement organizes rules them all, nor do we feel that is valuable for the publicizing business in general.

How Adbank Will Help Existing Ad Networks

Through open source innovation and a freely accessible API, Adbank’s innovation and toolbox will enable outsiders to assemble the fate of promoting.

The fundamental results of Adbank’s underlying dispatch will focus on building a cutting edge promotion connect with an investigation and a hostile to extortion manmade brainpower motor.

By building a promoting convention, Adbank is in the one of a kind position of having the capacity to assemble a publicizing biological community intended to be exceedingly impervious to misrepresentation. What 0X did in building the stage to permit relayers/trades to be based on their stage, we are doing likewise for advertisement systems.

Approaching the blockchain and its intrinsic straightforwardness and agreement while utilizing a bigger programming framework permits the making of computerized reasoning with unparalleled information sources. This permits a framework that can complete a profound and wide investigation of movement on the system with the end goal that misrepresentation avoidance turns out to be a piece of the building squares of the venture.

AdBank How To

The center modules programming and databases to oversee fundamental components, for example, represents publicists, distributors, member accounts, end-client accounts, promotion exchanges and constant offering, installment handling, information logging and warehousing, examination, antifraud, and ETH exchanges. This, in turn, allows Adbank to make an API available for various platforms and devices.

AdBank Network Basic

The API gives these centers benefits as a toolbox to fabricate different items and administrations. A promotion arranges examination bundle and an AI against extortion framework will be the primary items created by Adbank for its underlying dispatch.

Third-Party Development Made Easy

Since the Adbank stage offers a transparently accessible API, other promotion systems and other outsiders can create applications in the Adbank biological community. Moreover, outsiders can utilize the API to incorporate Adbank administrations into their current items, extending the estimation of their items while becoming the Adbank environment.

By utilizing the Adbank API, the organization is building a cutting-edge stage and items. Furthermore, the organization will have the capacity to offer counseling and incorporation administrations, enabling anybody to utilize Adbank to oversee and develop their business.

One case of this coordination would be a news association that needs to manufacture its own particular in-house promoting framework. It is ready to enlist designers or temporary workers to manufacture an in-house arrangement that uses every one of the advantages of the Adbank system and its accomplices.

Adbank Token Sale (ADB)

Adbank is formally declaring to decrease its hard cap from 71,500 ETH to 50,000 ETH to make up for the current Ethereum rally. With a specific end goal to give us an opportunity to deal with this change we have driven our group deal to begin on Dec 14 at 12pm EST and end Jan 21 at 12pm EST.

At the point when Adbank first chose its hard cap for the up and coming ICO, the comparable sum in US dollars was $21,450,000. With the cost of ETH nearing $500, that would mean our hard cap would have raised more than 60%.

Lessening the hard cap to just 50,000 ETH aligns the aggregate sum raised back with the necessities of the Adbank strategy for success. Exchanging is obviously better for token holders than staying with the first arrangement since it doesn’t overrate the ADB token out of the door.

This move to decrease our hard cap will probably bring about less ETH being raised yet we know this is to the greatest advantage of all token holders long haul.

Token Sale Dates

Pre-register here to accept an invitation to our personal pre-sale before ICO launch.

The token sale begins on December 14, 2017, and ends on January 21, 2017.

  • 20% Bonus for the first 24 hours
  • 15% Bonus until December 22
  • 10% Bonus until December 29
  • 5% Bonus until January 5

There will be no bonus for the final two weeks of the ICO. Tokens will be transferred once the token sale has ended.

AdBank Tokensale

ADB Token Distribution

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 ADB
  • Circulating Supply: 560,000,000 ADB
  • Price: 1 ETH = 30,000 ADB
  • Hard Cap: 10,000 ETH
  1. 51% Public Sale: Up to 510,000,000 ADB tokens will be distributed during the token sale. Any tokens not sold during the ICO will go into reserve.
  2. 29% Reserved: A portion of tokens are reserved by Adbank to provide liquidity to advertisers and to align incentives with token holders.
  3. 15% Team Pool: The Adbank founding team will receive their share of tokens over 3 years with 6-month cliffs.
  4. 2.5% Advisor Board: Divided amongst advisors and mentors to Adbank during early stage development.
  5. 2.5% Bounty Program: Allocated to help promote and amplify the AdBank brand. Go here to see details about our Bounty Program.


Countries That Cannot Participate:

Afghanistan, Belarus, Belize, Canada, Central African Republic, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq. North Korea, South Korea, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Palestine, Singapore, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Ukraine, United States, Venezuela, Yemen.

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