Aclyd – A Real World Blockchain Application For The Liquor Industry

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Aclyd – A Real World Blockchain Application For The Liquor Industry

Aclyd – The digital economy is growing at a rapid pace, but it is too early to traditional financial markets to measure the force. Monetary items need to be encrypted using a lot of research and a series of things to consider. Encryption major investor in the wrong item, there is no potential loss of money and resources invested amount. The new project was abandoned half. Many fans tend encryption confused when it comes to making money encryption. Using encryption to take monetary items are some things to consider before including developers, and project team members responsible for the project. After considering all of the above, I found this great project valued members of society ACYLD user reviews and password there. Now follow me through all written, do not miss the party.

The use of technology has been tipped to be the best thing that humans occurred. Internet technologies have been recorded over the years and much remarkable growth. It comes in the use of technology and health as, finance, education, agriculture, has achieved positive results in several areas of application. Before technology blockchain appears, complete with hand affects the progress of transactions between people. Blockchain application of technology has the world’s elite and the development of a great welcome. In people with alcoholic drinks users, blockchain delivered technology will be a good development, but also because over the years we have seen the advantages of technological excellence and blockchain

Some of the difficulties in the delivery method for an aperitif before encountered include SLOW and process payments, abuse of alcohol by minors, lack of transparency postponed. All of this has affected the delivery of a major problem and the correct use of alcoholic beverages.

Problems affecting the delivery and use of alcoholic beverages is by and purchased from online stores “small” minors called by drinks. It was noted that most of the children received from the online store have depressed alcoholic beverages such as systems. As a result of the technology platform ACLYD blockchain, abuse of alcoholic beverages by minors will be corrected.

What Is ACLYD?

In order to solve the first major concern and confusion, let me share the meaning of the company name. As ACLYD white paper explains, the name of Agricoin (ACN) and LYD comes from the Kingdom of Lydia where the first strike coins. The Agricoin in the agricultural business end use of alcohol, more than a symbol.

ACLYD is trying to solve some of the liquor industry, the most common problem. the liquor industry like other industries have been developed in recent years, the family needs to provide liquor increases. White Paper shows that in the online sale of alcohol in 2017 US. However, to ensure that children can not buy alcohol problems still unresolved increased by 32.7%. Other major issues in the supply chain have also hampered the growth of the entire industry.

Farmers, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, traders and end customers which is currently undergoing a payment of up to 90 days lag time our decentralized platform for all market players to speed up the payment process. home delivery of alcohol is the future of the industry, but obstacles remain: to ensure that the customer is of legal drinking age. digital wallet and DAPP will provide enterprise customers optimize to restrict children’s access to the tools needed for positioning. distributed applications (DAPP), which enables independent farmers and producers to use their mobile devices to make intelligent contracts, receipt of goods and services, pay cut time and costs, and to allow for transparency in pricing, in order to better manage the supply chain of payments. Which are often located in a different country will speed up the transaction process, increase efficiency, and reduce the cost of the payment process and make the operation of a common currency between blockchain transparency in the global market to market participants. ACLYD platform providing independent farmers and producers, forming a smartphone, price information for future delivery of products, and the ability to make decisions more planting to make their skills.

The Solutions

Problems the liquor industry is complex and requires a deep understanding of it to solve this problem. The team includes ACLYD who have practical experience so that people have a problem in the design of the solution, even a small minority. ACLYD provided by the digital wallet will require KYC allows minors to restrict access. The smart wallet can also be integrated into other applications, to better ensure that minors are prevented from ordering wine. Since all transactions are recorded in the blockchain, any crime can be traced cause the system to be completely transparent. The parties will be able to accept payments using payment ACLYD more supply pins. The company has been with Tierra del Fuego Figo company is a wholesaler and importer of cooperation.

ACLYD also designed to address the supply chain issues, it is widely popular in the alcohol industry. A common problem is the traditional cross-border payments and the payment of permit delays. Use ACLYD, this problem can be solved, the capital can be brought back into the system at more frequent intervals. The company also plans to address the current problems in the US tequila industry complex supply crisis. This is a high uncertainty of agave-based demand and supply of agricultural products. ACLYD aims to enable farmers to deliver later introduced to make contracts to accept payment smart ACLYD sign contracts. ACLYD project aims to solve many of the liquor industry is the emergence of the problem. Get their hands on from the breakdown of minors famous problem, the supply of agave alcohol complex, ACLYD designed to cope with them all.

Aclyd Wallet

The platform is designed with a digital wallet and DAPP features that are easy to use can increase the target customers by providing tools for companies they need to limit alcoholic beverages to minors. And thus, they will be able to sell their products to those permitted by law to buy it.

Smart Contract

Distributed applications (DAPP) platform and independent farmers and producers to use smartphones and other smart devices to make contracts intelligent and collection of goods and services, thereby reducing the cost and time required to pay, and allow transparent price payment, which will improve the management chain supply.

Features of Decentralized ACLYD Application

  • Only pay for goods in a safe manner;
  • Blockchain wallet simple setup;
  • The interface will be simple and convenient;
  • In the process of automatic purchase vouchers to buy;
  • Detailed tracking of sales.
  • ACLYD clear advantage over competitors


Online market sales of alcoholic beverages are minors, the age of the buyer, but ACYLD only to those who purchase the rights for age verification (KYC) is.
Conversion Fiat (government money), as well as long-term and expensive treatment, many sellers are faced with paying a high price, while ACYLD marks given by a general method to pay, in addition, they are provided by the manufacturer, distributor and retailer reduced costs and consumer complete eradication face the need to consume time.

ACLYD give an indication of the transaction, instant order execution, and international trade.

Manufacturers face a shortage of information about the price, which often leads to high service fees. ACLYD provides the ability to create smart contract to facilitate the delivery of products to provide reliable information about prices and transaction processing.

Aclyd Token

The token is a local utility Revenge aclyd Blockchain ERC20 token compliance. Token fast, reliable and transparent domestic and international transactions. IT services value depends on the platform, the number of users for the sale and distribution of liquor. Token helps to reduce costs and to pay to solve the problem of the delayed payment process.

General sales project now, the good news is that the soft cap is done in a few days. This project is very promising, and suggest that my readers see it and to invest in or support the project, anyway they can. Keep in mind that investment, because I am not a financial advisor and my judgment may be right or wrong before, do your own research on the project.

Token Distribution

Aclyd Token Distribution

  • 65% Contributors
  • 20% Team
  • 10% Reserve
  • 5% Bounties and Advisors

Token Sale Proceeds

Aclyd Token Sale Proceeds

  • 40% Development
  • 25% Marketing
  • 20% Operations
  • 15% Legal &. Compliance

ACLYD Roadmap

Aclyd Roadmap

  • Q2
    Company formation
    Financial forecasting
    Team recruitment
    Whitepaper release
    Crowdsale announcement
    Development commences
    Code audit
  • Q3
    Private pre-sales
    Public crowdsale
    Ui\UX development
    US compliance
    Community Building
  • Q4
    ACLYD hardware wallet manufacturing and beta testing
    ACLYD marketplace beta release
    Android and IOS app release
    Third party security audit
    Additional stress testing
    Smart contract platform beta release
  • Q1 2019
    ACLYD platform full release
    Third party wallet integration
    ACLYD hardware Joint venture release
    Annual financial audit

Aclyd Project Team

Aclyd Team & Advisor

According to information on the project Web site of the event, the CEO is Jessica Teleilasi hole. Jessica is an influential public speaker, published author and seasoned entrepreneurs decades alcoholic beverage industry. He learned how he did aperitif of her grandmother and the design of wine and spirits directly sent to the target market effectively means clients. Him about his experience in the production and distribution of the actual potential of the project a year of negotiations.


Finally, I dare to say that this project is very large, there is great potential for billions of dollars in damage alcoholic beverage industry. CEO recognized as personality industrial project with him and other team members to effectively change the industry with innovative use of technology Blockchain.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Aclyd team, I just give you the latest ICO info”